Thursday, November 28, 2019

Tips for the weekend gun show

Thanks for offering to help at the gun show!  

I hope this doesn't ramble too much, but here are some answers to common questions.  

If you are new to COS or working the gun shows, let Pam or me or Randy know and we can give you the basics.  Nobody expects you to know everything about COS!  But there is always a way to find answers.


Gun Show Tips for COS volunteers

No loaded weapons at the show.  Unload before you come in if you have a firearm and get it checked out at the police table.

We are in the Hampton Roads Convention Center 1610 Coliseum Dr, Hampton, VA 23666  Directions

This is NOT THE COLISEUM! (The convention center is right behind the coliseum...just east)

Keep your eye on the prize!

  1. COS Petitions.  Petitions are the main reason we are there.

  2. Educated citizens.  If we can't get a petition, then get them interested.

  1. Find new volunteers and leaders.  If they are "on board" ask how they would like to help us!  Check the volunteer box on the petition.

  1. Educate state representatives so they will be agreeable and know what to do!

  2. And get even more petitions! Keep your head on a swivel for the next one... they come in fast.

We are less than 100 petitions from reaching 40,000 in Virginia. One of you will get probably be the one that gets number 40,000!

Don't buy a full price ticket without checking with me first! We are vendors. You don't need admission to help us in the lobby. You will need a hand stamp or pay admission to enter the show. Bring a snacks or a lunch if needed. You may be able to find something to buy inside the show, though.

If you arrive before 9 am Saturday, you can get a vendor hand stamp for free. You will have to call Pam or me to open the door for you.  Otherwise, be prepared to buy a ticket if you intend to go into the show.

You can call or text Pam or me when you get into the parking lot and we can meet you at the door before public hours.

There will be many prospective supporters, but lots of people are not aware of Article V. We should expect to see a few that are still believing in the false narratives from NAGR/Soros/JBS and others. But gun shows are mostly a friendly crowd.

If you do make contact with an "anti-COS" type, don't panic. There are reasonable responses and be assured we will never convince anyone against their will. Wish them a nice day and move on.

Remember that our COS applications are focused on term limits, fiscal restraints, and reducing the size and scope of the federal government by

PROPOSING Amendments for the states to consider and ratify.

34 States passing similar applications are required to call the COS, and 38 states are required to ratify any proposal, or it remains an ineffective suggestion.

The bill of rights is not at risk, it is not part of our application, and it is out of an Article V Convention's authority to restrict citizen rights. The Constitution restricts government, not the people.

We are in favor of an Article V amendments proposing convention under the authority of the Constitution.

We are opposed to a Constitutional Convention... that is outside the authority of the Constitution.

If it is your first time helping, feel free to ask questions and maybe take a look at the common objections found on the website resource page:

We work to educate in order to gather names and information to increase our

  1. Active Volunteers (especially district leaders and team members)

  2. COS supporters (petitions signers)

  3. COS influencers (relationships)

Don't wait for them to come to you. YOU have to ASK...are they happy with congress? Do they like term limits?.

Term limits is usually the best issue for getting their attention. Would they like term limits, the status quo, more spending, do they think Congress will ever pass term limits on themselves? Limit their own spending? Limit their own jurisdiction?

Completed states this year: Fifteen! This year: Utah, Arkansas, and Mississippi.


Ask them to sign the petition including complete street address (no PO boxes) email address and phone #.  Ask them to call the representatives,  commit to helping at events, rally day, etc.

No PO boxes....we need complete street addresses!  Get email address and phone number if at all possible so we can tell them about events.

Ask them if they are a veteran. Did they take an oath to defend the constitution? (yes) Did that ever expire? (no) Is Article V in the constitution? (yes) (We have to manually record "veteran" for each)

Double check all petitions for completeness. Petitions with missing addresses are worthless to us!

We court the attendees and vendors, too (low key, on a not to interfere with business basis). The owner prefers us to stay behind the table, but we are free to shop, move around, etc. Please try to keep the table uncluttered...we don't have to throw everything we own out there.

Be sure to talk to people at any candidate or political party tables.

When the show is over, we hope to have ACTIVE volunteers, supporters, and create interest in all others.

The bar is high....Hawaii, of all places, collected 265 signatures at a gun show of just 3,300 attendees!  

Pam is the trail boss for this event, but ask anyone if you need help or get an odd question.

Please feel free to make suggestions at any time. And remember to have fun!


Russ Beyer



Pam Wilson

(757) 927-3194

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