Friday, September 9, 2016

I need your help Robert

You know that all of my life, I have worked hard to try to make a difference for the community whenever there has been a need.

A few months ago, I saw Donald Trump and his allies tearing our country apart with ignorance and bigotry and I could not just sit by and do nothing. So I stepped up to run for Congress and am proud that I am now the Democratic nominee for Virginia's 2nd Congressional District.

This district is an open seat and one of the most competitive in the country. Mitt Romney won the district by a very small margin four years ago and with the Clinton/Kaine ticket's current lead in the Commonwealth, it is a true toss-up.

Our campaign is about bringing folks together so we can all rise together. In Congress, my primary focus will be serving as the unofficial "chief economic development director" for Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach and the Eastern Shore. I will hustle to use every resource and tool at my disposal to create more good paying jobs in our communities.

This race is going to be very close and I need your help to get our message out to the undecided voters. We have a great team in place to take us to victory on November 8th with over thirty years of experience in political campaigns and fighting for important causes. 

Can you please help me make a difference and support the campaign with a contribution today?

Thank you,


Shaun Brown
Democratic Nominee
Virginia's 2nd Congressional District




































Shaun Brown

Shaun Brown for Congress · 4625 Pembroke Lake Cir, Virginia Beach, VA 23455, United States
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Monday, August 8, 2016

More Secrets from the White House, Road Trip, Train Like an Olympian and Honoring Our Veterans!


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Friday, August 5, 2016

The Way Forward

Congressman Randy Forbes

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The Way Forward
By Congressman Randy Forbes
August 5, 2016

When I first came to Washington, I kept finding myself getting turned around while driving my car through the unfamiliar city. There are a lot of one-way roads, street names that change based on quadrants, and the city is laid out in a spoke-and-wheel system, rather than a typical grid system. The roundabouts and diagonal streets were a far cry from the rural roads I grew up on in Hampton Roads.

I remember a friend once telling me a story about getting lost in Washington, DC. His trick was to look for the Washington Monument. The marble obelisk towers over all other buildings around it, and it can be seen from many places in the city. So no matter how turned around you get, you can look for the Washington Monument and you know where you are. It serves as a 555-foot compass.

Like the Washington Monument, many of us have something that serves as a compass in our lives. I keep a prayer hanging in a large frame in my Congressional office: "Our Father in Heaven, save us from the conceit which refuses to believe that God knows more about government than we do, and deliver us from the stubbornness that will not seek God's help," the prayer reads.

That prayer – and ultimately my faith – is a compass for me. No matter what happens, my faith serves as an unwavering guide that both centers me and directs my decisions.

These days, I hear more and more often from people who say they have lost trust in government and become disheartened. It's not hard to see why. We have only to flip on the news to witness an increasingly divided nation, polarized on almost every issue. Uncertainty hangs in the air. Lack of trust creates room for fear – something I sense increasingly in our nation today. We're facing challenges of a magnitude we have not seen in many years.

And in the middle of the unknown territory that lies ahead is the great question of our time: where will our nation find our compass? What will we tether our future to in order to find our true position and see the way forward?

There are some who believe we will find the answers in a particular leader. Others believe we will find the answer in new government programs or in more regulation. Some say the compass is on the left. Others say it is on the right. While all these things can affect our trajectory as a nation, whether positively or negatively, none of them will innately show us our true north.

But like the Washington Monument, there is a guide that stands above the rest.

Over 200 years ago, our Founding Fathers had a vision for a nation free from the tyranny of England. They had no reasonable expectation of success – they only had a dream. And out of that dream -- despite the overwhelming chance of failure, personal ruin, even death -- they built a revolution. They built America. 

At the core of the experiment was an exceptional combination of freedom rooted in a set of rights, endowed by the Creator, that cannot be taken away from us. These foundations lay the bedrock of liberty and freedom upon which we, as a nation, stand. They are established in the Declaration of Independence, applied in our Constitution, and echoed across the generations of Americans who have gone before us. Time and again during hardship and trials, we have looked to these truths as a guide. And we've always found our way forward. 

Our Founders created for us a compass. Our challenges today are different, but the compass remains the same. As a nation, we may travel down different roads, and sometimes we make wrong turns. Sometimes we may find ourselves in a new place, unfamiliar territory. Sometimes we face challenges that seem impossible to surmount. But as long as we can keep our eyes fixed on the bedrock of faith and freedom that defines us as a nation, we will always find our way forward.


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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Life Insurance


I first would like to thank you for your business with my agency and Allstate Insurance. I also wanted to make you aware that Allstate sells Life Insurance. I would love to give you a free quote by email or over the phone. No Obligations!!

Reply to this email or give me a call.

Have a great day!

Lisa Bocrie Johnson, Agent T: 757-766-0400 F: 757-766-1449



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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Friend –

There's a lot at stake at the polls today. Not just for any single person, but for the future of our region as a whole. If you believe in what I stand for – defending our men and women in uniform, defeating ISIS, and stopping the Syrian refugee program -- I ask for your vote today.

Too many Americans feel this country is slipping through their fingers. I believe that together, we can change that.

We can fight to restore our Constitution, strengthen national security, secure the border, and make sure our veterans get the care they have earned and deserve. Here in Hampton Roads and on the Eastern Shore, we can fight to protect jobs, grow our economy, and rebuild our military.

I'm so grateful for your support and partnership over these past months. As I'm traveling across the Second District today, a day buzzing with excitement, I can't help but hope we never lose sight of how significant it is to be able to freely and peacefully participate in our country's governance. I hope we never lose that pride in being able to say, "I voted today." Thank you for exercising your rights, and for using your voice to influence the future of this nation we all call home.  

Yours in service,


P.S. SHARE on Facebook if you are proud to have voted your values today. Hope to see you at the Victory Party tonight! Join us at 37 North Restaurant and Bar  (2105 West Great Neck Road, Unit 200, Virginia Beach) at 7PM to enjoy food, fun, and fellowship, as we celebrate all of your hard work. Your invitation is here.


Forbes For Congress | 911 First Colonial Road | Virginia Beach | VA | 23454


Randy Forbes for U.S. Congress · United States
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Monday, June 13, 2016

Vote Tomorrow -- Click to find your polling place

Friend -- 

Tomorrow is the BIG day for the Second District! Polls are open 6am -- 7pm so be sure to schedule time during your day tomorrow to get out and vote. You can find your polling location here.

There's some back story about this election, though, that I want to share with you...

Soon after I announced my decision not to seek reelection, I called Randy Forbes to ask, and strongly encourage, my friend to seek reelection in our district, VA02. My call came as a surprise to Randy. We had not had any prior conversations about my decision and the clear need for him to run in VA02. Randy is a thoughtful leader and to his credit, his response that day was simply: "Scott, I'm humbled by your call. You've given me a lot to consider and pray about." 

A long week went by before I heard from Randy. He let me know that he and his wife of 38 years, Shirley, had agreed that he would answer the many calls he had received (in addition to mine) to run in VA02 – and he was running to win.

I implored Randy to run for three compelling reasons:

1.      Randy's district (VA04) was radically redrawn by two activist judges and a California law professor
2.      Randy's influence on national security and jobs across Hampton Roads
3.      Randy's proven character and leadership

Radical Redistricting

For the past months, Randy, myself, and the entire Virginia Republican congressional delegation have vigorously fought a lawsuit filed by Democrats which sought to drastically redraw Virginia's Congressional districts. Unfortunately the Courts have ruled and the Democrats succeeded in completely redrawing the lines, especially in VA04. As I see it, about the only thing in common between the old VA04 and the radically redrawn VA04 is just the number 4. All else has been altered in favor of Democrats.

Hampton Roads Jobs and Families

Randy is Chairman of the powerful House Armed Services Subcommittee on Seapower. His influence on defense is critical to our nation and our region. Vital decisions about where ships and submarines are homeported are made by his subcommittee. Randy is putting to good use his knowledge, wisdom, and authority to fight for our Navy and our region, and his subcommittee has a major impact on all of our Marines, Airmen, and Sailors. To lose his voice and influence would be a tremendous loss not only to our region, but to our country as well.

Character and Convictions

I believe that the foundation of good leadership is good character, and not all who seek office, or seek higher office, are worthy of the honor. I have worked closely with Randy for more than five years, including four years serving on his Seapower Subcommittee. Randy is guided by principle. He is a man of character and a man of faith. I trust Randy Forbes and would rest easier at night knowing that this good man is fighting for our families, our district, our men and women in uniform, and their families.

Randy Forbes is running in the right district for the right reasons. No candidate could match his ability to fight for a stronger Navy, a stronger region, and a stronger country. I thank him for being willing to serve and fight for this district. He's a good man and a great leader for Virginia.

Please join Teri and me in voting for Congressman Randy Forbes TOMORROW on Tuesday, June 14th to ensure Virginia's Second District has the strongest voice possible fighting of our military, our national security, and our Virginia jobs. 

Yours in Freedom,

Scott Rigell

P.S. - Polling locations and precinct lines may have changed since the last time you voted - make sure to check your polling location before you head out to vote. Click here to share this information with your friends on Facebook.


Randy Forbes for U.S. Congress · United States
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Newport News Now

logo city center



King-Lincoln Park

Hampton Roads Cities Work Together to Adapt to Sea Level Rise

Leaders throughout the region are looking for ways communities can better adapt to living near large bodies of water. Over the past few years sea level rise and recurrent flooding have been an issue in the Hampton Roads area and will be an increasing challenge for the region through in the. Fortunately, Newport News sits on higher ground than the other communities and less than two percent of the City’s total area is expected to be affected by sea level rise.  However, the City is still pursuing several initiatives to reduce the impacts in areas that may be affected. Ironically, one of the affects on Newport News could be accommodating additional residents moving from other cities to the higher ground in our city.  We are actively participating in the Hampton Roads Sea Level Rise Adaptation Forum, which was initiated in 2012 as an effort to promote discussion of climate change on Hampton Roads by Old Dominion University—in partnership with Virginia Sea Grant and the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission. Read more...


Free Program to Help Seniors Properly Fit their Cars

Make a reservation now for a free assessment at the June 16th CarFit program for seniors. Teams of trained technicians and/or health professionals will spend about 20 minutes with each older driver making sure they “fit” properly in their vehicles.   Checks include proper seating and making sure the driver’s seat, seat belt, mirrors, steering wheel, head restraint, and gas and brake pedals are in the proper positions.

The Newport News Sheriff’s Office is participating in this event along with  members of S.A.L.T. - Seniors and Law Enforcement Together. The event is 9 AM to noon in the parking lot of Northside Christian Church, 1300 George Washington Highway in Yorktown. Drivers should sign up now to make sure they’re CarFit! Read more...




Tires! Tires! And More Tires!

Many residents are unsure of what to do with spare tires when they are ready to get rid of them; however, it’s important to know in Newport News tires are not accepted for collection at the curb. Residents can have their old tires recycled at the Recovery Operations Center (formerly known as the Residential Waste Drop-Off and Compost Facility) located at 550 Atkinson Way. As long as the tires are removed from the rim, they are happy to accept up to four tires on any given visit, limited to twelve tires per year. For questions, call the Recovery Operations Center at 757-886-7947.


Follow us on our social media pages @CityofNN or City of Newport News for more updates!

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