Tuesday, March 20, 2018


 Sales Tax Increase For The Historic Triangle!

I just spoke on WNIS

re:  SB 942.        More calls will be made tomorrow.   Toni Macrini was very favorable of my opinion! And he read the entire bill on the radio. (Attached below)  Articles have been is the WY Daily, the Va. Gazette, The Daily Press!  Watch and support your local Yorktown Crier also.  

Pogge said the tax increase "represents taxation without representation, which is ironic for that to happen in Williamsburg."

"Instead of tourists paying the tax, the population at large pays the bulk of this tax," Pogge said. "It's a $25 million tax coming out of the pockets of my constituents every time they pass a cash register."

**FYI: Delegate Mike Mullins (Democrat) sent a letter yesterday saying he voted AGAINST SB 942 due to the calls he received. It does make a difference!!  Gordon Helsel voted FOR it, as did David Yancey, and three people didn't even vote on it:  Margaret Ransone, Emily Brewer, and Tim Hugo. 

 Please call the Governor's Office (804) 786-2211, and respectfully ask him to vote AGAINST SB 942.  Short, sweet, and to the point.  See attached for more info.

Call the delegates:

Gordon Helsel  804-698-1091

(Remember Helsel voted for this bill!)

Mike Mullin   804-698-1093

Brenda Pogge  804-698-1096. 

Avalaible here : A listing of all the votes in this house:


This bill was submitted by Tommy Norment and is to tax York County residents 1% for Williamsburg Tourism.  Even if you live in Newport News, Hampton, Virginia Beach, or the surrounding area, it is important that You call!  Should this pass, what is to stop our government from taxing You and your City/County too?? 

A major area of concern is the lack of public discussion. There was plenty of discussion about a proposed sales tax bill in the months leading up to its appearance in the General Assembly. That discussion didn't take place in public.  "Instead, the sales tax bill materialized in private meetings and correspondence between government officials, according to emails obtained by The Virginia Gazette through the Freedom of Information Act."  http://www.vagazette.com/news/va-vg-sales-tax-bill-discussion-0314-story.htm

This sales tax bill will give the State taxing authority, not only the right to tax an individual locality but the right to distribute it and to tell them how to spend it. Any Locality can now go to the state and ask for an increase instead of working within the confines of their budget and "avoid" raising real estate taxes. Delegate Pogge said this bill will make the localities within the Historic Triangle have the highest sales tax rate in the state of Virginia. 

The Governor has until April 9 to veto or amend the bill.