Thursday, June 9, 2022

Returning from the Libertarian National Convention

Libertarian Party


A little over a week ago, 36 delegates and myself returned from the Libertarian National Convention in Reno, Nevada. I would like to start by thanking each and every delegate for investing their personal time, money, and energy into traveling at a time when costs are high and patience low. It was not an easy journey, but I appreciate our delegates for working to represent Virginia.

A new Libertarian National Committee was elected as were new members of the Judicial Committee. Amongst them heralds our very own Andrew Watkins, who is now the Region 5 representative. I ask you to join me in wishing him luck while serving in a thankless and often tumultuous position. I believe Andrew will represent us well in the coming term.

I would not be doing justice as your Chair if I did not acknowledge the tension at the convention or the diversity of our state delegates. Our delegation represented our state. This means Hampton Roads, Richmond, and Northern Virginia. It also means Central Virginia, Roanoke, and the Appalachian Mountains. I had many requests during convention and upon return asking what I will do to stop the clear divide in our representation.

I have no intention of silencing someone in our state party simply because we disagree.

I will always advocate for debate and conversation. I will always fight to represent a silenced candidate (even if it’s NOTA). I have certainly shouted at my fair share of protests and quietly communicated to form political alliances. I expect and encourage every Virginian to do the same.

Now is the time to become active within your communities and show them what being a Libertarian truly means. 

  • Begin outreach efforts and work on single-issue alliances in your region. 
  • Start a membership drive.
  • Do an organized volunteer effort in your community.
  • Remind your City and Town Councils what liberty means.

For some, this means homeschooling your children. For others, it’s proudly taking your AR-15 to the shooting range. From Pride festivals to homesteading, fight for your freedoms in a way that makes sense to you and your affiliate. Don’t allow disagreements in advocacy distract you from our unity against the ever-growing omnipotent state.

I believe bigotry is irrational and repugnant, but moreso, I believe in Virginia. We are the bedrock of liberty and freedom. It is time to stand up together and say no more to the government.

We must become ungovernable. We must reclaim liberty in Virginia.

In liberty,

Holly Ward
Chair, Libertarian Party of Virginia

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