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Campaign for RNC National Committeewoman

My Campaign for RNC National Committeewoman


I am very excited to announce that I am running to be your next RNC National Committeewoman for Virginia.  The Republican Party of Virginia's 2016 State Convention is being held at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, on Saturday April 30th.  If you can join us, please RSVP by clicking here.  The outpouring of support over the last several weeks has been overwhelming and humbling.  I hope you will take a moment to look over the group of people who have committed their support to my campaign and consider joining the team yourself!


Suzanne Obenshain


State Central Committee Members:

  • John Whitbeck
  • Chris Marston
  • Pete Snyder
  • Curtis Colgate
  • Barbara Tabb
  • Jack Wilson
  • Lynn Tucker
  • Wendell Walker
  • Fred Gruber
  • Mark Kelly
  • Adam Tolbert
  • Jo Thoburn
  • Allen Webb
  • Terry Wear
  • Kasha Nielsen
  • Dan Webb
  • Del. Jackson Miller
  • Sen. John Cosgrove
  • Kevin Gentry
  • Juanita Balenger
  • Al Aitken
  • Robert Watson
  • Allen Webb
  • Roger Miles
  • Carl Anderson
  • Cheryl Hargrove
  • Kishore Thota
  • Janet Riddick
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Steve Trent
  • Bill Flanagan
  • Carol De Triquet
  • Renee Maxey
  • Clara Wheeler
  • Georgia Alvis-Long
  • Jane Ladd
  • Doug Rogers
  • Marie Quinn
  • Noah Wall
  • Kevin Corbett
  • Michelle Jenkins
  • Marcy Hernick
  • Jerry Lester
  • Julie Williams
  • Andrew Nicholson
  • Eve Gleason
  • Keith Damon
  • Patsy Drain
  • Devon Flynn
  • Jake Lee
  • Michael Wood
  • Jeff Wernsing
  • Jenny Mundy
  • Del. Jimmie Massie
  • Sen. Bryce Reeves
  • John Hager

Elected Officials:

  • Congressman Rob Wittman
  • Congressman Scott Rigell
  • Congressman Randy Forbes
  • Congressman Robert Hurt
  • Congressman Bob Goodlatte
  • Congressman Morgan Griffith
  • Congresswoman Barbara Comstock
  • Senator Mark Obenshain
  • Senator Emmett Hanger
  • Senator Bryce Reeves
  • Senator Bill Carrico
  • Senator John Cosgrove
  • Senator Dave Suetterlein
  • Senator Siobhan Stolle Dunnavant
  • Senator Richard Stuart
  • Senator Ben Chafin
  • Senator Steve Newman
  • Senator Jill Vogel
  • Del. Rich Anderson
  • Del. Dickie Bell
  • Del. Rob Bell
  • Del. Kathy Byron
  • Del. Kirk Cox
  • Del. Todd Gilbert
  • Del. Nick Freitas
  • Del. Terry Kilgore
  • Del. Steve Landes
  • Del. David LaRock
  • Del. Jimmie Massie
  • Del. Israel O’Quinn
  • Del. Jackson Miller
  • Del. Todd Pillion
  • Del. Will Morefield
  • Del. Michael Webert
  • Del. Tony Wilt

*Unit Committee Chairs:

  • Accomack County - Wesley Edwards
  • Alexandria City - Chris Marston
  • Allegheny/Covington - Benjamin Snedegar
  • Arlington County - Matt Wavro
  • Augusta County - Georgia Alvis-Long
  • Bath County - Jay Trinca
  • Bland County - Adam Kidd
  • Botetourt County - Jeff Stritesky
  • Bristol County - Kevin Corbett
  • Buena Vista/Lexington/Rockbridge - Roger Jarrell
  • Charles City County - Connie Warner
  • Charlotte County - Peggy Armentrout
  • Charlottesville - Barbara Null
  • Chesterfield County - Donald Williams
  • Clarke County - Andrew Nicholson
  • Culpepper County - Chuck Duncan
  • Craig County - Jordan Labiosa
  • Danville County - Betsy Young
  • Dickinson County - Gary Hall
  • Dinwiddie County - Dean McCray
  • Emporia/Greensville - John Kinsey
  • Essex County - Dave Rector
  • Fairfax City - Becky Stoeckel
  • Fairfax County - Matt Ames
  • Falls Church - Ken Feltman
  • Franklin County - Brian Hamilton
  • Fredericksburg - Michael Hirsh
  • Galaxy County - Brandon Broyles
  • Giles County - Mae Midkiff
  • Halifax County - Pat Barksdale
  • Hampton County - Carl Anderson
  • Hanover County - Nancy Russell
  • Harrisonburg County - Mac Nichols
  • Henry County - W. C. Fowlkes
  • Hopewell County - Brandon Howard
  • Isle of Wight - Bill Coburn
  • King George County - Ray Duncan
  • King William County - John Breeden
  • Lee County - Jason Grace
  • Lexington - Roger Jarrell
  • Lunenburg County - Mike Hankins
  • Manassas City - Sharon Ashurt
  • Madison County - William Harvill
  • Mecklenburg County - R. Wallace Hudson
  • Middlesex County - Patty Wheeler
  • Montgomery County - Mel Huber
  • Nelson County - Carlton Ballowe
  • New Kent County - Mark Daniel
  • Newport News - Cliff Dunn
  • Norfolk County - Tom Cherry
  • Northumberland - Dean Sumner
  • Page County - Parker Gochenour
  • Prince George County - Wayne Cunningham
  • Radford - Alex Davis
  • Rappahannock County - Angela Deavers
  • Richmond City - Davis Reynolds
  • Roanoke County - Dave Suetterlein
  • Rockingham County - Donna Moser
  • Scott County - John Kilgore, Sr.
  • Shenandoah County - Craig Orndorff, Acting
  • Smyth County - Adam Tolbert
  • Spotsylvania County - David Ross
  • Staunton County - Matt Fitzgerald
  • Suffolk County - Stephen Trent
  • Sussex County - Vernon Teall
  • Tazewell County - Wanda Lowe
  • Virginia Beach - Ken Longo
  • Warren County - Stephen Kurtz
  • Washington County - John Seaborn
  • Waynesboro City - Ken Adams
  • Williamsburg - Lori Goldstein

* The name of the unit is for identification purposes only. Their endorsement is not representative of the entire unit. 


Grassroots Leaders & Activists:

  • Laura Alcorn, Henrico
  • Joan Wilkins, Goochland
  • Lois Paul, Rockingham
  • Kristie Proctor, Hanover
  • Heather Cordaso, James City County
  • Ed Levine, President of VCDL
  • Alice Butler Short, Fairfax
  • Janet Welty, Rockingham
  • Dean Welty, Rockingham
  • Ashley Myers, Richmond
  • Nicole Riley, Richmond
  • Ruth Anderson, Board of Supervisors, Prince William
  • Garth Wheeler, Middlesex
  • Cathy Gillespie, Alexandria
  • Ed Gillespie, Alexandria
  • Paula Kallay, Spotsylvania
  • Nancy Stone, Rockingham
  • Susan Oliver, Lynchburg
  • Ben Dessart, Richmond
  • Anne Reeves, Spotsylvania
  • Leah Holloway, 3rd District
  • Donna Holt, Richmond
  • Barbara Roller, Augusta
  • Larry Roller, Augusta
  • Julie Coggsdale, Midlothian
  • Kaylene Seigle, Harrisonburg
  • Dan Cullers, Rockingham
  • Jared Walczak, Arlington
  • Jean Gannon, Powhatan
  • Audrey Jackson, Chesterfield
  • Sandy Liddy Bourne, Alexandria
  • Cole Trower, Elkton
  • Shirley Forbes, Chesapeake
  • Judi Lynch, Midlothian
  • Anne Gentry, Fairfax
  • Jim Cohen, Virginia Beach
  • David Bartholemew, Virginia Beach
  • Jerry Kilgore, Henrico
  • Frank Atkinson, Hanover
  • Wes Fisher, Harrisonburg
  • Kate Gaziano, Charlottesville
  • Trixie Averill, Roanoke
  • Nancy Dye, Roanoke
  • John Tucker, Madison
  • Charlotte Homer, Page
  • Matt Homer, Page
  • Jesse Lynch, Salem
  • Gary Byler, Virginia Beach
  • John Sloop, Harrisonburg
  • Chad Green, York
  • Shaun Kenney, New Kent
  • Melissa Kenney, New Kent
  • Mike Meredith, Harrisonburg
  • Rollin Reisinger, Fairfax
  • Matt Colt Hall, Roanoke
  • Chris Obenshain, Chesterfield
  • Chip Muir, Richmond
  • Pam Brown, Norfolk
  • Juliana Comer, Richmond
  • Barry Isenhour, Richmond
  • Dean Longo, Newport News
  • Patricia Cowan, 1st District
  • Marty Hall, Chief of Staff for Will Moorefield
  • John Salm, Northampton
  • Laura Logie, Rockingham
  • Jeanette Kraknak, Arlington
  • Chaz Haywood, Rockingham
  • Tim Phillips, Loudoun
  • John Fredericks, Chesapeake
  • Alma Jackson, Fairfax
  • Anne Fredericks, Chesapeake
  • Anna Lee, Fairfax
  • Linda Pellegrino, McLean
  • Jay McConville, Fairfax
  • Chris Leavitt, Arlington
  • Susan Allen, Arlington
  • Chuck Slemp, Wise
  • Phil Cox, Fairfax
  • Courtney Malveaux, Henrico
  • Jack Morgan, 9th District
  • Rebecca Johnson, Bland
  • Caleb Cruey, Tazewell
  • Mike Honaker, Pulaski
  • Patricia Phillips, Loudoun
  • Ursel Huber, Goochland
  • Reeva Tilley, Hanover
  • Harry Armbruster, Elkton
  • Susan Weeks, Goochland
  • Margaret Godsey, Hanover
  • Richard Trower, Rockingham
  • Irma Topper, Goochland
  • Virginia Habansky, Hanover
  • Dennis Driver, Rockingham
  • Art Bachman, Goochland
  • Sandra Paulus, Hanover
  • Tom Van Auken, Chesterfield
  • Nancy Flippen, Hanover
  • Mark Hodges, Rockingham
  • Stan Corn, Goochland
  • Kris Daniels, Hanover
  • Joan Hughes, Harrisonburg
  • Mike Caudill, Goochland
  • Nancy Stone, Harrisonburg
  • Nancy Jett, Hanover
  • Susan Newton, Goochland
  • Doug Farmer, Madison
  • Jean Nelson, McGaheysville
  • Joan Wilkins, Goochland
  • Nancy Hazzard, Hanover
  • Nick Collette, Hanover
  • Todd Garber, Rockingham
  • John Myers, Goochland
  • Fred Eberly, Rockingham
  • Pat Peterson, Hanover
  • Karen Ogendo, Goochland
  • Jeff Roadcap, Rockingham
  • Sue Armbruster, Elkton
  • Janine Woods, Hanover
  • Richard Mondale, Rockingham
  • Fran Sadler, Hanover
  • Sharon Posey, Harrisonburg
  • Wayne Hazzard, Hanover
  • Brenda Haas, Rockingham
  • Beth Croxton, Chesterfield
  • Jon Ritenour, Rockingham
  • Canova Peterson, Hanover
  • Martha Floyd, Rockingham
  • Nathan Miller, Bridgewater
  • Bill Kyger, Bridgewater
  • Jacob Neff, Bridgewater
  • Julia Pilpenko, Harrisonburg
  • Vicki Barb, Rockingham
  • Lowell Barb, Rockingham
  • Pablo Cuevas, Rockingham
  • Kate Obenshain, Winchester
  • Elaine Cuevas, Rockingham
  • Dewey Ritchie, Rockingham
  • Jesse Lynch, Salem
  • Mac Obenshain, Salem
  • Brisco Dellinger, Rockingham
  • Tommy Moser, Rockingham
  • Former Senator Ralph Smith
  • Susan Valentine, Fairfax
  • Julie Eskeli, Newport News
  • Tucker Davis, Montgomery
  • Gerrie Smith, Fairfax
  • Emily O’Quinn, Bristol
  • Kevin Hazzard, Goochland
  • Tony Pham, Henrico
  • Theresa Speake, Fairfax

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Happy Birthday!

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fw: TNCC Map

Fellow VPCCC Delegates; We have our first meeting of the year this coming
Wednesday the 27th at 7 PM as usual. Please consider participating and
bringing your dues. I've updated the attached roster to show who's paid per
our Treasurer Bob Mckenzie -- If you cannot make the meeting please mail
your dues ($10 for clubs and individuals, and $25 for businesses) to Bob at
114 Prince George Drive Hampton VE 23669-3604.
Please follow our Secretary, Chris Hunt's directions in using the
attached map -- As shown, the address is 525 Butler Farm Road. This is a top
notch facility arranged by our Vice President Doug Sample.
I hope to see you all there/then.

-----Original Message-----
From: Hunt Christie L NNVA
Sent: Friday, January 08, 2016 9:47 AM
To: Larry Hanson
Subject: TNCC Map


When you open this go to the VIEW tab then Rotate View - Counterclockwise
and you can see it the right way.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Governor: Stay off the Roads, Dangerous Conditions 48 Hours

Governor: Stay off the Roads, Dangerous Conditions 48 Hours
Special Weather Alert!

Virginia Snow Storm

Governor Urges Virginians to Stay Off the Roads Sunday and Monday, Dangerous Conditions

Kyle Taylor | Capital News Service

RICHMOND – As a winter storm blanketed the state with snow, Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Saturday begged Virginians to avoid driving until the roads are clear. “Please stay off of the roads tomorrow and Monday if you can and let us do our job to keep you safe and our community safe,”  McAuliffe said during a media briefing on the commonwealth’s response to the severe winter weather.

McAuliffe and Virginia emergency response officials said they are working with hundreds of state and local employees statewide to minimize the number of weather-related issues.

One storm-related fatality has been confirmed in Chesapeake. Two other deaths, in Whitfield (in Pittsylvania County) and in Grayson County, are being investigated by the medical examiner to determine if they are weather-related as well.

As of mid-Saturday, more than 4,600 Virginia residents were without electricity. Officials said 60 teams from around the country have come to Virginia to assist Dominion Virginia Power in restoring power.

“We are working very closely with Dominion to make sure that power is restored as soon as possible,” McAuliffe said at the Virginia Emergency Operations Center. Every part of the commonwealth has been affected by the storm. But McAuliffe said his biggest concern is for coastal areas like Chincoteague, Hampton Roads, Norfolk and Newport News.
Tonight high tide is at 7:36 p.m. We’re concerned about the high winds and the major coastal flooding that can occur,” McAuliffe said. “We have teams down there working on that, and we’ll monitor to see where we are when we get closer to high tide.
Another top concern is keeping open the major road arteries, including Interstate 81.
Trucks have to continue to move their commerce, and we’re doing everything we can, working with VDOT and State Police to make sure that the trucks can go about their business, McAuliffe said.
“The primary roads that keep the commerce of Virginia moving – that is what we’re hitting. We’re hitting it hard.” McAuliffe said the state began preparing for winter storm Jonas before the first sight of snow. “We were the first state to declare a state of emergency.

On Wednesday, we had our first snow emergency meeting, and later that afternoon, we deployed 500 trucks to NOVA to get ready for the first storm,” McAuliffe said. The crews have tried to make the roads safe. “

As of this morning, we had dropped 69,000 tons of salt; 304,000 gallons of liquid salt and 14,000 tons of sand has been put on our streets,” McAuliffe said.

He said the Virginia State Police have responded to more than 4,400 calls and 1,100 car accidents. In addition, as of Friday, about 700 members of the National Guard had been deployed throughout Virginia to assist with responding to the storm.

Virginia has $200 million in its snow response budget. That amount must cover plowing and other expenses for both the Virginia Department of Transportation and state contractors. With a storm of this magnitude, the response can cost $2 million to $3 million per hour, officials said. “To me, cost doesn’t matter,” McAuliffe said. “We are going spend whatever it takes to make sure our roads are safe for our communities.”

Richmond could see up to 4 more inches of snow before midnight. “With the prediction of the sun coming out tomorrow, many may be tempted to go outside, but the roads will be very icy and treacherous,”

McAuliffe warned. “Let us do what we need to do – continue to plow and get salt down so we can get on top of this situation.”

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mark You Calendar: Feb 15, 7 PM


The Middle Peninsula Tea Party has been requested to sponsor the  appearance of Virginia Historian Frank Earnest whose presentations come highly recommended. Please use the information here to invite others who might be interested to this event. 

 Looking forward to seeing you all next month!  

Sue Sherrill, Chariman
Middle Peninsula Tea Party

Monday, January 18, 2016

#WakeUp! Are we being 'Grubered' again?!!

Is there any doubt we are being 'Grubered' again? Last week Virginia's Democrat minority leader contributed another LIE facilitating possible global hijrah by saying "Eighty percent of the refugees coming in to this country are women and children" Just like President Obama implied when he asked why 'Republicans are afraid of widows and orphans?. Have you seen any of these women and children?  

In the US, no one has allowed any photographs of the Syrian refugees who have been spirited into the US secretly perhaps in the dark of night. Like the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement document, only select eyes have seen them and NO PHOTOGRAPHS have been allowed! With the refugees, only selected state officials even have knowledge of their existence. Governor Christie in New Jersey told Bill O'Reilly what measures he is taking to TRY to find out who has been brought in to his state. My past experiences tell me that were children involved, we would be seeing heart wrenching photographs like these then in refugee camps in the middle east:

In Canada where refugee children are being resettled, calls for volunteers brought thousands of people to help, people have voluntarily organized clothing, food & toy drives to help. Would Americans do less?  Are you being bombarded with appeals to assist these refugees? The US Committee for Refugees and Immigration mentions South American 'refugees', not Syrian refugees -  and they are promoting 'cultural and ethnic diversity' not aid or assistance. Perhaps I'm oblivious: I have seen no calls for helping resettle displaced children and/or their guardians.
  "Trust your gut" is the advice generally given in situations where you have nothing concrete upon which to base your actions. Something seems 'fishy'!  I hope you will continue to urge your Congressmen and state and local officials to block or hold off any assistance until there is more transparency in what's happening in terms of 'refugee' assistance.  In the meantime, I hope you will assist as much as you are able to private Christian charities like http://iraqichristianrelief.org    http://www.newsmax.com/Newsmax-Tv/Christians-slaughter-ISIS-Middle-East/2015/03/23/id/631981/   Supposedly the US has contributed some $4 Billion dollars to Middle Eastern refugees - no doubt primarily through the United Nations - a VERY LEAKY SIEVE! I believe we would all be interested in helping innocent women and children escape the ravages of war - BUT God forgive us if we are blindly facilitating the destruction of our culture through hijrah

I'd love to hear your comments ~ 
 Thanks for your time and attention!

 Sue Sherrill, Middle Peninsula Tea Party

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Next Middle Peninsula Tea Party  Meeting February 15, 2016
Gloucester Hampton Inn 7 PM
Speaker: Frank Earnest, Virginia Historian 
Invite your friends!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Join VCDL in Richmond For Lobby Day on Monday Jan 18th


*** Virgina Citizens Defense League ***
Lobby Day December 18th

VCDL will hold its annual Lobby Day on January 18th starting at 8:30 AM!  Lobby Day is held at the General Assembly Building, located at 9th and Broad Streets in Richmond.  Just look for a sea of people wearing a bright orange "Guns Save lives" stickers.

People are assigned to groups and enter the General Assembly Building to lobby for
gun bills.  Each group will have veterans, so don't worry if you never done any lobbying.

At 11 AM we will have a rally at the Bell Tower, just down the hill from the General Assembly (near the intersection of Bank St. and 9th Ave.)  Various speakers will
address the crowd, with the rally and Lobby Day ending at noon.

If you are coming from either Roanoke, Lynchburg, Fairfax (main government center), Fredericksburg, Virginia Beach, or Hampton, there are buses coming from those locations.  For details or to sign up for a bus, send an email to bus@vcdl.org.  We have
a suggested contribution of $25 to cover the cost of the seat.  You can contribute as
little or as much as you wish, however.

If you have a concealed handgun permit you can carry in the General Assembly Building and in the Capitol.  The Governor's ban on concealed carry in state agencies does NOT apply.

Latest Update From VCDL
on Attorney General Herring to
pull reciprocity with 25 states

A series of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests have been issued to get to the bottom of Attorney General Herring's advice to the Virginia State Police (VSP), and VSP's acceptance of that advice, to pull recognition and reciprocity with 25 states, affecting 6 MILLION CHP holders.

Paul A. Prados was one of several people who issued some of those FOIA requests and he has found some very troubling connections between the Attorney General's office, the VSP, a Republican Senate leader, and the anti-gun Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV).

Paul wrote two articles on the information that his FOIA requests brought out (links below to the articles).

What really bothers me is the access and help Lori Hass, Virginia Director for CSGV, got from two people who have just retired: Lt. Colonel Robert Kemmler with the VSP and Republican Senator Walter Stosch, who represented Henrico and Hanover.

Last year Delegate Lee Ware introduced HB 1329 for VCDL. That bill would have honored permits from all states. (A similar bill has been introduced by Ware this year.)

Stosch, the VSP, and CSGV appear to have colluded to raise a FALSE issue to kill HB 1329 by having it sent to a finance committee where it should never have been sent. And, right on cue, the bill died because no appropriation was made (nor was it planned that there would be an appropriation).

The false claim was that honoring the permits from all states would mean fewer people would get a Virginia non-resident CHP and that would cost the state $339,500 a year. There's one problem - the money from those permits was meant to reimburse the VSP for the cost of processing the permits. The state should not see any kind of profit from permits, but should only break even

If the VSP was really concerned about loss of income from non-resident permits, then why would they devalue those non-resident permits they way they just did, by making them significantly less useful? Instead of getting Virginia non-resident permits, people are flocking to get Utah non-resident permits, which are cheaper, honored here, and also honored in some of the states that we are either losing or might lose on February 1.

Lori Haas has been the Governor's patsy in helping to pay back Michael Bloomberg since he was elected - Lori was even on his transition team. So finding out that she was working with Herring was no surprise whatsoever.

But my faith in the LEADERSHIP of the VSP continues to be shaken. VSP is supposed to be non-partisan, but I don't feel they can be trusted to give the General Assembly advice on police matters right now. Not seeing how they have become so tainted with political activism that they are working against the interests of the Commonwealth and its citizens.

And just as bad, a leader of the Republican Party in the Senate, nonetheless, stabbing trusting gun owners in the back.

There are more shoes waiting to drop, stay tuned.

This discovery has only stiffened VCDL's resolve to undo what Herring, Walter Stosch, and the VSP under Colonel W. Steven Flaherty and Lt. Col. Kemmler, have done to gun owners.

We need a tidal wave of gun owners telling their Senator, regardless of party, to support recognition of ALL permits from other states and to do so THIS YEAR. We will probably need to override a veto, but this issue has resonated so hard that it might well take on a life of its own.