Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meeting at Kelly's Tavern with Chuck Smith

Kelly's Tavern in Hampton was the location for the re-start of the Peninsula Tea Party. Over 70 Patriots showed up to hear featured speaker, Republican Candidate for the 3rd District Congressional seat, Chuck Smith. Chuck spent over an hour providing an outstanding presentation and Q&A period. Numerous other topics and events were covered during the meeting including Public Hearings on Redistricting, the Virginia Tea Party Federation Cooperative Legislative Agenda meetings, the proposed Amendments to the Virginia Constitution that will be on the ballot November 2nd, the Republican Pledge to America, the recent Audit of Virginia Department of Transportation, Get Out the Vote efforts, and the upcoming Virginia Tea Party Federation Convention, October 8-9, in Richmond.

A thorough description of the meeting, including pictures, can be found at the James River Journal.

Carl Anderson