Monday, October 31, 2022

End of October Update 2022

End of October Update 2022
VA Delegate John McGuire

I'm running for State Senate in 2023 so we can
"Un-California" Virginia.

Christian Conservative
(Father - Navy SEAL - Business Owner)
Dear Friend,

Please vote! The General Election is November 8, just 8 days away.

We are living in dangerous times. I am concerned for our Republic and I am concerned for the human race. Democrat train-wreck policies are destroying America. Democrat politicians, who shut down your businesses and killed countless careers, are now asking that you reelect them so they can keep their jobs. Never forget that mayors sent swat teams to shut down churches and barbershops, but let looters and antifa burn down our cities.

Please ask friends to vote early for our Virginia Republican Candidates for Congress:

1st Rob Wittman
2nd Jen Kiggens
3rd Terry Namkung
4th Leon Benjamin
5th Bob Good
6th Ben Cline
7th Yesli Vega
8th Karina Lipsman
9th H. Morgan Griffith
10th Hung Cao
11th James Myles

Inflation, crime, open borders, fentanyl, life, our Second Amendment, farmers, and more are on the ballot this November. Much more important than me, at this point in time, is getting Bob Good, Yesli Vega, Rob Wittman, and the rest of our congressional delegation elected this November. Yes, I am running for State Senate, but we can worry about that more after November 8. Please pray, vote, volunteer, and help spread the word so that we can win back Congress and stop the Biden White House. I’m working on legislation for 2023. Please email your ideas to: 

Here are a few upcoming events and some of the things on my mind, and what I've been up to around the district:
Get Out The Vote Rally Yesli Vega!
Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Rally with Yesli Vega, Gov. Glenn Youngkin, and Sen. Ted Cruz. Please remind friends to vote. Just 8 days to go! #virginia
Congressman Bob Good
Let's Get Out The Vote and get Bob Good over the finish line. We have just 8 days to go!!
Vote Lloyd Runnett, Louisa School Board
If you live in the Mineral District of Louisa, please vote for Lloyd Runnett for the Mineral District School Board Seat. He has a wonderful family, is a conservative, and will not tolerate divisive ideologies in the classroom!
Golf Pro, John Daly
I spent a couple of days with my new friend, fellow Trump supporter, and Golf Pro John Daly at the The Bone Frog Open with many of my Navy SEAL brothers where we raised $500k to help first responders and veterans. We had an incredible phone call together with President Trump. The John Daly Major Ed Heart of a Lion Foundation honors children and first responders and veterans. Learn more here:
Jeff Katz Interview
State Delegate John McGuire joined the Jeff Katz radio show to talk about the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) scores in Virginia and the best ways to go about improving them, CTE, and more. For the interview Click here.

Democrat policies do not work. Virginia had the largest 4th grade literacy decline in the nation since 1994. Education equity means no one accelerates in their learning. If you have the same input you get the same output. We get scores up by raising expectations!  Should we require summer reading to catch up? Did you know, since 2019, homeschooling in Virginia has increased by 40 percent. 

For the interview Click here.

Congratulations Jeff Katz, the only person to have ever won the Richmond Times Dispatch Best Local Daytime Radio Show award.
Mega MAGA Bus Tour TV/ Radio Interview
Click here to watch my interview with John Fredericks

Click here to listen to my radio interview with John Frederick.

We discuss Spanberger supporter Democrat Delegate Guzman who proposes a bill to prosecute parents over LGBT, and more. Thank you John Frederick for your endorsement for my race to be State Senator D10.
Virginia Governor's Transportation Conference
Governor Glenn Youngkin is not resting on his laurals. He wants Virginia to be Best in Class and is making major investments in Virginia's Transportation System. Many fellow members of the Transportation Committee including the Chairman Delegate Terry Austin, Delegate Scott Wyatt, myself, and others discussed the 10 billion dollar efforts to improve Virginia by improving roads, bridges, expanding the Hampton Bay Bridge Tunnel from 4 lanes to 8 lanes, deepening and widening the Norfolk Harbor to 55 feet, and more.

13 News Story Click here

The Republican Standard Story: Click here
Fentanyl Halloween Warning
Today is Halloween. Be careful! All Democrats voted no on my fentanyl bill to go after drug dealers this year. When will they help stop this madness?

WASHINGTON – The Drug Enforcement Administration is advising the public of an alarming emerging trend of colorful fentanyl available across the United States. Since August 2022, DEA and our law enforcement partners seized brightly-colored fentanyl and fentanyl pills in 26 states.  Dubbed “rainbow fentanyl” in the media, this trend appears to be a new method used by drug cartels to sell highly addictive and potentially deadly fentanyl made to look like candy to children and young people...

Click link for more:
Cavalier Rifle & Pistol Club Fundraiser
I can’t tell you how much fun I had with you, putting rounds down range in support of our 2nd Amendment, at our fundraiser at Cavalier Rifle & Pistol Club in Hanover County. Our God-given rights are under attack. With your help we will win and save our Republic. Thank you, Senator Amanda Chase, Delegate Buddy Fowler, Hanover Supervisor Sue Dibble, VCDL President Philip Van Cleave, our donors, and other supporters for your help. #vcdl #2a #virginia #sd10
Fluvanna County, RIP USMC Charles Berton Mulligan
It was a huge honor to attend the funeral in Fluvanna County of a fellow veteran, US Marine Charles Burton Mulligan, who fought in World War II at the battle for Iwo Jima, and who recently passed at age 102. Thank you for your service to our country.
Louisa County, RIP USN Wallace West
It was a huge honor to attend the funeral of a fellow Navy Veteran, Wallace West, who fought in World War II, and who and served for 27 years. I spoke with many of his family members who said he was very well known in Louisa County, was full of wisdom, and literally gave everyone a haircut. Thank you for your service to our country.
Benedictine Homecoming
I enjoyed the Benedictine College Preparatory Homecoming Football game. It was good to catch up with fellow veteran Jesse Grapes, Congressman Rob Wittman a Benedictine Alum, Sheriff Stephen Creasey, and many others in our community!
Stop Harmful Trans Policies
Our country is hanging by a string and Democrats are pushing policies that harm children. Please vote them out!
No COVID Mandates
Governor Glenn Youngkin Vows Virginia Won’t Follow The CDC’s COVID Vaccine Mandate! Click here
Louisa Meet & Greet
Tracy and I had a wonderful time talking with constituents at a meet and greet in Louisa. The Brunswick stew was incredible!
Rassawek Autumn Festival
Rassawek Autumn Festival is a non-profit event designed to highlight trade skills and vocational work. They partner with local companies to provide onsite demonstrations of trade work, craftsmanship, and insight into a vocational career. The proceeds from this event will go towards Vocational Education, which is a learning path that students can take in order to help merge academic knowledge and technical skills in real-world applications.
Goochland Cullinary
Goochland CTE. At the Rassawek Autumn Festival I sampled some great Brunswick Stew made by Goochland High School Culinary students!
District Photos
I've been meeting some wonderful people around the district. Hope to see you soon!
Wigwam Grand Opening Hanover
It was an honor to speak at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Re-Opening of the Historic Wigwam in Hanover County with fellow Delegates Buddy Fowler and Scott Wyatt, Supervisor Sue Dibble, Linwood Thomas with Hanover Economic Developement, and others.

John Reid WRVA ran his radio show there live in the morning and did a great job telling listeners how important it is to preserve history rather than erase it. The owner Mark Motley used to work out with my fitness class SEAL Team PT back in the day and is friends with my dad. It is a small world. Learn more at
Louisa High School Homecoming
Louisa County football games keep getting better! I had so much fun at the Louisa County high school homecoming game. We’ve made many friends in Louisa over the last five years and it was good to see many of you at the big game! The new scoreboard and Louisa County TV trailer are nice improvements!
US Diesel Supply Dwindles
The Biden administration says it is keeping a close watch on diesel inventories and working to boost supplies following news that reserves have been depleted. Why are diesel prices so high? Supply and demand. The supply is low partly because Russian imports into the U.S. are banned but also because U.S. refining capacity has been crushed by Biden Administration policies.

Project Appleseed
Project Appleseed is a Revolutionary War Veterans Association program to “Make Better Shooters & Better Citizens”. They were in Hanover County Saturday and Sunday, 8am-5pm both days, helping children and their parents become better shooters. They also gave history lessons on our great nation and the Revolutionary War. Learn more here.
Calvary Chapel in Fluvanna
It was a huge honor to attend Calvary Chapel in Fluvanna this weekend, give my testimony, and speak on my work in the General Assembly. My wife Tracy and I learned so much about several members with amazing stories and made new friends. Thank you!
Our communities are less safe due to Democrat policies. I'm running for State Senate in 2023 so that we can stop the "wokeness" and "un-California" Virginia. It starts with election integrity. I invite you and your friends to join me in this cause. Take care, please spread the word, and I look forward to seeing you around the district!
God Bless America,

Delegate John McGuire
Running for State Senate
Jesus is my Savior
Navy SEAL 
Business Owner
Pro Life 
Pro Gun
America 1st
Family Foundation Score 100
VCDL Score 100

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