Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Updated York County Tax Map

The following tax maps were recently updated on the website.  You may download them manually, or click on the links below.  (James York Self Storage, LLC - BLA - 701A Hubbard Lane)   (Hampton Roads Development, LLC - Survey Plat - 1300, 1400, 1408LL, 1500 Baptist Road)

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail or call the GIS department at (757) 890-3899.

York County GIS Staff


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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Congratulate Thomas Shepperd on the new job

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Thomas Shepperd
Thomas Shepperd is now Commissioner, HRPDC at Hampton Roads Planning District Commission
New Positions
Gary Brocksmith
Gary Brocksmith is now Sr Transportation Analyst for Miro at Tapestry Solutions, Inc..
 Congratulate Gary
Angela Petersen
Angela Petersen is now Intelligence Analysis and Security Manager at USN.
 Congratulate Angela
Professional Milestones
Mike Troxel
Mike Troxel is celebrating 2 years at Lynchburg Symphony Orchestra
 Congratulate Mike
Patrick Johnston
Patrick Johnston is celebrating 26 years at USAF
 Congratulate Patrick
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T Stall
T Stall shared an article
image for Evidence of...
Evidence of Widespread Voter Fraud Found in Virginia Governor's Race
Richmond, VA–Merely hours after the close of a bitter and divisive Governor's race in Virginia that saw Democrat Terry McAuliffe pull out a win over Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, irre...
Wade McRoberts
Wade McRoberts
image for Military Chaplains...
Military Chaplains Sue After Being Ordered Not to Quote Bible, Pray in Jesus' Name - Saving Our Future
SAN DIEGO – Two California chaplains have filed suit against the secretary of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), alleging that they had been …
Jo Whistler
Jo Whistler and 3373 others this week have started following what Adam Grant is saying on LinkedIn
Adam Grant
Adam Grant
Wharton professor and author of GIVE AND TAKE
image for Why You Shouldn't...
Why You Shouldn't Say "You're Welcome"
The script is so deeply ingrained that you don’t even need to think about it. When you do a favor, and someone says “thank you,” the automatic response is “you’re...
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Karen Hurd
Karen Hurd Exercise'll need anti-depressants less. 30 min/day to prevent #depression #healthyliving
George Hrichak, CEM, CPFP
George Hrichak, CEM, CPFP Come support Virginia Clean Cities at their Rally at the Raceway on November 21st at Richmond Raceway Complex. Alternative fueled vehicle ride-and-drive, networking, food, and awards. #AltFuelRally Register at
Walt Zaremba
Walt Zaremba New blog post! Social Security Likes Diet COLA in Virginia - The nation's elderly and disabled Social Security recipients will receive a 1.5 percent increase in
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Marlon-David Sias
Marlon-David Sias has added skills: Policy, Strategic Communications
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Stephen Sheriff
Stephen Sheriff has added skills: Entrepreneurship, Champagne, Sales, Banquets, Food, Event Planning
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Richard Eilenfield Sr.
Richard Eilenfield Sr. has added skills: Charter
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Thomas Prigg
Thomas Prigg has an updated profile (Education).
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Gary Brocksmith
Gary Brocksmith has added skills: Command, Military Logistics, Army, Quality Assurance, Special Operations, Computer Hardware
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Greg Garrett+Amber PerryGreg Garrett is now connected to Amber Perry
J. D. "Danny" Diggs
J. D. "Danny" Diggs has 5 new connections
Allan MarxStephan LipskisGregory BrezinskiGlenn WorkmanKen Matkins 
Angie Parker
Angie Parker has 5 new connections
Kristian HavardDr. Joe Ellison,  Jr.Everett Gillus JrJoel HensleyMike Laws 
Wade McRoberts
Wade McRoberts has 5 new connections
Donald HoffmanCharlie HarrisKevin HuyckAndy ComtoisMark Chittwood, BS. MA. BCC. 
Mark Lloyd+Carl LeBlancMark Lloyd is now connected to Carl LeBlanc
Roger Pogge
Roger Pogge has 2 new connections
David RossJane Pait 
People You May Know
Yvonne McCoy
Yvonne McCoy
Independent Accounting Professional
Patricia Evans
Patricia Evans
Independent Political Organization Professional
Thomas Messeder
Thomas Messeder
Pilot at American Airlines
Rod Huskey
Rod Huskey
Realtor at Prudential Towne Realty
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