Friday, November 16, 2012

A Letter

            There is great finger pointing and critique within the Republican Party regarding the reason for the 6 November loss. Pundits say that the party must reach out more to minorities, women and Hispanics.

            The Democratic Party won the election by dividing the electorate into multiple constituent groups, courted the voter and encouraged them to vote. Those opposed to the reelection of the President did not rally to the challenger who spoke to the nation as a whole. 58% of the registered voters did not vote to reelect the President.

            It is not in the best interest of the nation to have both of the political parties competing for votes in politically divided constituent groups. We the people end up paying for the most expensive offer regardless of the winner.

            We have violated the underlying political premise of the Constitution. The debate was not intended to be centered on the application of Federal Government gratuities to particular special interest groups. It was intended that the competition be between the role of the Federal Government and the role of the several Sovereign States.

            The two political parties, for their own self- interest, have created an Oligarchy in Washington disinterested in the concerns of the people. If those concerned about the oppressive Federal Government seek to correct the problem by competing in the same "Banana Republic" tactics which prevailed on 6 November, we will certainly become a "Banana Republic".

            The leadership of the Republican Party, long Hamilton's champion of a strong Federal Government, does not want to lose their national standing. But, if we wish to save the Republic, and the Republican Party save itself, it must accept its loss as the advocate of the Federal Government and pick up the Jeffersonian mantle of the Sovereign States. The contest is then returned to its proper setting, between the role of the Federal Government and the role of the Sovereign States in governing.

            A reminder to the Republican leadership, do not forget your 1857 roots.


Bob Dewey


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  1. Thanksgiving Doctrine
    It is to my fellow Americans I speak. By birth the blessings of this country are bestowed upon us. Our Parents having died to ensure both those, and our God given rights. Let us not give lightly the thought of our future. We are endowed with a divine hope for the future. It is but tyranny alone that seeks to squander that hope and that future. We as Americans have never given in to tyranny, nor shall we start now. The abilities of the government come from the people which are governed. None shall give consent of persecution and discrimination, yet we find ourselves there with our current government. Dictating what had previously been enjoyed as choices, to the detriment of its citizenry. When lone oligarchs push through agendas denounced by its people, it seems fit for those now under the yoke of tyranny to rise up out of their binds and grab firm the right given us to replace or form new, a government that will not trample the path to despotism. Stand fast all my brethren who long to once more be free without the cursing of a bureacracy designed to shackle nor a judiciary with its wanton seizure of power. It is by the grace of our God and the muster of our own will, that a resolution of freedom will once again blanket this land for those who champion self determination over distant bodies of power whose only interest is maintaining their own influence. We must however, remain strong against the bitter winds ahead. They will try to turn us one against another, and they will march us to the fringes to silence us. Let us come together once again as Americans with a strong and united voice declaring liberty and self determination as our only vehicle of redress. It is not war we seek, nor hatred we want or have. Merely the opportunity afforded our ancestors to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without undue burden from those with the consent to govern. Let us look back on this as a time, when those of two differing philosophies of how government should fullfil its duty, were able to allow the other its chance for itself to seek its destiny. Those seeking liberty finding themselves with the providence to enjoy it.