Monday, May 13, 2013

Tom Gear takes EW Jackson to the Woodshed - "On the Record"

Dear Republican Friends,

As many people know when they run for public office, the public has a right to full disclosure of their background. Everytime I ran I faced every question honestly and to the point. It seems that E W Jackson Sr. feels these rules do not apply to his candidacy. While I understand tough times, believe me I do, I also know that only thing that matters is EW Jackson Sr. is running to represent our Party as its nominee for Lt. Governor.

I asked EW Jackson, Sr to answer the following questions for the public record on May 5, 2013 and at the time of writing this email he has not responded.

1) We have, without question, been through some of the toughest economic times our Country has ever experienced. That being said, it has been brought to my attention that you have had multiple bankruptcies, garnishments and tax liens. Is this true or just vicious negative campaigning?

It seems others feel the same as I do and a group called VA TRUTH documented the list of bankrupcties and they can be seen by clicking here.  As I said above there can be a good reason for asking for relief of debt but not disclosing this to the voters made me wonder what else is out there on EW Jackson. A simple online investigation showed the following;

1) On May 8, 2012, EW Jackson Sr. was issued a warrant in debt for not paying his personal property taxes.

2) On September 9, 2011, EW Jackson Sr. was issued a warrant in debt for a lawsuit involving his church.

3) On September 2, 2008, EW Jackson Sr. was issued a garnishment from a lawsuit involving his church.

4) On April 6, 2007, EW Jackson Sr. was served a unlawful detainer from a lawsuit involving his church.

2) If these accusations are true how would you be able to defend yourself in a General Election as the Republican nominee for Lt Governor against attacks from that surely occur from Democrats on your campaign? Again I ask if these accusations are true, how much damage will these unmerciful liberal Democrat attacks have on our Republican ticket?

Well folks anyone going to this convention has enough political savvy to know that this will come up again and again from the opposition in the general election. It will be twisted and tied, taken out of context and spun unmercifully. And if anyone thinks it won't effect our statewide ticket than they have not been keeping up with the attacks on Governor  McDonnell and AG Ken Cuccinelli, our nominee for Governor. Whats even more telling, Jackson is already trying to react and minimize these finanacial problems. In a supporter call just last night, Jackson told supporters his story on those bankruptices but failed to mention the financial problems as recent as May 8, 2012.

3) In 2002, Hampton Roads residents were faced with the YES campaign, many local conservative voices joined forces and created the kNOw campaign to fight an unelected bureaucracy which would be given the power to tax without constitutional oversight. It is my understanding you were a Hampton Roads resident during that period of time. Could you give me a credible reason why you did not assist us in the effort to defeat that measure?

4) In 2006, Governor Kaine followed his predecessor Mark Warner and tried to raise taxes on all Virginians. I am curious why during those two administrations we never heard you speak against or join our coalition to fight both democrat Governors and their extreme tax and spend initiatives?

I am taking these two questions and answering them together for the readers of this editorial. I have done some research and yes EW Jackson Sr has been doing many things but without great focus on the citizens of Hampton Roads or for Virginians. As far as I am concerned EW Jackson's lack of involvement during those significant battles for Liberty troubles me greatly. One has to wonder if being involved in the last year and half is only because of his abitions to hold statewide office.

5) In 2012, you ran an unsuccessful campaign for US Senate, during your primary campaign you criticized Governor George Allen harshly for his record. Knowing that you had no chance in succeeding in this ambitious attempt, would you have been more reserved in your criticism? Especially since you became an advocate for George Allen's election after your loss.

I will just say to answer this without a response from EW Jackson is that in the US Senate primary EW Jackson Sr came in last place behind Delegate Bob Marshall. I received an email after the general election of 2012 and EW Jackson had once again became a critic of George Allen and the "establishment" ticket. Flip flopping does not impress me at all and this is a serious sign of  political weakness. You either stand behind your principles without reservation or you don't. Btw folks, you have to be able to win and bring something to the table this year. With such a poor performance in statewide primary I do not see how EW can win or what he brings to the table.

I call it like I see it folks and what I see is a fine public speaker, commentator and man of the cloth. But when the sole subject is about who can be the best person to represent our Party as Lt Governor to win November, it is not EW Jackson Sr.

  • The financial baggage already present will be enough but there are other reasons. EW finished with 4.7% of the US Senate Primary votes, other candidates who have lost like this learn they can't win. I am not sure why EW thinks he can.
  • He can't raise the money needed to even run in this convention and still has US Senate race debt. Like it or not you have to be able to raise dollars and to date EW Jackson fails in that category.
  • Lastly, he has no succinct knowledge of State government and will be crushed in the tough questions being asked this year.

I wish you all the best and will be continuing the candidate questions  "On the Record" over the next few days before the convention. I hope you will continue to read as we take em all to the Woodshed if need be.

Best regards,

Tom Gear


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