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Dear Pen-Pats,

For those of you still around since May, 2009 - thank you for remaining faithful patriots in our efforts to restore America to its founding principles.   Many of you have also moved on to start new efforts in that same cause and we have grown and spread the word near and far.

For those of you who have joined recently or been around for years thank you as well.   The task has not diminished and the challenges more acute and clarified than ever.  We are older, wiser and ever more determined to fight for our liberties and justice for ALL.    We have also changed our name to:   Middle Peninsula Tea Party and "Mid-Pen or MPTP" for short.     Because we were originally called The Peninsula Patriots, folks from Norfolk, VA Beach, Hampton, etc. joined thinking we were in their areas.   In fact, we are located within the Middle Peninsula.    Also, this Spring, Middlesex Tea Party joined with our group.   We now officially encompass Gloucester, Mathews and Middlesex Counties and welcome other counties as well if interested.    Our meetings average about 60 folks attending though many more of you stay tuned in via this meet up site.    Unfortunately, many of you remain completely unknown as the meet-up site leaves no way to contact you personally.  (Be sure to read the last two paragraphs!!)

Because of the new changes and other reasons,  we will be leaving this "Meet-Up" website within two weeks.   It has been a great tool for us and we appreciate the help it has been in our early efforts to reach out and remain connected.   However, for security reasons and for the many other options we want to pursue,  our Communication's and Social Media Teams have developed a new website as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts:



THEREFORE......for those of you who wish to continue to receive emails, share communications,  receive invitations, notices, etc. please send me your personal contact information and I will add it to our contact list.  This list will remain confidential and your name will only be used if you wish to share it.*   "Blast" emails will go out in "bcc" form.   We ask that any of you who wish to send group emails in the future, that you also use this method of "bcc" in your send options.

We do have a "mission statement"  and a "core beliefs" statement -  attached.   We ask that if you wish to become a "member" of the Middle Peninsula Tea Party that you both read and indicate an acceptance of these principles on which we operate.   If you just wish to follow us on our website, FB or Twitter, you are welcome to check us out and join us for any activities we announce. 

*Send to me at ( your real name, address, preferred phone and preferred email address - also indicate if you do not want to receive email blasts of "articles of interest"  - many appreciate them in order to stay up to date with current events and others definitely do not appreciate them.   On the new website, we hope to provide some avenue of "discussion" for members only  in our effort to stay connected and informed.   This is still a work in process/progress and we will welcome suggestions as we move forward.  Be sure to indicate when you send your contact info whether you wish to become or remain a member of the Mid-Pen group.    We are starting fresh.  Much of our info is old and needs updating as well so EVERYONE, PLEASE RESPOND - old and new.

Thanks so much for being part of the patriot movement and please keep up the faith and fight for the restoration of our great country with or without us.    For those who can, join us on November 18th for our "Eat & Meet" dinner @ 6 PM located at the Middlesex Sportsmans Hunt Club - 1860 Twiggs Ferry Road.  Starting 11/5 - RSVP at the new website (listed above).  Important as we really need to let the chef know how many to plan for dinner.   Our regular meeting will be suspended and we will do a casual forum re moving forward after the elections.  Join us at 7 pm if you are unable to dine with us.

In God We Trust!
Ruth Litschewski,  Mid-Pen Leader


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