Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Movie extended!!

Wonderful news! The Regal Kiln Creek has decided to extend The Christmas Candle until next Wednesday December 11 instead of tomorrow Dec 5!! Awesome : )
They've gotten calls from people who haven't had the chance to see it during the 2 weeks it's been playing and opted to give the movie another week.  If any of you called the theater about this, THANK YOU!  : )
Now there is still time for you to go see it and invite others to go this weekend. If you already saw the movie and liked it, please mention it on your facebook, twitter, or any other way you can. Moviegoers are the promotional vehicle for this movie. YOUR help is greatly appreciated and super effective to get the word out. I am the only Theater Captain in the Hampton Roads area promoting this film, so any help you can give by way of forwarding this email, posting on social media, etc. is appreciated more than you know.  
Our family went to see it a second time last night since we thought it would be gone after Thursday. As good as it was the first time, the second time is even better : )  
Thanks so much! Please take advantage of this extended opportunity to see the movie - and take a group with you.  Who knows? Maybe attendance will shock the Regal this weekend and they might keep it going til Christmas. That would be just super : )
Your friends and family on the Southside can still see The Christmas Candle at the Regal MacArthur Center.
God bless~

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