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Week Three Update

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Winding Down Week Three

General Assembly Week 3
General Assembly Week 3


Natural Gas Bills:
My bill (HB 340) that allows localities to tap into an existing state fund to convert their vehicles, such as school buses, to alternative fuels has made it out of subcommittee. With diesel prices at approximately $3.70 per gallon and natural gas gallon equivalent at approximately $1.50, the economics make sense. As an example, Virginia Beach school buses drive 52,000 miles per day using 600 school buses. Imagine the savings that could be directed to the classroom. 


My bill (HB 516) that creates a natural gas certification for automobile technicians also made it out of subcommittee. This bill will create jobs and help Virginia lead the way in alternative energy and in this emerging industry.  

The Business Development Caucus:

This week I joined the Business Development Caucus. The caucus is a group made up of House members who are business owners. Their objective is to make Virginia the most business friendly state in the country with a focus on introducing and shepherding legislation that promotes entrepreneurship and job growth in the Commonwealth. This year we are advocating a legislative agenda that promotes the business owner as the key player in economic recovery and long term economic viability.



Medicaid Expansion:


We have already started the debate on Medicaid expansion on the House floor, with members of both parties standing to give speeches for or against the expansion. I remain in the position that we must reform our existing Medicaid program, which is approximately 22% of the state's budget and growing at an unsustainable rate. Everyone wants to help those who are truly in need, but there is a duty to all of the Commonwealth to ensure a responsible and measured approach. If a ship has a hole in it, the hole must get fixed prior to putting more cargo in. 





It looks like this upcoming week we will deal with several big education bills such as reforming the Standards of Learning (SOL) test. I have signed on as a co-patron of Delegate Tag Greason's bill, HB 930,  because I believe our children should not be focused on memorizing a test, but rather working on skills such as critical thinking.



Hybrid Vehicle Tax:

I voted to repeal this tax, with the majority, and it passed convincingly. We should not punish those who are attempting to be good stewards of their environment. 
I truly enjoyed all of our visits and I am looking forward to next week. As always, it is a pleasure and honor to serve you. I will earn it everyday.

Dental hygienists came up from Virginia Beach this week to meet with me.


Other guests this week, 

Beach house from Virginia Beach, AAA Tidewater, Virginia Citizens Defense League, Virginia Hemophilia Foundation, Virginia Coalition of Latino Organizations, Substance Abuse Addiction & Recovery Alliance, Campbell County Republicans, Virginia Beach Constituents, Virginia Electrical Board Association, Virginia Organizing, Virginia Interfaith, Medical Society of Virginia, Virginia Tech, ODU, Virginia Catholic Conference, Dept. of State Police, Virginia Economic Development Partnership, VDOT, Hampton Roads Tea Party, and Home School Students.

If there is legislation you would like to discuss, or if you would like to schedule a meeting, please call us at (804) 698-1085. You can also email me at We are happy to set up tours of the Capitol as well.



With Respect,

Scott Taylor


Del. Scott Taylor's office is located on the 4th floor of the General Assembly building in room 418, and constituents are encouraged to come visit during the 60 day session from January to March, please contact his office at (804)698-1085 or by email at to schedule a meeting. Tours of the Capitol are also available upon request.

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