Monday, June 23, 2014

Urgent request from Chesapeake Tea Party

Dear York County Tea Party leader,
This is an urgent request and very timely.
We are having a planning session on what we can do
to represent our various tea parties at the Hampton Roads Transportation Authority meetings. 
This Authority was created by the General Assembly even though it was
ruled unconstitutional by the Virginia Supreme Court a few
years ago.  They are like kids in a candy store with the
budget they've been handed - $183M dollars from tolls,
T.I.F.s, State and Federal grants (our taxes) and more.
Norfolk and VBeach mayors are trying to force themselves
on the rest of the Authority voting members to be the
Chair and Vice Chair which we will do whatever we can
to stop.  We need to know what you know about your
Mayor, which will be a voting member on this authority.
We want to know if he is a good guy or a bad guy, if
you know what I mean,.  We are meeting tomorrow morning at 10am,
so I'm hoping you get this email so you can
respond sometime tonight.  Thanks,
Brenda Hardison, Tidewater Tea Party Alliance Secy
and Chesapeake Tea Party member.

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