Monday, April 27, 2015

Middle Peninsula Tea Party concerns:

Friends and Patriots: 

Several issues we would be prudent to take PRO-ACTIVE looks at coming to us whether we like it or not!  

 A new 'WATER Resources Plan' is being proposed by the state and they are asking for COMMENTS until the 8th of MAY. We don't want to get in to a RE-ACTIVE situation as we did with our county COMPREHENSIVE PLANS.  Fore-warned is Fore-armed!  
It is suggested you review the State Water Resources Plan, found at www.deq.virginia.govThis is available for Public Comment through May 8.  In the Plan you may find it interesting to look at the "snapshot" for your local counties.  Obviously, DEQ is using models to guide them to 2040.  Just how good is the information being fed into the computer for it to spit out the desired information??? Are the issues we were told impacts our water quality on the middle peninsula being addressed?  Are the solutions appropriate to the expressed concerns? Are the concerns realistic?  

Is this something people feel we should investigate further? We have heard so much about water from: 
Where does the TRUTH lie?  Would it behoove us to learn more BEFORE the Water Plan is adopted? Is anyone interested in pursuing this further? Let me know what you think  ~ Sue Sherrill 804-815-9329 <


Sue Long has asked me to pass the following along. Your input to Senator Norment is crucial if you believe opening the Constitution to change could be a Pandora's Box! Pleases let him know how you feel.
You know full well the results if we  lose our Constitution.  And, a constitutional convention would put it on the chopping block .
In Virginia, Senator Tommy Norment is key because he is the Senate Majority Whip.   He could be the deciding factor as to whether Virginia does or doesn't apply to Congress to call an Article V convention.   
So please contact him in opposition to a constitutional  convention, aka Article V convention, Convention of States, Balanced Budget Amendment  et al.
You don't have to be an authority.   Just print out one of the attached articles  and get it to him with a note asking him to consider the matter.   
VA Senator Tommy Norment's district covers Gloucester County (All); Hampton City (Part); Isle of
Wight County (Part); James City County (Part); King and Queen County (All); King William County
(All); New Kent County (All); Poquoson City (All); Suffolk City (Part); Surry County (Part); York County
(Part) but he is amenable to getting messages from those who just sign their name without their address.
And, after all, his vote affects not just only all in Virginia but all Americans.  
As a member of the Senate Rules Committee in 2015, he voted twice to pass constitutional convention bills out of committee instead of leaving them there to die.
One was for Mike Farris' Convention of States and one was for a Balanced Budget Amendment.
This was in spite of the fact that in 2004 he voted for a resolution that states:
"The operations of a convention are unknown and the apportionment and the selection of
delegates, method of voting in the convention, and other procedural details are not specified in
Article V… the prudent course requires the General Assembly to rescind and withdraw all past
applications for a convention to amend the Constitution …"
Nothing has changed since then. So why the flip flop?
His contact information is:
P.O. Box 6205
Williamsburg, VA 23188
Please let me know that you have contacted him so I won't be bugging you any more !
My most sincere thank you for helping to save our Constitution.  Sue Long
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Opportunity for ALL, favoritism for NONE!

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