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Those who fail to learn from history…

"Wise men learn from the mistakes of others.  You can't possibly live long enough to make them all yourself" – An observation by early 1900's humorists Sam Levenson. 


Early in my career as an instrumentation technician I kept a journal to help me troubleshoot the process control systems I was tasked with maintaining.  Often working as the only technician on site at Allied Chemical (now Honeywell) in Danville, IL, I didn't have the luxury of asking other, more senior technicians, how they had fixed some of the hundreds of measurement and control devices that kept the plant running.  Instead, I relied on my own trial and error procedures, looked for common denominators among device types, and logged results so that the next time I came across this or similar problems I knew what had worked in the past, and what had not.  More than once, this log helped me prevent a shutdown of the process and potentially, the entire plant.  In 1985 when I took a job closer to home, I left this journal (no computer) for the new technicians who would face the same challenges.  My hope was that others could benefit from my experience. 


As I see the chaos and despair around parts of our nation, I wish our leaders would follow this example.  Whether the topic is inner city violence, homelessness, failing schools, or economic collapse, you will likely find a common denominator in radical liberal policy.  Just take the latter, economic collapse, for example.  Detroit, Chicago, Greece and Puerto Rico all share a common theme – a citizenry that is overwhelmingly dependent on government.  Yet, nearly every major policy initiative of the Obama administration and progressive state government leaders are designed to force more citizens into government dependence. Is it ignorance or is there a more sinister movement afoot?  Either should be just as concerning.


As our law makers in Richmond and in Washington debate these legislative initiatives, each bill should undergo a litmus test; 'will this ultimately lead to more or less people becoming dependent on government'?   If it's the former, it should find quick death in subcommittee.  Fortunately, in these modern days of the internet, there's a journal readily available for legislators – simply google 'failed liberal policies'…just my two cents.

On a related topic..


The Richmond Times Dispatch featured my commentary on Puerto Rico's debt crisis in its July 11 publication.  It addresses, among other facts, the negative impact this island's policies will have on the retirement savings of Virginia's seniors.  Check it out by clicking here.


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Monday morning (August 10th), be sure to tune into The John Frederick's radio show.  I'm guest hosting the entire 6:00 am – 10:00 am broadcast while John vacations in sunny Myrtle Beach.  We'll talk redistricting & other political issues with Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment, Jobs & Workforce Development with a variety of leaders and national consultants, and college tuition with the Chair of the Higher Education Subcommittee of the House Committee on Education, Delegate Jimmie Massie. 


If you, a friend, or family member are contemplating your career or education options, it's worth your time to listen in and join the conversation if you wish. We're inviting listeners to call throughout the 9:00 – 10:00 hour on multiple subjects.  Questions about jobs?  What are you looking for in a politician, whether your next President, Senator, or Delegate?  Share your thoughts with the Commonwealth at 888-480-5646. You can also email your comments to or tweet them to @MikeWatson_VA


The John Fredericks show is heard throughout Hampton Roads on AM 1650, Richmond/Central Virginia on AM 820, and Roanoke/New River Valley on FM 102.5.  And, you can listen live from anywhere on your computer at 


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