Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October 26 Mid-Pen Tea Party Meeting

The November Election will be a focus of our October 26 meeting! We hope to have representatives of each of our localities speak briefly about what their issues are and who might be the best candidates to achieve conservative results. 

  Democrats have money and hired hands but we have Scott Presler, an outstanding Republican 'Field Hand' from Norfolk to inspire us! Jean Marie Casanave met Scott when he worked in Houston and suggested he look us up. Scott has been an inspiration in his tireless efforts to sell the Republican brand. 

 In addition, we should have some of video clips of interest to attendees and time for anyone who wishes to share the concerns and activities they are working on... so be ready to share your concern or comments in 3 minutes or less! 
  • Refugee Re-settlement? 
  • Abortion? 
  • Gun rights?
  • Effective Activism? 
  • Terrorism? 
  • You name it! Instruct us & recruit us! Bring whatever handouts you think are helpful!

 The meeting will be held at the Hampton Inn behind Wendy's in Gloucester  at 7 PM on  Monday, Oct 26th 

Questions or comments? Sue Sherrill 
(reply by email or call 804-815-9329)

Opportunity for ALL, favoritism for NONE!

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