Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hijra & Monday Night Meeting


Hopefully you have seen that in lieu of a regular  Middle Peninsula Tea Party meeting, the John Birch Society is making a presentation about what they do to preserve Liberty and our representative Democracy on Monday at 7 PM at the Hampton Inn in Gloucester just behind Wendy's off Rt 17. I hope you are able to be there! 

But more... Join the Resistance!

 The events of last night's 'Friday the 13th' Islam attack in Paris should help remind us that we are all at risk from the decisions made by liberals here and around the world.  Ironically the first group arrived yesterday in Louisiana on Friday the 13th as well! Not women and children escaping the ravages of war, mind you: military age men and the rate of 'resettlement is due to accelerate over the next months and years! 

There are people still trying to stop the Islamification of America! Ann Corcoran is at the forefront:

Join the Resistance! In Virginia, we have the 

Learn things you can do! Don't sit idly by, wringing your hands or covering your eyes and ears!    You MUST pick up your pen and you phone! (Gee, where'd I get that?)   Call or write the various people who are involved in making decisions that effect YOU!   Hit Facebook, Twitter, email, call in radio shows and what else?  Scream until you're heard!    If we each do just ONE thing everyday to make someone pause, we can make a difference!

 Please start today - if only by sending this message to a few friends! 

Thanks! ~
   Sue Sherrill
Middle Peninsula Tea Party

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