Sunday, January 3, 2016

Tea Party in the New Year

Greetings Patriots! 

I wish I had happier thoughts about what's coming in 2016 but it's the last year of the Obama DOA* term, so expect anything!

Our next scheduled gathering is on Monday, February 15 when Frank Earnest will give a Virginian's perspective on the the War Between the States.  More coming on this, but be sure to mark your calendar!  [7 PM, Hampton Inn, Gloucester behind Wendy's]

Stayed tuned to events in and around your county. See what's happening in your local government. Every threat to liberty does not get reported on the evening news - even Fox!  Get involved in your local Republican Committee and support candidates who share your values at every opportunity! Our rights are being taken out from under us at every turn: locally, regionally, state & federal! The list of encroachments from Richmond to Oregon would fill this page!  We can't attend every meeting, but we can write letters, call talk shows, legislators, post on Facebook and Twitter and join others through organizations like Heritage Action or VCDL to make our voices stronger!  An election is coming this year and "We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately." 

I have come upon an extraordinary patriot reporter, Bill Still,  who records short videos on YouTube. I am subscribing to his network and suggest you look him up. This recent one is an example  If you subscibe to his Channel on YouTube, you will get notified when he posts a new video report.  

Count your blessings & Thanks for all you do!  
~ Sue Sherrill
 Middle Peninsula Tea Party

*DOA = Destruction of America

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