Saturday, May 14, 2016

There's a reason I'm supporting Randy Forbes

Friend -- 

It is a distinct honor and privilege to represent the city I grew up in, Virginia Beach, in the Virginia General Assembly. Like you, I'm passionate and concerned about the future challenges facing our city, our region, and our nation.

Leadership is hard to find in the public arena, but when you find real leaders willing to make the hard choices and represent Hampton Roads with honor, distinction, and conservative principles, it is critical that we stand with them. 

Randy Forbes has always been there for Hampton Roads, and it is important that we are there for him.

There is a reason why the majority of the Virginia Beach Republican Delegation to the General Assembly, and leaders across Hampton Roads, are united in endorsing Randy Forbes for Congress. 

It's because we know that during these perilous times, Congressman Randy Forbes is the best man for the job. 

It's because we know that Randy Forbes has been leading the fight against Obama's devastating military cuts, and unlike most politicians, has put forth a real, concrete plan to rebuild our navy and defend our nation from the rising threats of ISIS, Russia, and China. 

We have had 8 years of untested and inexperienced leadership in the White House and the world is a more dangerous place with the spread of terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and an Administration that is committed to gutting our nation's military. 

Here in Hampton Roads and on the Eastern Shore, we need Randy's voice representing us in Washington. Congressman Forbes has demonstrated unparalleled leadership on rebuilding our military and building up our national security to keep our nation safe. While President Obama has tried to cut our Navy and weaken our national security, Randy Forbes has been at the forefront in pushing back on the Obama Agenda and protecting our military assets in Hampton Roads. 
It's in our best interest for Randy to continue representing our conservative values in Congress and to keep fighting for our Virginia jobs. I hope you will join me in supporting him and voting your values on June 14th.
Yours in service,


Jason Miyares, Esq.
Member (82nd District)
Virginia House of Delegates
P.S. Watch me talk a little bit more about why I think this election is so critical and why I'm confident Randy is the leader we need. Click SHARE if you join me in standing with Randy.


Randy Forbes for U.S. Congress · United States
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