Thursday, January 26, 2017

big announcement


For the past several weeks, my staff and I have been meeting with Pro-Life leaders across the Commonwealth to lay the foundation for our Pro-Life coalition.
And to coincide with tomorrow's 44th annual March for Life, I'm excited to announce the launch of my campaign's latest coalition:  
"Pro-Lifers for Corey Stewart"
Already, more than 100 prominent Pro-Life leaders -- including Terry Beatley -- have joined Pro-Lifers for Corey Stewart.
That's because, when it comes to the issue of abortion, I am 100% Pro-Life from the moment of conception to natural death.
While others in this race remain silent on life issues and even refuse to take a stand on a 20-week abortion ban,  defending the unborn and protecting life is a central them of my campaign.

Friend, if you believe that life is a sacred gift from God and must be protected by government, won't you please take a stand for life by joining Pro-Lifers for Corey Stewart?
As you'll see, I've included a press release below with more information about the formation of Pro-Lifers for Corey Stewart.
Take a moment to check it out.  

I'm confident you'll be impressed with our Pro-Life Leadership Team.
And remember, Friend, the 44th annual March for Life takes place tomorrow.
I'll be there along with Terry Beatley and our Pro-Life Coalition, and I'd be honored to meet you and shake your hand.

If you plan on attending, please click HERE to sign up and let me know so I can make sure to find you and say hello.
The details for the March for Life are as follows:
Washington Monument
* Intersection of 15th and Constitution *
January 27, 2017
11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Finally, if at all possible, 
please chip in a donation of $25, $35, $50 or $100 to help end the slaughter of the unborn in Virginia once and for all.
Thank you for your support.
I look forward to meeting you tomorrow!

For Life,




January 26, 2017


Corey Stewart Assembles 100 Pro-Life Activists to Help Protect Life in Virginia


Woodbridge, VA -- Republican candidate for Governor Corey Stewart announced today the formation of the Pro-Lifers for Corey Stewart Coalition to support his campaign for Governor of Virginia.

Terry Beatley, a prominent leader in the defense of life in Virginia, has joined Corey in his fight for the protection of the unborn.

"I rarely endorse political candidates, but I am strongly endorsing Corey Stewart as the next Virginia Governor," Beatley said. "We need a Governor with the fortitude to sign into law a Virginia Heartbeat Bill in 2018, which will protect babies in the womb from abortion once a heartbeat is detected. Thousands of Virginia lives will be saved. Corey has promised to do just that."

"Virginia does not want or need another establishment RINO candidate who simply has political campaigning experience and a track record of sweeping social and moral issues under the Republican rug and miserably failing at broadening the Republican base with minorities," Beatley continued. "I want proven leadership. There is only one candidate running who has the fortitude — the chutzpah — to shamelessly and boldly fight for what is right. He is Corey Stewart," Beatley concluded.

Corey's effort to protect unborn life in the Commonwealth is comprised by a combination of Virginia activists and influencers who are very active on Stewart's campaign. Over one hundred Pro-Life Virginians joined Beatley in endorsing Stewart as part of his Pro-life Coalition.

"I am thankful for the endorsements from so many pro-life activists and supporters," Stewart said. "I believe that every life is precious and needs to be protected from the moment of conception. It is our duty as elected officials to protect those who cannot protect themselves. I will not only defend the right to life but will fight for it," Stewart continued.

"This is what sets me apart from the rest of the field in this Governor's race. I will not give lip service. I will put my principles into action. As part of my pro-life platform, we will defund Planned Parenthood and will pass common sense laws that protect babies from being murdered in the womb," Stewart concluded.

Corey Stewart's Pro Life Leadership Team include:

Terry Beatley - Author and National Pro Life Leader
Barbara Dodge - Former President of Choose Life Virginia, Former Communications Director for the Pro Life Direct Action League
Lynn Rash - Former 9th District Co-Director for Donald Trump for President, Major Faith Influencer in Southwest Virginia
Robin Richards - Former 2nd District Field Director for Donald Trump for President, Major Faith Influencer in Virginia Beach

Pro-Lifers for Corey Stewart Coalition Members

Joe Adair - Williamsburg

Mark Allen - Venango County

Norm Allen - Stafford County

Christianne Lorraine Allen - Isle of Wight County

Robert Berry - Fairfax County

Ricky Blair - Hampton

Gary Blankenship - Lynchburg

Sue Blankenship - Lynchburg

Mike Bolton - Albemarie County

Daryl Borgquist - Rockingham County

Mike Brice - Prince William County

Sonya Carman - Midlothian County

Bruce Cason - Augusta County

Chappy Chaplain - Gloucester County

Jesse Clarke - Dinwiddie County

Earlene Clinton - Prince William County

Paul Coleman - Henry County

David Colwell - Norfolk County

Emilio Crosby - Prince William

Dona Danziger - Accomack County

Geraldine Davie - Fairfax County

Thomas Dean - Virginia Beach

Thomas DeCarlo - Chesterfield County

David Dieterich - Loudoun County

Barbara Dixon - Loudon County

George Dodge - Prince William County

Anna Drago - Alexandria

Stefan Drago - Alexandria

Brian Evans - Prince William County

Robert Fairchild - Fairfax County

Rey Flores - Manassas

Melanie Fowler - Albermarle County

John Frank - Prince William County

Nancy Grenier - Prince William County

Michael Harris - Chesterfield County

Randall Hash - Tazewell County

Becky Harrison - Wythe County

William Hays - Lynchburg

Grayson Hayward - Chesterfield County

Ron Hedlund - Henrico County

Ty Henderson - Charlottesville

Marie Hoerst - Manassas

Eric Hord - Greene County

Anthony Hughes - Prince William County

Becky Hurst - Pulaski County

Michael Johnson - Prince William County

Tyler Johnson - Pulaski County

Marilyn Keeler - Prince William County

Michael Keith - Manassas

Angela Kennedy - Fairfax County

Henry Khadka - Fairfax County

Robb Koether - Prince Edward County

Steven Kramer - Fairfax County

John Labas - Prince William

Linda Labas - Prince William

Brian Landrum - Richmond County

Becky Lyttle - Chesterfield County

Patricia Martell - Fairfax County

Dewey McDonnell - Culpeper County

Thomas Moore - Fauquier County

Jack Morgan - Bland County

Nancy Morgan - Bland County

Amanda Morris - Fairfax County

Sarah Morrison - Chesterfield County

Joshua Mozdzier - Prince William County

Joseph Nave - Fairfax County

Steve Nelson - Roanoke

Tuan Nguyen - Fairfax County

David Orme - Chesapeake

Sid Pawar - Arlington County

Steve Phillips - Louisa County

Jeff Powell - Pulaski County

James Popek - Richmond

Denea Reedy - Washington County

George Reynolds - Virginia Beach

John Rowan Jr. - Roanoke

Reese Sadler - Lynchburg

Mark Sawyer II - Poquoson

Mack Shannon - Wythe County

Penny Shannon - Wythe County

James Shupp - Fauquier County

Paul Sloper - Orange County

Wanda Sloper - Orange County

Carl Smith - Hopewell

Dena-Marie Smith - Henrico County

Mick Smith - Tazewell County

Wesley Snider - Bedford County

Frankie Stockes - Culpeper County

George Strunk - Tazewell County

David Sullivan - King George

Robert Tallent - Prince William County

Nikki Tolliver - Prince George County

Penny Toniolli - Alexandria

William Totten - Smythe County

Dave Wilson - Fairfax County

Rob Witherspoon - Richmond

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  1. Stupid and dangerous:

    Speaking on Thursday in Philadelphia at an annual retreat for Republican lawmakers, Mr. Trump seemed to think Mike Pompeo, the new director of the Central Intelligence Agency, would be among the senators, representatives and party operatives hooting and hollering in the crowd.

    “Where is Pompeo? Where the hell is he?” Mr. Trump said, scanning the crowd.

    Because we really, really want the CIA to become a partisan political organization. We really want to see the head of our Intelligence Service guffawing and pounding down martinis with folks plotting how to screw over the American people with their legislative agenda.

    This wasn’t a one-off either. According to The Hill he repeatedly asked for Pompeo’s whereabouts during his speech, like he was presenting at an awards ceremony.

    This is yet another example of someone lacking even a fundamental understanding of how our government operates. As The New York Times patiently explains, Pompeo, the new head of our Intelligence service, was not in attendance at the GOP policy huddle:

    The C.I.A., like the military, is supposed to be apolitical, and its chief does not have a direct role in creating administration policies. Though Mr. Pompeo has attended the Republican retreat in years past — he was a Republican representative before taking over the C.I.A. on Monday — it would be considered highly inappropriate for him to take part in his new role running the country’s premier intelligence agency.

    But of course Trump doesn’t know this. In fact, the thought that there might be something “inappropriate” about mixing the Intelligence Services with a partisan political gathering like this probably never crossed his mind.

    Or maybe he just thought he was back in Russia.