Sunday, June 18, 2017

@OccupytheGOP, see 15 new updates from @HamptonRoadsFor, @MsCalin, and more

Updates you should see
www dot HamptonRoadsFor dot me 29th annual PrideFest celebrates LGBT community, diversity of Hampton Roads - WA...
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Miss Calin
No Justice, No Peace: Some Difficult Truth About Violence the United States Needs to Hear via @JohnLaurits
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BNV News & Views
I can go for being twice as nice

I can go for just repeating

The same old lines

Use the body

Now you want my soul

Ooh, forget about it…
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Arizona For Ron Paul
Five Minutes Five Issues: Trump's Non-Obstruction, Cuba, Yemen Cholera, Veterans' Holiday, Afghanistan Surge
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Una Spenser
Column: Kurdish women on the front lines against ISIS… #ypj
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Sun daze 👙🌞 #myswimbody
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