Saturday, October 3, 2020

Fwd: We're working with Virginia's BLEXIT movement

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:

Forwarding to everyone the below announcement of the Virginia TEA Party Federation's discussion with Latoya Haight of the BLEXIT movement.  This will be an online discussion starting at 7:00 PM on Wednesday 6 October.  See the below for the Facebook link to the Live feed and more information about this event (no, you do NOT need a Facebook account to watch this).

This is definitely one that you are going to want to watch.  For those that don't know, BLEXIT is short for "black exit" and refers to the current movement within the black community to leave the Democrat's plantation.  There are many Youtube videos that I have shared highlighting this phenomenon and it warms my heart to see people -regardless of skin color- embrace freedom instead of Socialism.  For the TEA Party movement, a movement smeared by the accusation that we are intolerant just because we are Conservative, the opportunity to host this event is monumental.

Believe in Blexit!

CANDACE OWENS & Ben Shapiro - Why BLEXIT is so Important

Pierre Wilson "My Blexit" | LI Digital Townhall

James Hull
King George TEA Party
King George, Virginia

Begin forwarded message:

From: Nelson Velez
Subject: We're working with Virginia's BLEXIT movement
Date: October 2, 2020 at 7:14:22 PM EDT

Don't miss this one.


The Tea Party movement came together a decade ago in the spirit of defiance. In our earliest days, we were a coalition of Americans who realized that something was horribly wrong: our elected officials and supposed "leaders" didn't represent us, and didn't share our values.

They got lazy, they got arrogant, and they got defeated.

Today, a similar movement is coming together as BLEXIT: a coalition of proud black Americans who see, too, that their elected officials and "leaders" no longer keep their interests at heart.

Who see that the loudest voices are now those who have embraced Marxism, spat on America for merchandise contracts, and unleashed a wave of violence on urban communities.

Who see that the radical left hates proud Americans who love their country, seek economic freedom, and want law and order to prevail in our communities.

See James, BLEXIT is one of the fastest-growing freedom movements in America, standing on common ground with our own Tea Party movement.

And, like the Tea Party movement before it, the Blexit movement has faced threats, intimidation, and acts of violence. Blexit supporters have been attacked and demonized by the left who mobilize their cancel culture against anyone in the "community" who dares oppose the radical left-wing dogma.

We're proud to stand with them in their fight.

That's why this Wednesday, October 6th, I've invited Latoya Haight to speak with me about Virginia's growing BLEXIT movement and how we can work together in the spirit of defiance for a brighter future.
A Conversation With Latoya Haight of BLEXIT of Virginia

When: October 6th, 2020 (7:00-8:00pm)
Where: Facebook Live
Latoya Haight is a resident of Portsmouth, Virginia. She earned a Master's Degree in Government and Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Regent University.

Latoya currently serves as campaign manager for John Collick's 3rd District congressional campaign to defeat Bobby Scott, and previously served as a regional coordinator for Trump Victory. 

With a 20-year background in political and community activism, Latoya has dedicated herself to supporting local economies by helping and encouraging business growth across Hampton Roads. Last year, she joined the state leadership board for Blexit of Virginia. As Membership Chair, Latoya is responsible for growing and solidifying the membership of this vitally important movement.
James, we are proud to stand side by side with the BLEXIT freedom movement and are honored to showcase their story this Wednesday, October 6th at 7:00pm.

Please join me and the Virginia Tea Party for this inspirational interview spotlighting this true American freedom movement.

Best regards,
Nelson Velez, Chairman
The Virginia Tea Party
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