Sunday, September 18, 2011

Moneybomb for Tom Harmon: Flip the Senate!

As Sen. Mamie Locke's tenure grows, she gains more power. Do you want that? If no, send a donation to the campaign of Tom Harmon! 
He can win against this democrat (he's counted the R voters and if we GOTV just among GOP voters, he can win this seat!) 
Tom Harmon can make it happen: regain a majority in the senate for his party! Send your donation, no matter how small, to: 

Friends of Tom Harmon
PO Box 7558
Hampton VA 23666

Five bucks would make a difference AND send a message that Harmon's people are not the good ol' boys. Let me know if you are in the 2nd district and will put a sign in your yard. Please display a Harmon bumpersticker; your car can make a statement even if you're not in the district. For a $10 (or more) donation we'll deliver one to you! See Tom's campaign lit attached.

Look for an invitation to a party at my house for Tom with Ken Cuccinelli Oct 18 at 1pm. If you've been to my parties before, you know there will be good food.

If you would "like" Tom's facebook page, we would be most appreciative:

Cary Nunnally    757 591 8479  cell 757 358 8472

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