Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thomas Harmon for State Senate, District 2 by Supervisor Tom Shepperd

Dear Neighbors,


The November 8th is election is quickly approaching and this year the citizens of York County have a unique opportunity to significantly impact the composition of the Virginia Senate.   The 2010 census resulted in a major redistricting of the senate districts and voters in York County’s Bethel, parts of Tabb, Coventry, Kiln Creek and Edgehill precincts will vote for the Senate, District 2 representative.   Ms. Mamie Locke is the incumbent and the challenger is Mr. Tom Harmon.   I am encouraging everyone to support Mr. Tom Harmon to be our representative for Senate, District 2.  Here’s why.


As a Supervisor of York County and the County’s representative to the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission and Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization, I have watched in frustration as our share of transportation dollars are siphoned off to fund major highway projects in northern Virginia and Richmond.  While this took place, we suffered major traffic congestions along I-64 west to Richmond, significant delays in moving up and down Route 17 in the middle of the County, and delays in crossing  the bridges and tunnels across Hampton Roads, which cost us business and negatively impacted one of the largest and busiest ports in the world, not to mention the negative impacts on our federal operations.  Why are northern Virginia and Richmond so successful in getting tax dollars?  It’s because of the willingness of their legislative caucuses to pull together regardless of party affiliation to fight for their citizens.  It is sad to say but it wasn’t until Governor McDonald recently stepped in to help us with funding that the Hampton Roads transportation issues started getting proper attention.  However, governor involvement, while gratefully appreciated, is not a permanent solution.  We need an effective caucus.  Unfortunately, some within the Hampton Roads caucus are apathetic and incapable of fighting for our transportation needs.  It was only through individual efforts of caucus representatives such as Delegate Oder, who is no longer with the legislature, that common sense road projects stayed at the forefront.  But again, individual efforts are not enough and we need an effective caucus.  Ms. Locke is a smart lady and means well but after eight years of ineffectiveness, we need someone who is energized, willing to roll up their sleeves, and not accept the lack of attention to our area.  We need a caring and attentive representative in Senate, District 2.   I believe that person is Mr. Tom Harmon who has vowed to represent the entire 2nd District, including York County.


Mr. Harmon is a smart, dedicated gentleman who understands the value of hard work and cooperative planning.  His expertise includes service to our county in the Air Force and 28 years with the Corporation for National and Community Service.  His conservative attitude towards taxes, promotion of business, value for individual rights, personal responsibility, support for the family, and insistence on governmental transparency will serve us well.  We need Tom Harmon in Richmond working with our other representatives to ensure a better Virginia for ourselves, our children and our future.




Tom Shepperd

District 5 Representative

York County Board of Supervisors


Home (757) 868-8591

Mobile (757) 604-3079


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