Friday, October 19, 2012

FW: Poll Watcher Training



My name is Robert Ackerman.  I am a member of the Republican Party of Hampton and am working with Carl Anderson in the effort to coordinate poll watchers/workers for the extremely important upcoming election.

First, let me Thank You for your volunteering.

I am contacting you because you have signed up to work as either a Poll Watcher or Poll Worker.

If you have already received the attached email, I apologize for the duplication, but this is too important to risk people not being notified.

As it says, even if you have already gone to the ORCA site and done the on-line training, please make every effort to attend the Local training on the 23rd..

We would also like to ask each of you the following:


1         Do you have a particular precinct you would prefer to work at?

2         If needed to guarantee adequate coverage of all precincts, would you be willing to work a different precinct that your preference?

3         Have you gone to the ORCA site and done the on-line training?  If not, the website is listed in the attached email.

4         Do you have a smart phone? This is being asked because of a database that will potentially be used on election day to help track data.


I know this is somewhat short notice, but time is of the essence.

I will be attempting to contact you by phone over the next few days.  My number is 757-239-0876, so that you will know that I’m not just another Robocall.


My thanks in advance for your response to this email.


Robert P. Ackerman

Republican Party of Hampton


From: []
Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2012 12:58 AM
Subject: Poll Watcher Training


To: Poll Watcher Volunteers, Republican Party of Hampton, Delegates, and Friends,


   Poll Watcher Volunteers and anyone wanting to hear more details of Election Day Operations and what happens INSIDE the Precincts, please attend this Local Training.


   Some addressed on this email have already signed up to be Poll Watchers on the Web Site.  If you have not, please do so now!  


   Even if you have completed the ONLINE TRANING, this LOCAL TRAINING is very important and much more detailed.  We have coordinated for three training events next week: Tuesday in Hampton, Wednesday in Norfolk, and Thursday in Surry.  Volunteers may attend any event most convenient to them, but it is important to attend at least once before election day.   




   This independent training will be conducted in cooperation with the Virginia Voters Alliance with Reagan George, and will include materials and a power point presentation. There is no cost to attend this training. Our local training schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, 10/23- 7 PM HAMPTON
Hampton Main Library, Room B
4207 Victoria Blvd
Hampton, VA 23669
contact Carl Anderson 757 766-0966

Wednesday, 10/24 7 PM NORFOLK
Location to be announced
contact Pam Brown, 757 560-4945

Thursday, 10/25 6:30 PM SURRY
Colonial Farmhouse Restaurant, second floor
610 Colonial Trail East
Surry, VA 23883
Contact Lori Carlson, 757 879-0372

You can contact Reagan George with Virginia Voters Alliance at 713 545-1047, or 703 803-8482



Carl Anderson

Hampton GOP Chair


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