Friday, December 7, 2012

Rebuild the Peninsula Tea Party (Tues, Dec 11 @ 6:30pm) - Invite Only!

To all,

Please join me Tuesday, December 11th @ 6:30pm at the Hampton Library.


Now that the election is over, it is time to make a difference! I don’t want to be here in four years saying the same thing. With this past election and Jim DeMint’s move to the Heritage Foundation, it confirmed my concept on where the Peninsula Tea Party should go. Most people feel that if we only had the right elected officials, they would do the right thing…but our society has changed and it’s our responsibility to change it. Our elected officials cannot do anything because they’ll meet the fate of Allen West or Joe Walsh…message sent and received. By getting rid of Boehner is not going to fix the dilemma. Actually, if we could change our community, these politicians would come to us. But this involves a change of media, social structures/organizations, unions and politicians with power.


We cannot do it alone as individuals, it must be part of a collective. Divide and conquer is the game we’re playing and we’ve allowed it to go on for way too long. Activism by email, flavor of the day or jumping on the latest news story no longer works. Our energy is being wasted chasing shadows individually and sometimes defeating each other’s efforts.


This can only be combatted with a community organization, not a political organization. So party leadership cannot be a part of this organization, it’s a conflict of interest due to our participation in the political process. Please review this Youtube video of being a Community Organization:


I have invited you because it appears that our ideologies are similar and you seem to be the most active in Hampton, NN and York County.     

1.    Robert Alexander (York)

2.    David Dietrich (Hampton)

3.    Brian Evans (Newport News)

4.    Glenn McGuire (Newport News)

5.    Terry/Eldon Mixer (Newport News)

6.    Cary Nunnally (Newport News)

7.    Eric/Ann Robeson (York)

8.    Shirley (Newport News)


I will give present two examples of where our Constitution has been replaced by the UN Declaration. The two examples involve the elimination of Christianity…through activism and not Congress. The other is the act of War, Libya and Syria.


Starting in 2013, I wish to start weekly meetings with periodic community meetings. Feel free to bring your spouses if I’d left them off…my apology. If you have any questions or cannot make it, please contact me at 369-7014. Thanks, Brian Evans

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