Tuesday, August 13, 2013

All my DNS settings no longer connect to Blogger. Is Google is trying to erase me?

I have the domain via MyDomain.com and have the settins correct (haven't changed since it had been working for about 3 years.) I have other domains that still point to blogger sites without issue but the DNS is no longer working primarily for the following blogs:

www.peninsulateaparty.org & peninsulateaparty.org

I've been unable to find any notifications but my domain, while set up with my A Records and CNames they do not direct to blogger. Have Blogger and Google had a falling out or am I being targeted for being a Tea Party organization?

In a related issue that I have yet to find a way to resolve, it seems my Google Apps account has been deleted. I don't know why but I suspect being deleted from Google's DNS for being an enemy of the statists may also have an affect on Blogger.

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