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McAuliffe opens Newport News campaign office

Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013


**McAuliffe opened a new Democratic Party office at 1512 27th Street in Newport News, the 39th such operation in the state. And he used the opportunity to talk up his campaign's ground operations, and its ability to conduct massive door-knocking and get-out-the-vote efforts as campaign season heats up.


In a room jam-packed with campaign staffers and current and former Democratic officeholders, he said the party has put together a ground operation that's unparalleled in Virginia for an off-year election, when turnout is typically low and votes are harder to come by.


And McAuliffe said such offices will make the difference when it comes to getting his campaign messages on jobs, economic development and transportation to the voters across the state.


"The ground-game edge is all that matters," he said, after his speech. "It's all about turnout."




It’s time. It’s time to stand up and do what’s needed to “Get Out The Vote” to win this election. The Republican base, supportive Independents, and sympathetic Democrats have to be identified.


It is all about voter turnout.


The democrats know that. The democrats are pulling together to get it done.


The most effective way to identify supporters is the targeted face to face contact of neighborhood canvas.


The second most effective way to identify supporters is targeted telephone canvas.


Volunteering for the Victory Office is the most effective way to participate in voter turnout efforts. The Victory Office works for all the candidates. We have to find our supporters, all of them; and get them to the polls. By the time the vast majority of the voters for a state wide election get to the polls, they have already chosen their candidate. We have to identify our supporters before the election.


The democrats are already in our communities. They are working as a team to get the job done. They don’t know where their candidates stand on the issues. They don’t even know how detrimental their candidates will be for Virginia. They will turn out their voter base to the polls.


The democrats have doubled down in Newport News and opened an office

in the South East community with the intention of turning out every “no information” voter they can find.


No more excuses. No more infighting. No more back seat driving.


It is a proven fact the most effective way to identify our supporters is targeted neighborhood canvass and targeted telephone canvas. It’s time for us to call our supporters to see if they need absentee ballots, but we haven’t identified our supporters yet. We need your help identifying our candidate’s supporters.


Volunteers are hard to come by.


We have contacted everyone who is a member of the Hampton Roads Republican Women’s Club.


We have contacted everyone who is a member of the Newport News Republican City Committee.


We have contacted all volunteers from the 2012 Campaign.


We have contacted all the delegates to the 2013 Convention.



Is your reason for not volunteering more important than having a Democrat in charge of Virginia?


Besides a handful of NNRCC & HRRWC members our regular volunteer base consists of a few high school students and some CNU students who have started to trickle into the office. This isn’t enough. We are spending too much precious time begging Republicans to volunteer to help get Republicans elected. Why aren’t you volunteering? What’s your excuse? Is it more important than having a Democrat in charge of Virginia?


Virginia’s Constitution dictates a balanced budget.


With a democratic Governor we will end up with Obama Care’s Insurance Exchanges. The democrats will spend our surplus rainy day fund. And since we all know that tax cuts are rarely made, taxes will increase.


The effect of losing this election will be felt in the upcoming U.S. Senate race, the next State Senate race, and into the 2016 Presidential race.


Our candidates are:


Ken Cuccinelli for Governor, first Attorney General to fight Obama Care; and he publically “encouraged” the federal government to give us the one hundred million dollars owed to Virginia;


E.W. Jackson for Lt. Governor, a Conservative Hampton Roads Harvard graduate, supports constitutionally limited government;


Mark Obenshain for Attorney General, instrumental in getting the new voter ID law passed in Virginia; and established new mandatory minimums for repeat drug offenders and sexual predators;


Mike Watson for 93rd Delegate, great focus on training our workforce for the jobs that actually exist through expanded Workforce Development;

and developing pro-growth business initiatives;


David Yancey for 94th Delegate, fighting to get I-64 widened; and working for integration of the STEM program into our education system (science, technology, engineering, and math); and


John Bloom for 95th Delegate, conservative engineer from the ship yard; believes in individual liberty and limited government.


The Newport News Victory office is the only Newport News Headquarters working to ensure voter turnout for all the candidates. It’s been proven that targeted neighborhood and telephone canvases are the best way to ensure voter turnout to the polls. Will voter turnout be for the Democratic candidates or our Republican candidates? Well, that depends on you.


On November 5th, 2013 at 7 PM will you be able to say, “I did everything I could to ensure Republican voter turnout to the polls”?


Call Jennifer Krantz, 757-652-0059, to schedule your time at the Newport News Victory office.


Feel free to come to the office at any time.

12715-Q Warwick Blvd.


Our hours are 9AM to 9PM Mon – Sat and 1PM to 7PM Sunday.


Will you help ensure a Republican Victory at the polls? Schedule your time now at the Victory Office.


Come to the office now and be trained by the next Super Saturday, September 7th, 2013. The Super Saturdays are used to test our ability to Get Out The Vote.


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