Sunday, February 22, 2015

FairTax Booth, Saturday March 21

Virginia FairTax Supporters - Folks, lets meet on Saturday, March 21 at the 2015 South Hill Ruritan Club Antique Farm Machinery & Vehicle Show. Let's learn about the FairTax, and inform the public! The show is on Saturday, March 21, from 9:00 to 5:00PM, at 1428 Rocky Branch Road, South Hill, VA 23970, at the Dixie Tobacco Warehouse Complex. Nearly all the exhibits are indoors, so it'll be a good show, rain or shine! For more info on the show, see
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Write an email to your Congressman:
To find who your US Representative is, go to: and type your address in the lower left corner of the webpage. If your Representative is Rigell or Whitman, thank them for already being co-sponsors of HR25, the FairTax bill. Otherwise, ask them to consider co-sponsoring it. Neither of our Senators are co-sponsors yet.
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Vote for the bills that eliminate the IRS! Go to: or to Register for an account, and AT LEAST vote to support the FairTax bills, H25. Vote with or without a comment.
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As always, check out: For impartial views, search for "FairTax" on or
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Let's write letters to the editors of our newspapers, saying we need the FairTax. Just takes a quick email using the newspaper addresses below! Need some ideas for words? Just Google "FairTax letter to the editor". Limit your letter to 150 words (some allow 250 words). Add your name, city, street address, and daytime telephone number (though they'll never call you).
Daily Press:
Virginia Pilot:
Suffolk News-Herald:
Smithfield Times:
Virginia Gazette:
Hampton Roads Messenger:
My letter got printed in April! See:
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Sen. Moran Discusses FairTax on U.S. Senate Floor
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Like to have a yard sign? Bumper sticker? Car Flag? Please contact me at 757-374-4551 or -Paul
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Want removed from the list? Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me know. -Paul Burgener 757/374-4551,

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