Friday, August 6, 2021

District 5 Report Supplemental - Potential HSRD Meeting on Pump Station Near Tabb High School

Dear Neighbors,


I’m told that HRSD has a preliminary plan for a public meeting to review their conceptual options for a Pressure Reducing Station (PRS) with two 2.3-million-gallon storage tanks in the area behind Fire Station #2 and Tabb High School. Right now, the most likely date is Thursday, September 9 somewhere at Tabb High School.  I’ll be sure and get you more precise information on date, time, and exact location when they finalize their plans.  Here is an excerpt from my York County June 2021 District 5 Report:


Paragraph 3.e. “Hampton Road Sanitation District Pressure Reducing Station (PRS) and Tank Project” - HRSD purchased the 26-acre parcel behind Tabb High School for the purpose of constructing a facility that would help in managing the sewer flow and pressure along two major sewer truck lines that intersect in this area.  I have participated in several conversations with HRSD attempting to understand the scope, need and flexibility they may have with this concept.  What I have learned so far is that ultimately, a project in the general vicinity is needed for the regional system and that there are many benefits for all of us in terms of safety, cost, and environmental quality.  The exact design, location, appearance, and timing of the project are subject to more study and input from interested parties.  HRSD currently has directed its consulting engineers to study the feasibility of several different options all intended to mitigate any negative project impact.  It is my understanding that they are trying to understand both the technical feasibility and the pros and cons of the various options from the standpoint of community impact.  Once they are convinced that they have some options that will work, they have committed to scheduling a community meeting to share their concept options and listen to ideas and concerns from neighbors.  The purpose of the initial meeting is to allow all interested parties to hear and see the same information and to brainstorm other ideas.  No decision will be sought at this initial meeting.  What happens after that will depend on how we react to their options and how HRSD reacts to any additional suggestions.  I have asked that once HRSD is ready to schedule a meeting, I be contacted so that I can share with all of you the time, date, and location.  I will also keep my colleagues on the Board of Supervisors informed so that we can anticipate a future course of action.


Homeowner Associations and residents not living in an HOA are encouraged to pass this notice along to their neighbors.  You can expect to receive more information about the meeting in the near future. 






Thomas G. Shepperd, Jr.

District 5 Representative

York County Board of Supervisors


(C) 757-903-1875

(H) 757-868-8591




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