Thursday, October 6, 2011

Calling all walkers!

Need a little exercise? Tom Harmon's campaign is walking the Phillips district in Hampton (Fox Hill area) this Saturday (Oct 8) from 12 Noon until 4pm (I will be out there til 7pm) and would love to have you along, even if you are only willing to do "lit drop" (putting Tom's info on peoples' doors). 

I love walking door to door and am happy to have anyone who wants to come along with me learn how powerful it is. If you are interested in learning how to campaign, or just want to help by getting the message out about Tom's campaign by placing doorhangers on doors, show up at noon at Phillips Elementary School, LeMaster Ave (off Fox Hill Road). If you want to go with me to the walk, let me know, I can probably pick you up but I warn you, I like to be out there and usually stay til dark! Yes, we will be providing lunch and water for our campaigners.

Cary Nunnally    (call me if you can't make it at noon but want to walk; I'll tell you where to meet me) 757 358 8472. 

If you want to walk in York County, Portsmouth or Newport News, let me know. We have planned walks there, too. 

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