Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hello Conservative Friends,


Most of you haven’t heard from me in a while because I’ve had a very busy year, as I’ll bet many of you have as well. Most of the time I do not get too involved in specific conservative issues and campaigns because my primary focus is on the conservative movement in Virginia as a whole.


But the state elections this November have become of particular importance to me. The Republicans control the House of Delegates, and need two seats to tie things up in the state senate … and three seats to win control.


Many of you are devoted Republicans. There many of you conservative patriots out there I know who consider yourselves “anything but Republicans.”


I get it.


I, Mike Prunty, do not endorse or support RINOS!!


But if we can put a couple of tested proven conservatives in there via the Republican ticket and take control of the entire General Assembly, there may be at least some real potential for improving the direction of things in general. Not perfection, mind you … but measurable improvement!


One of those candidates is Ben Loyola from here in Hampton Roads. Many Republican candidates have come looking for my support recently. I must admit, as they found out, I’m not an easy sell. I don’t care what comes out of their mouths or what promises they make. Talk is cheap! You had better have a glowing voting record or have invested some serious conservative “skin in the game,” or you won’t get my support. I could name several who didn’t. I have met Ben and gotten to know him well enough to tell you he is for real. I consider him a friend.


Ben is one of the good ones who can actually win this for us, folks. And he will fight to take things in the right direction. But he really needs the financial help. There is a badly needed fund raiser coming up for him on October 29th from 4 – 6 pm at Greg Garrett’s house in Yorktown. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will be attending in support. Greg tells me there will be lots of great seafood, and you know me …when I see food … I eat it!!!


The price has been set at $100/person. Co-hosts are being sought from $250 to $2500 and up per person. Checks will be payable to “Friends of Ben Loyola.” Greg’s address is 122 Sandbox Lane, Yorktown, Va., 23692. For more info you can email Greg at


Please friends, if you can possibly afford to go, then please go! Ben is just within reach of winning this! If you cannot afford it, try to find some other way to help … volunteer, or whatever!


Feel free to forward this email around to your friends.


That’s it. That’s me … no razzle … no dazzle. Just telling you like it is and ought to be. Check your calendars, and PLEASE BE THERE!


Mike Prunty


Yorktown , Virginia

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