Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Letter

            Once upon a time, really not so long ago, the President of the United States waited at a red light along with the citizens he was elected to govern. Today, Caesar's chariot with full armed escort proceeds along cordoned off avenues. There are no red lights. There are no citizens.

            Once upon a time, charity was a human characterization of the teachings of the Bible. Today we have "entitlements" based upon the political manipulations of the Ruling Oligarchy

            We are a nation founded on the truths and Commandments of the Bible.  Many have heard the phrase, "Charity begins at home" which is a responsibility scribed in Timothy to reflect love to others, particularly other members of the Church family. Charity is to the benefit of the giver not the receiver. When your friends come to your aid, do you not require honesty to yourself and to them of your plight? Are not the souls of the givers uplifted and yours beholden?

            Today, for political purpose, the Ruling Oligarchy attempts to replace charity with entitlements. A faceless bureaucrat gives, not of himself but of that taken from others, to a recipient who has no need to affirm to anyone, least of all to himself, his plight because the Federal benefit is not charity it is an entitlement. Entitlements give no benefit to the giver or obligation to the receiver. The Ruling Oligarchy is the only beneficiary.

            The Ruling Oligarchy has replaced the good and righteous conditions of charity with entitlements. The question is, are we as a society prepared to remove entitlements from the clutches of the Ruling Oligarchy and pay the price to bring charity home?

Bob Dewey





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