Monday, March 26, 2012

A Letter

                        On the 6th of March, Virginia had a presidential primary election. The Governor endorsed Mr. Romney, The Lt. Governor is his Virginia campaign manager and as a subsidiary of the establishment National Republican Party, it is difficult to believe that the Republican Party of Virginia did not look favorably upon Mr. Romney.

            I do not challenge the statement of the Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, that all of the candidates knew the rules and some just failed to achieve the minimum standard. The question therefore, is not if the resulting ballot and the subsequent allocation of state delegates were done in accordance with current law and RPV regulations, but rather, have these existing laws and regulations taken away from the citizens of the Commonwealth the capacity to select the candidates and have placed the real election process in the hands of the establishment political elite?

             We have our own "K Street" gang. There are almost one thousand lobbyists in Richmond representing an almost equal number of firms. If we have legislation, regulations and lobbyists in Richmond like in Washington, and election power in the hands of the establishment elements of both parties, do we in Virginia not then also have an elite intellectual, financial and political Oligarchy? 

            Oligarchies do not govern, they rule. Maybe it is no wonder that Virginia got an "F" in the nationwide corruption survey. Perchance our state representatives are mere pawns in the Ruling Oligarchy's game played for the amusement of the people.

Bob Dewey


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