Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thank You from Jackson For Virginia

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URGENT! Last Week to Collect Signatures!
Dear Robert,

First, please accept my thanks for all the hard work our volunteers have done so far. I could not be more proud and gratified by the team of people I have been blessed to have around me. But today I must also sound the alarm!

With one week left I cannot yet report that we have the 15,000 signatures we need. We are getting closer day by day, but we do not have a moment to spare.  I believe based on the response from voters across the Commonwealth that we will win this primary and go on to defeat Tim Kaine.

Only one thing stands in the way - getting the signatures we need. We need every signature we can get. Just think, if in one district, just one, we get 399 signatures rather than the 400 we need certified, the whole campaign ends. That one extra signature you get could make the difference. I urge you to keep collecting signatures, wherever you can get them. With only one week left, this has to be my total focus. I trust you will place it very high if not at the very top of your list of priorities for the next week. We have come so far and accomplished so much. We cannot allow all of our effort to be in vain. Click here to get all the information you need to help today.

Yesterday I was in Richmond with volunteers. Today I will be in Northern Virginia. Tomorrow in Hampton Roads and Saturday back in Northern Virginia. We are going to collect signatures right up until the moment we have to turn them in next Thursday. On that very day we will be picking up signatures at a Gun Shop in Richmond that is collecting for us. We face our greatest challenges in the Northern Virginia, particularly in the 8th District - Arlington & Alexandria. If you know people there who might help, please let me or Greg know.

 On Saturday, we will be in NOVA all day and we need volunteers. If you have the time to help us there or anywhere else, please call Greg at 757-373-4980. [].

If you live in NOVA, contact Audrey Dutton at 703-944-3071 [] our NOVA Coordinator. I am asking all my supporters to make this final week of signature collection the most productive of the entire collection period.

There are copies of the petition forms, supporting information on our campaign and instructions on our site. Click here for more information.

Victory is well within our reach, but we have to stretch out to grab it. In doing so we will change Virginia American politics and set a new standard for who gets elected and how. We can demonstrate that power truly lies in the hands of the people when we take our rightful place as the true sovereigns of our Constitutional Republic. With your help and the favor of Almighty God we will get this done, no matter what it takes. God bless you for your courage, commitment and fortitude. And may God continue to bless our beloved country, and allow us to bequeath to our posterity a legacy as wonderful as what the Founding fathers gave to us. This is why we fight and this is what we are fighting for.


E.W. Jackson 

P.S. Feel free to forward this email to this who are helping you collect signatures for us.ers like you make doing business a real pleasure. 
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