Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Letter

The issue of gay marriage has again been brought to the political fore. It has been suggested that this is but a niche issue. May I offer a different opinion.

Argument can be made that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was attributable to a homosexual life style. But, this life style is a free will choice between two consenting adults. That is not the issue at hand. While the Biblical tradition of marriage is the topic, it too is not the issue.


We have devalued the Biblical meaning of love. The Bible speaks of love as the acceptance of an obligation to lay down one's life for someone else as Christ did. This is the demand placed upon husbands, not upon wives. Wives are to "reverence" and honor their husbands. They owe no duty of love to them. Children are tasked only to honor their parents, not love them. Husbands alone assume this obligation of love to the family. It is within this framework, that the loving arms of a mother surround her children. It is in this unique set of relationships that marriage occurs regardless of the dictates of the state. Marriage is not of Caesar but of God's purpose of procreation. Affection is not relevant.


The reason that the Biblical tradition of marriage must not be trivialized by the addition of unions not recognized in the teachings of the Bible is that we further degrade our relationship with our Father. If we do not wish to recognize the singular concept of marriage as a Biblical institution, how do we assert claim to the bedrock of the nation, our unalienable rights?


If we do not hold precious the heritage of the nation, we must be prepared to accept the autocratic rule of man.


Bob Dewey


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