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May 30:  Arlington- A recent set of press releases from Tim Kaine, challenging George Allen to take a position on the so called Paycheck Fairness Act illustrates perfectly why E.W. Jackson should be the next U.S. Senate from Virginia. Tim Kaine is once again using the divisive politics of Barack Obama to create a phony gender war. He is willing to attack small business owners in Virginia in order to further his political agenda. Only one candidate is standing up boldly and advocating persuasively for Conservative principles - E.W. Jackson. George Allen has thus far declined to express an opinion on the matter in spite of being asked by three major media outlets.

E.W. Jackson is eager to express an opinion on the Paycheck Fairness Act. "I would not support the Paycheck Fairness Act under any circumstances. It is bad legislation based on a false premise specifically designed to further a divisive political agenda. Tim Kaine should be ashamed to be associated with a piece of legislation that will ultimately hurt women, hurt small business and only benefit politicians and trial lawyers."


The Democrats defend the need for this bill based on the statistic that women earn, on average, 77% of what men earn. Democrats wrongly attribute this statistic to discrimination, as always playing the victim card and setting up a "women versus business" scenario that benefits only the Democrat Party in portraying themselves as the rescuers of damsels in distress. This is subtle sexism that refuses to acknowledge women as strong individuals, capable of negotiating and making the choices that best further their dreams. The Paycheck Fairness Act will add nothing to the dignity and equality of women. In fact, it may make some businesses leery of hiring women for fear of the litigation that may eventually result. Statistically, women are much more likely to consider the intangibles when choosing a career or job than men. Women are more likely to value flexibility and time to balance work and family life. Industry studies bear this out and show no substantial differences in pay between men and women in the same fields.


It is already illegal to discriminate in hiring and promotional decisions based on gender. The proposed legislation will add an impossible burden on employers to prove that disparity in pay is based on experience, background, education or ability and not gender discrimination. Suing employers will be easier, which will only hurt businesses, jobs and the very women the legislation purports to help."


It isn't just E.W. Jackson who opposes the Paycheck Fairness Act. Suzy Kelley, CEO of Jo-Kell and Chesapeake entrepreneur has been awarded the YWCA's Women of Distinction; Inside Business's Women of Achievement Award and named one of the top 75 most "powerful" people in Hampton Roads by Inside Business. When asked about the Paycheck Fairness Act, Mrs. Kelley issued the following statement: "As a woman who owns a small business that employs over 60 people in three locations, I prefer that the free market and free choice determine wages, not government regulation.   Gender does not determine our compensation to our employees. Rather, performance, work ethic, and attitude are the attributes that primarily influence pay and promotion."



Jackson said, "As usual, liberals like Tim Kaine see women as a victim group to be manipulated and used. We see women as competent, strong and capable. Conservatives can be proud of our support of the free market and smaller government and a strong economy. This is what allows women to thrive and grow. Therefore, I do not hesitate to speak boldly to what is truly in women's interests because the same will be in the interest of all Americans. I will continue to do so throughout the fall campaign and if elected I will do so as a U.S. Senator.


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About EW Jackson:


EW Jackson served in the United States Marine Corps, graduated from Harvard Law School and studied at Harvard Divinity School.

He practiced law for 15 years in Boston, and later devoted his full time to ministry. His first book, "Ten Commandments to an Extraordinary Life" was published in 2008. His second book, "America the Beautiful - Reflections of a Patriot Descended from Slaves" is scheduled for release on July 4th of this year.

He founded the Exodus Faith Ministries, a non-denominational church in Chesapeake VA. and is the founder of S.T.A.N.D. - Staying True to America's National Destiny, a national grassroots organization dedicated to restoring America's Judeo-Christian heritage and values. EW has been active in numerous businesses, political and spiritual endeavours throughout his life. His articles have been published nationally and internationally. EW has been seen and heard on FOX News' The O'Reilly Factor, Your World With Neil Cavuto and Megyn Kelly's America Live, ABC's Good Morning America, ABC's Politically Incorrect, Hardball with Chris Matthews, C-Span's Washington Journal, ABC Radio Network, National Public Radio and many other media outlets. His work has been reported by the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, Mother Jones Magazine, World Magazine and other publications.

In recognition of his national ministry leadership, he was consecrated a Bishop in 1998. He and his wife have been married for forty years, have 3 children and have resided in Chesapeake for 13 years. Find out more about EW Jackson's campaign to Fix Washington Now by going to




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