Tuesday, May 8, 2012

York County seeks citizen input on sidewalks


May 8, 2012
     York County is seeking citizen input on sidewalks.
     The York County Transportation Safety Commission developed a County Sidewalk Plan that was adopted in 1995 and has not been updated since. As part of this year's Comprehensive Plan review, the Commission will be reexamining the sidewalk needs and priorities identified in 1995 to see if they are still valid or if changes are needed.
     Any recommended changes will be forwarded to the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors for possible inclusion in the updated Comprehensive Plan.
     The sidewalk plan has been used as a guide in allocating federal, state, and local sidewalk funds, as they have become available, to provide a safer environment for pedestrians. It is generally not intended to address sidewalk needs in subdivisions that don't have sidewalks.
     Rather, the Sidewalk Plan focuses on collector and higher order streets in areas where population centers are located within a reasonable walking distance of activity centers – schools, retail and office centers, libraries, parks, etc. For example, in recent years the county has added sidewalks along Merrimac Trail, Second Street, Victory Boulevard, Richmond Road, Hampton Highway, and Commons Way. In addition, sidewalk projects have been completed along sections of Hubbard Lane, Yorktown Road, and Coachman Drive to make it safer for children to walk to school.
     York County residents are asked to contact the Planning Division with their ideas and suggestions as to where they believe sidewalks are needed. Please send an email to planning@yorkcounty.gov, or call the Planning Division at 890-3404. To view the current Sidewalk Plan on the web, please go to www.yorkcounty.gov/planning and click on Transportation Safety Commission.

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