Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Letter

            The United States of America was founded on one basic Christian principle. God is our Father and we are charged to behave as His children. This basic Christian principle was scribed in our founding documents by asserting claim to certain unalienable rights, an obligation to our Creator and a concept of governance by the people. This is the "Good".

To be a warrior for "Good" you must know who or what your enemy is, the "Evil". If we hold that "Good" is self-governance in accordance with God's Will, would not tyranny by man be the "Evil"? It is important however, that one must not become an "Evil" warrior in the cause of "Good" by succumbing to an "end justifies the means" behavior. In the heat of battle this can be very difficult.

            We have been a hundred years coming to this point in our country's history. Neither the Democrat nor the Republican establishments are the villains. They are merely the opportunists. "We the people" must look into the mirror to see the cause of our present chaos. We have failed in our responsibility to be a nation governed "by the people". We assert that we are "Independent" and seek the pleasure of the candidates for our vote. That is not how this nation's governance was created. There is no "Independent" position in our political system, or at least was not until 1913 and the destruction of the purpose of the Senate. 

            We are today engaged in a political struggle. We are in a war between those who believe God is their Father and King and those who aspire to rule as men.

            That is what this election is all about.

Bob Dewey



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