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Welcome to the Tea Party Wire. This newsletter provides information where government infringes on "Individual Rights" rather than "Human Rights".



July 17th - PTP Working Meeting   


Tuesday, July 17th @ 6:30pm


Hampton Public Library

4207 Victoria Blvd

Hampton, VA 23669


Congressman tells Conservative Activists that fighting for the Constitution is a losing battle
Congressman tells Conservative Activists that fighting for the Constitution is a losing battle


Do you believe what the Congressman is saying? His points are very well made, just taken out of context. Representative Gosar is correct in the fact that there are a lot of people who do not believe in the Constitution...but he is not one.


The Peninsula Tea Party (PTP) has scheduled a working meeting Tuesday, July 17th @ 6:30pm at the Hampton Public Library.


Ever notice that when there is legislation that gives Americans more liberties, it always seems to get defeated by...just a few dissenting votes? Even our local government infringes on our property rights and teams up with local universities, businesses and NGOs in controlling our lives. We no longer have a representative government.   


With the Supreme Court deeming Obamacare Constitutional, the ruling on the Arizona immigration bill, EPA or light bulbs, its time to establish a system of accountability and develop an organization that holds our local, state and national elected officials accountable. At this working meeting, concepts and theories will be discussed and feedback welcome. We must come together in fighting against this out-of-control government...so let it be.


Space is limited so please RSVP if you are interested.


E-Z Pass Developing Structure to Manipulate traffic patterns and Collect Monthly Fees


When will the E-Z Pass fee finally get through? VDOT has again tried to impose a $1 monthly fee on the E-Z Pass transponders.



In addition, officials across Hampton Roads wants to install tolls on our roads and bridges. If you go through a toll without an E-Z Pass, it will take your picture and send you the bill with added administrative fees added, eliminating the need for toll booth workers.




According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, "Virginia's E-ZPass customer sevice agreement says the agency's E-ZPass customer service center can change the terms of the agreement at any time by roviding written notice to users."





VDOT to implement tolls to manipulate traffic

VDOT: Tolling in Virginia, Part 2
VDOT: Tolling in Virginia, Part 2


In Virginia Beach and Norfolk, we're already seeing a push to implement tolls on bridges and tunnels. As the video states, "it's to manipulate traffic patterns." Nothing wrong with that if there wasn't the implementation of high speed and light rail, then it will be easy to make people use public transportation.






Obama: If You've Got A Business, You Didn't Build That
Obama: If You've Got A Business, You Didn't Build That
This section demonstrates how helfpful government is in helping small businesses.



Max Baucus Introduced Amendment to ban

"roll your own cigarette operations"


Roll-Your-Own Shops Fear Law Could Shut Them Down
Roll-Your-Own Shops Fear Law Could Shut Them Down


Max Baucus introduced an amendment into the Transportation Bill that shuts down Roll-Your-Own shops.




Fauquier Cites Farmer for Farming


Fauquier is now requiring farmers acquire a "Administrative Special Permit" to sell their produce. If a farmer does not acquie this permit, he could be fined as much as $5,000 for that tomato.





Flashback: Busted for selling? Raw Milk


VIDEO: Raw Milk Raid 10 p.m. Report 6-3-10
VIDEO: Raw Milk Raid 10 p.m. Report 6-3-10

Where does it stop? Why is it illegal to sell RAW milk? This news cast shows that we must acquire permission to conduct all commerce.



July 16, 2012

Congratulations!  Because of grassroots activists like you, reports are now indicating that chances are low that liberals in the Senate will have enough votes to pass the Law of the Sea treaty (LOST). This article lists 30 Senators who signed onto Senator Jim DeMint's letter declaring they will oppose the Treaty, and since the article was published Senator Mike Johanns of Nebraska and Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia announced their opposition, and just today Senators Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Rob Portman of Ohio issued a press release announcing their opposition.


But opponents of U.S. sovereignty are not resting, and we can't either!


Once liberals in the Senate realized LOST was probably dead, they dusted off another Treaty that President Obama signed and sent to the Senate for ratification, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).  We issued this alert on CRPD last week when the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations held a hearing on the Treaty.


Senate liberals are determined to expand UN power through whatever vehicle they can, and they have to act now before liberal Republican Richard Lugar, who consistently votes for UN Treaties, leaves the Senate, and presumably, Republican numbers increase next year.  Shamefully, these liberals are continuing their pattern of exploiting the most vulnerable members of our society to justify their power grabs, this time using persons with disabilities, just as they tried and failed using women through the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). 


Last week Senator John Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a big fan of the United Nations, announced that he will hold a Committee vote on CRPD this Thursday, July 19, 2012, and declared that the Senate will pass the Treaty by July 26th.  This is an unprecedented attempt to jam a binding international treaty through the Senate without proper time for debate or consideration. We must not let it happen!


Take Action!


We need you to call both of your Senators and tell them to vote NO on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities or any other Treaty that comes to the Senate floor this year.


Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121


If you live in a state represented by one of the members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee listed below, please especially urge him or her to vote NO in Thursday's Committee vote.




July 25th - Obamacare 

Wednesday, July 25th @ 6:30pm

Click on video to play   


Angelo's Steak and Pancake House

755 J. Clyde Morris Blvd

Newport News, VA 23601

Obama Care 
Dr. Carrie Triepel - Obama Care



As the Supreme Court deemed Obamacare Constitutional, it gives bureaucrats complete control of our healthcare and essentially every aspect of our life.


Dr Carrie Triepel practices hand and orthepedic surgery in Virginia Beach. On Wednesday, July 25th, she will discuss Obamacare, how it affects the healthcare practice and its implications on the healthcare system overall. This meeting will start at 6:30pm with a few business measures then Dr. Triepel.


We request that you purchase dinner to assist with room fees. 

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Peninsula Tea Party | PO Box 14332 | Newport News | VA | 23608

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