Monday, September 24, 2012

A Letter

            Current events in the Middle-East have again raised the questions of who is attacking us and why. Our government, with administrations of both political parties, asserts that we are fighting a war on terror. The problem is that terror is a technique of combat not an object of war. To say we are fighting a radical Islamic group means that we do not know who is attacking us.

            Allow me to frame one assessment of why "an Islamic radical group" is fighting us. There are three reasons. One is technological, one is political/religious, and the third is societal.

            Today, technology has made all peoples close neighbors. Differences in social behavior and political/religious preferences which but a few years ago would never cross a national border now stream into homes across the world.

            The United States has always been an advocate for a democratic republic basis of government and has been very vocal that all nations should follow our lead. This is contrary to the concept of Theocracy and Sharia Law held by those of the Islamic faith.

            But, I would suggest that the most serious threat that the people of the United States present to the Islamic social order is the role of women in our society. This is an overt threat to the role of Islamic men.

            Is the reason we are not told why we are being attacked because we are and have been attacking the political/religious concepts of Islamic states and their societally imposed relationship between men and women? Would we not also object if a foreign government overtly critiqued our political/religious and societal mores? Or, is this a Charles Martel moment?

Bob Dewey


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