Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Letter

            Arguments have been presented reflecting a view of issues different than that expressed at the Republican Convention. One would assume that it would be valuable to have opposing views of political issues presented. So, now that we have heard both sides of the arguments do we really better understand the issues or their significance? I suggest that the answer is no. This is the intended result sought by both political parties. Crowd the airways with irrelevant prattle and hide the structural changes that have been made in the governance of the nation that leave the political parties in power and "We the people" captive.

Of the millions of voters in the nation, only hundreds decide who will be on the ballot. Those who make the decisions for you assert that they do all of the work and are due the right to make the decisions. Their assertions have merit. Nationwide citizens keep themselves in a tizzy over free contraception.

            In the 2008 Presidential election, of the 230,872,030 eligible voters, only 132,653,958 voted. Only 57% of "We the people" cared to be responsible citizens. Of the citizens that voted, Obama won the election by winning 67.8% of the Electoral College but only 57% of electorate votes cast. As Mr. Clinton says; "It's arithmetic". The nation elected a president securing only 35% of the electorate's vote. 65% of the nation did not vote for him.

            "We the people" have failed Mr. Franklin's challenge to keep the Republic. The question now is simple. Are we to continue to be ruled by a special interest Oligarchy or be governed by "We the people"?


Bob Dewey


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