Sunday, September 16, 2012

PLP meets Tuesday, October 2nd

Peninsula Libertarian Party:


Our next meeting is scheduled for 02 October 2012 @ 6:30PM

Vancostas Restaurant 14745 Warwick Boulevard, Newport News, VA 23608 (map)


The Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate Judge Jim Grey will be in Virginia to raise money this Monday, September 17, 2012 @ 8:00 PM Residence of Chad Thevenot; 2105 Haycock Road; Falls Church, VA 22043. If thinking of attending

The Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson will be on at least 45 State ballots, the Republican Party is making an unprecedented attempt to remove us from the ballot in states they feel are ‘Swing States’ like Pennsylvania and Virginia. At this time we believe Gary Johnson will still be on the ballot, although at a great monetary expense to the Libertarian Party of Virginia.


While the local Peninsula affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Virginia has no dues, feel free to join the following:

National LP:

Virginia LP:

Presidential Candidate:


While most of our meetings take place the first Tuesday of each month, at this time we are looking at having November and January be the second Tuesday. We may seek another alternative if the group desires.

Over the last 2 weekends we had booths at both the Hampton Bay Day and Denbigh Days. I feel they were successful and had a warm response from many. The message of more options is getting out, and I hope this only continues. I offer my thanks for the help I received at these events to Sanford, Ken, and Mercedes.

Next year Virginia will be electing Delegate to The House of Delegates, and in May 2014 local seats in Newport News and Hampton. Last year 70 of the 100 members in the House of Delegates had nobody run against them in the election, it is my desire that in the future all of our elected official are challenged and held accountable; requiring them to answer to their constituents why they voted the way they did. Stay involved.


Have a blessed day,

Glenn McGuire




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