Friday, April 19, 2013

Emails Plus

Fellow VPCCC Delegates: I'm putting this email out with addresses shown, per Jay Laros's request – Please let me know if you receive this email and don't wish to be included in our distribution. I've also added a copy of our latest roster FYI.
   Then: I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Fields, General Manage of Wynne Ford-Volvo, for his outstanding presentation last night – I'm not really a new car guy – But now I know exactly where to go if/when I become interested – Also, I now know where to go if I want to have automotive repair work done right!!—Thanks Pat!!!!!!!
   And thirdly – I'd like to thank everyone for our best-ever first night last Saturday, for our Classic Cruiser's cruise-in at Heritage Square – We took in $200 in donations and had 103 cars providing $206 for cars, leaving us $406 for our charity Mikey's Camp.This was also the first time we've been open to newer vehicles and that went very well too.  As I indicated last night – When you donate at our cruise-in, all the money goes to our charities because we absorb all operating costs with our operating funds. We do ask that you continue this outstanding support as we continue to improve operations at our new location – And we do have one recommendation – Which is that you enter from Lakeside Drive versus Rte. 17 to facilitate your entry as a participant.

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