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Del. Mike Watson - Campaign 2013 - Final Week Update







Campaign 2013

October 30, 2013



Next Wednesday, you'll wake up to know who your Delegate is for the next two years.


Most recipients of my on-line newsletters and session mail know I’ve worked tirelessly to represent our district and kept the promises I made two years ago. 


You’ve seen the mailers and more are coming, so I won’t take your time here to reiterate these accomplishments.  Just know this.  If you approve of my effort to improve Virginia’s business climate, increase student training opportunities, address transportation, and expand opportunities for all our citizens, then you’ll be pleased with the initiatives I’m pushing for 2014. 


I am proud of all that I, with help from my colleagues, have been able to accomplish in two short years.  As I speak with neighbors, most tell me I’ve represented them well, even some that always vote the party line.  I think one of our citizens summed it up pretty well.  She told me, “You’re doing a really good job.  I always vote for the Democrat, but if you win, I hope you keep doing the same thing.”  I smiled, thanked her, and promised her, indeed, I would.


People ask all the time, what can I do to help?  If you’ve wondered that yourself, there is something very important that you can do.  Aside from voting for me on Tuesday, the greatest impact you can have on this election is to call your friends and neighbors to ask them to vote for me.  Just pick 5 people that you know in the 93rd District.  Jot down their names and give them a call.  After asking them to vote for me, ask them to call 5 of their friends to do the same. 


Unfortunately, too many voters focus on the party rather than the person.  In the 93rd District, that makes it much more challenging for a candidate with an 'R' behind their name.  But, if you'll let them know that the issues I try to solve transcend party lines, perhaps you’ll convince them to vote for the only candidate in this race that has always stood up for equal opportunity for all Virginia citizens.


In this update, I’ve included information about Election Day, a list of some of my endorsements, and a few facts that you can use as you talk about this election. But the best argument you can use is this, "Mike did exactly what he said he would when he ran for office."  That’s a characteristic that’s all too rare in politics these days.


When you wake up one week from today, will you ask yourself, could I have done more? 


Thank you for your time and for your support.



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Absentee Ballots                

Unable to make it to the polls on Tuesday?  You still have some options but you must act quickly.  If you have already requested an absentee ballot to be mailed to your home, the completed ballot must be returned to the registrar no later than 7:00 pm on Election Day.  If you have not already requested an absentee ballot, you can still complete an application in person up to three days before the election in the office of the local registrar.  After completing the application, you will be allowed to vote absentee in-person using a voting machine in the registrar's office.  Be sure to bring your valid ID.


Election Day Request        

I am asking for your help, just 2 – 3 hours on Tuesday to work outside the polls on Election Day.  You may be surprised to know that many voters will come to vote for the next Governor and not even know who their Delegate is. If you're there with literature handy, you can help .  Many voters are grateful to have a sample ballot and literature to reference. Please consider giving just a couple hours; call Tyler at 645-5298 or email:


Signs & Bumper Magnets        

It’s not too late to get your yard sign or bumper magnet, in fact it’s the perfect time to show your support.  Please call the office or email: and we’ll deliver them to you.



You often see organizations “Endorse” or “Rate” a candidate based on criteria affecting their industry or cause, usually based on voting history, questionnaires, or interviews.  Some endorsements mean more than others, but the key is to look for trends as this will offer an idea of what the candidate is really working to achieve. 


Newspaper endorsements are based on which candidate they believe will have the greatest positive impact on their community.  I am proud to have earned the endorsement of the two print publications that cover the 93rd District, The Daily Press and The Virginia Gazette.


I have also received many endorsements from the business community.  In fact, whenever my opponent and I have been considered for business related endorsements, I've received it every time, without exception.  Some of these include:

National Federation of Independent Business - Virginia Association of Realtors - Virginia Farm Bureau - Associated Builders and Contractors of Virginia - Virginia Peninsula Assoc. of Realtors - Virginia Credit Union League - Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce BizPAC - Williamsburg Area Association of Realtors - Northern VA Technology Council TechPAC - Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance


In addition, I have received top ratings and/or endorsements from:

100% rating – Virginia FREE – 2 consecutive years, 100% rating – VA Chamber of Commerce – 2 consecutive years'A’ Rating from the National Rifle Association, ‘A’ Rating – Wildlife Foundation of Virginia


Attack Ads            

No doubt you've seen my opponent's ads accusing me of some pretty hideous votes from banning birth control, abortion, and in vitro fertilization to defunding cancer screenings. The only word to describe these attacks is ‘lies’.  I've never voted for any such bill and in some cases, did the opposite of what he claims.  Without anything positive to run on, he’s based his entire campaign on a lie.  We planned to stay positive and had done so until this, but have no choice but to respond with proof.  Visit to see just how far he'll go for personal gain while trying to destroy my reputation, then share it with your friends. Isn’t this what what voters are sick of?  This kind of campaign is what keeps good people from seeking public office and I urge you to reject it.


2014/2015 Legislative Plans               

Over the last few months, we’ve sent lots of mail to voters that talked about my first two years in office, but voters also need to know what to expect in my next term.  There are a wide range of issues that I plan to work on, too many to list here.  But to offer a glimpse of what to expect, here are a few examples:


· Industrial Certifications as SOL alternative for career bound students

· Incentives to reward and attract the best teachers

· Statewide strategy to coordinate Advanced Manufacturing education

· Help a local employer compete for major investment & 200 new jobs

· Address aesthetics issue on Rt. 60 between CW & Busch Gardens

· Continue focus on I-64 expansion and options west of Williamsburg


In addition, I will continue the success of the Business Development Caucus; to help employers succeed and grow in the Commonwealth.  


Help us to the finish line - Contribute Today         

We’ve got less than a week to go and still lots of work to do.  Please help us get over the finish line by contributing $20, $50, or $100. I won in 2011 by just over 500 votes.  A contribution of $50.00 helps us get information in front of 100 voters.  Please consider contributing now at:


 Save the Date

Friends, we're preparing for our 2nd Annual – Christmas Town Celebration with Friends of Mike Watson’ on December 15th.   Mark your calendar now and remember that we sold out of our 200 tickets before our 2012 event. Be on the lookout for details and tickets soon. 


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