Tuesday, October 29, 2013

local groups

Hello everyone
Are these 2 groups still active? Does anyone in the Hampton Roads Patriots and Peninsula TEA Party get involved in local politics anymore? I only see emails but no calls for action. I've invited members to help with sign waves, door knocking, phone calling, etc but no one ever responds, so I'm under the impression these groups are only active via the exchange of emails and such.
If anyone does want to do something besides email and post, let me know.
If ever there was a time for people to group together and grow their numbers, it is now.
Everyone is scattered, and when the boom comes down, we'll be out of touch.
It's coming. The gun grab is next. Obama has been testing the degree of resistance he might encounter for his gun grab by first pushing us via the TSA, NSA, the shutdown and treatment of Vets. We didn't riot or even push back to any significant degree. He thinks we are all bark and no bite and is pretty much resigned to believe we will act thusly when DHS comes knocking, that we will just willingly hand over our guns.
He is scrubbing our military clean of Constitutionally grounded generals and top commanders and militarizing our police forces. We all know this.
The fact that there are no groups meeting on this side of the water anymore is very troubling. I see other groups on twitter across the country who are cohesive and continue to grow. I would hope that those of us still getting emails would be involved in this election. I know some of you are and are working hard for Cuccinelli, Jackson, and Obenshain as well as for our General Assembly candidates.
I want to do a sign wave sometime this weekend but unless we have at least a dozen of us, it won't look very good. Reply back if you are interested. Someone needs to show this area we all aren't apathetic and detached from the real world, that some of us here DO care who gets into office.
God bless~

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