Wednesday, October 23, 2013

VA-ALERT: VCDL Update 10/23/13

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1. Volunteers needed at the Fredericksburg gun show on Oct. 26, 27!
2. Sportsman Warehouse in Roanoke to have Ladies night and VCDL booth on Oct. 25
3. Reminder: VCDL membership meeting in Charlottesville on Tuesday, Oct. 29
4. Reminder: Open Carry Day in New Castle on Nov. 16th - let's make it a success!
5. Reminder: VCDL President to speak at Virginia Tea Party Statewide Annual Conference in Richmond
6. Group upset by Lynchburg's conceal carry permit fee
7. CCW renewal, the agony of Arlington
8. School board candidate who values liberty
9. Who needs a gun at ODU?
10. Thoughts on college students having guns
11. Letter: It's just too easy for criminals to buy guns
12. Who needs a gun in a hotel?
13. Should the blind be able to obtain a concealed weapons permit?
14. Cold Fusion - Gubernatorial debate edition
15. McAuliffe 'hasn't changed his mind' on assault weapons ban
16. Where is the outrage?
17. McDonald's, Dunkin' Donuts to gun owners: Hey, we respect gun laws
18. Denny's
19. The new boogieman: military grade weapons
20. Know thy enemy: AR-15
21. Spinning your rights away: Part 2
22. MD gun laws would not have stopped Navy Yard shooter
23. America misses the mark when it comes to guns
24. Editorial: Chicago Police Superintendent McCarthy must be stupid
25. Gov mulls sending military into bloodsoaked 'gun-control' capital Chicago
26. Congressman to introduce bill allowing military personnel to carry on bases
27. One armed good guy at a recent mall massacre saves 100 lives!

1. Volunteers needed at the Fredericksburg gun show on Oct. 26, 27!

Volunteers are needed at the Fredericksburg gun show on October 26 and 27:

The standard shifts are:
Saturday: 9AM to 1PM, 1 to 5PM

Sunday: 10AM to 1PM, 1 to 4PM

Shift times are flexible. To volunteer, contact Robert Herron, VCDL Fredericksburg Gun Show Coordinator,

2. Sportsman Warehouse in Roanoke to have Ladies night and VCDL booth on Oct. 25

Sportsman Warehouse will have a 'LADIES NIGHT" special event on Friday, October 25, from 5-9 PM. ALL are invited--so ladies take your other half along!
VCDL members who have a current membership card can get a 5% discount on items purchased during the event! (VCDL will have a table inside.)

Sportsman Warehouse
3550 Ferncliff Ave NW

3. Reminder: VCDL membership meeting in Charlottesville on Tuesday, Oct. 29

Once again, the Rivanna Rifle and Pistol Club (RRPC) is hosting a VCDL membership meeting. You need not be a member of VCDL or RRPC to attend these meetings. In fact, we encourage you to bring your family and friends. Many don't understand what VCDL is all about and this is the perfect way to introduce them to our organization. It is also a great opportunity to visit RRPC, get a feel for the atmosphere and check out the facilities.

We will begin with a pot luck dinner at 6:30 p.m. followed by the meeting which begins around 7:00. The entree and beverages are supplied and we request that you bring a dish to share. We will be serving turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes. If you are unable to bring a dish, please don't let that stop you from joining us. There is always plenty!

If you are attending the dinner please RSVP to In the subject line put the number of people attending the dinner (i.e. 10/29 VCDL meeting 2 for dinner). If you are attending the meeting only there is no need to reply. Our continued thanks to RRPC for their hospitality.


Rivanna Rifle and Pistol Club
1570 Old Lynchburg Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903

From Interstate 64, take exit 120 SOUTH
Travel 4 miles to range on right

4. Reminder: Open Carry Day in New Castle on Nov. 16th - let's make it a success!

Oh, this is going to be COOL!

They are planning quite an event in New Castle - Open Carry Day!

It is being held on Main Street, Saturday, November 16th, from 10 AM to 3 PM. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

There will be carriage rides, street vendors, etc! I've been honored to be a guest speaker at the event, but don't let that deter you from coming ;-)

If you are free that Saturday, this sounds like the place to be! Imagine, a whole town celebrating our right to keep and bear arms.

**A big turnout to this celebration by gun owners would certainly send a strong message to other towns and cities in Virginia.**

More information can be found on the event's Facebook page:

5. Reminder: VCDL President to speak at Virginia Tea Party Statewide Annual Conference in Richmond

**I now have the time I will be speaking: 9 AM on Sunday, November 17th.**

The Virginia Tea Party is having an Action Conference on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, November 15, 16, and 17th at:

DoubleTree by Hilton
1021 Koger Center Boulevard
Richmond VA 23235

I am speaking at the Preparedness; The 5 G's; God, Guns, Grub, Gold, Gab Workshop on Sunday morning at 9 AM.

For more information on this information-packed conference, click here:

and here:

6. Group upset by Lynchburg's conceal carry permit fee

Member Josh Wilberger emailed me this:



Group Upset by Lynchburg's Conceal Carry Permit Fee
September 27, 2013

A gun rights group claims Lynchburg's policy for obtaining a concealed gun permit is excessive and overly expensive.

The city pays police detectives overtime to vet permit applications. It charges those seeking a permit $50 - the maximum allowed under state law.

Virginia Citizens Defense League says that detectives aren't needed to do the background checks required for the permits.

Police Chief Parks Snead points out that there are 20 grounds for denying a permit, and that each must be investigated. He says it needs to be done by experienced law enforcement professionals.

Snead says the work is done on overtime to allow the detectives to focus on their primary duties during normal working hours.

7. CCW renewal, the agony of Arlington

Member Bill Albritton has advised me that Arlington is now regularly exceeding the 45-day maximum time to issue CHPs. They are issuing temporaries in the meantime, but the final permit issuance could take 90 days. Bill suggests filing 6 months early to make sure you have your new permit in time. I say that Arlington is playing games. We are not having an issue in other localities requiring such delays.

8. School board candidate who values liberty

Member Thomas Petry emailed me this:


I am not sure how relevant this is to VCDL, but I thought I would share this with you. I just got off the phone with Ms. Erin Grampp candidate for Spotsylvania school board for the Berkeley district. I must say I was very impressed with Ms. Grampp's response in regards to the recent incidents of students being expelled for violating various "Zero-Tolerance" gun-policies. Her position is that intent would be considered the major factor dealing with these incidents and assured me that she would have voted in favor of the students in both the "pop-tart" and "finger gun pointing" incidents. As well, with the most recent incident in Virginia Beach, she expressed that to her knowledge of that incident she does not believe the school board has any jurisdiction on private property and again would have voted in favor of the student. [PVC: The last incident is where a student was playing with an Air Soft gun in front of his house and the school suspended him.]

Interestingly, she brought up, an incident in PA where a high school had mistakenly left a pocket-knife on him from work earlier that day to a football game. He approached a security guard to turn in the knife, so as not to get in trouble. However, he was expelled from school. I thought it was interesting that she brought up this incident and clearly she has thought this through. I believe we have a strong supporter of Liberty in Ms. Grampp, and she will be receiving my vote.

9. Who needs a gun at ODU?

Member John Young emailed me this:


Norfolk Police are investigating a robbery that is reported to have occurred at approximately 8:30 p.m. at Elkhorn Avenue and West 40th Street near Taco Bell.

The victim reported she was walking alone when she was approached by two males. One suspect indicated he had a firearm and demanded personal property from the victim. Both suspects fled on foot, running west away from Hampton Boulevard.

The suspects are described as # 1 White male, last seen wearing a hoodie, an ODU shirt with blue jeans. He also was wearing a white winter 1/2 face mask. # 2 Hispanic male, last seen wearing blue jeans, a hoodie and white sneakers.

Members of the community are reminded to follow these safety precautions:
Walk in pairs whenever practical.
When walking, follow well-lit pathways.
Avoid carrying and displaying valuables or large sums of cash.
Utilize the SafeRide van service or the University escort services by calling 757.683.3477.

10. Thoughts on college students having guns

Member Mike Wolford emailed me this comment in response to Alert Update 9/27/13


In response to item 15, "So they're banning gun safety classes in the name of gun safety?," it amazes me that people are so worried about college students having guns, yet they don't think anything about the same college students having the right to vote.

11. Letter: It's just too easy for criminals to buy guns

The event in this LTE sounds fabricated to me. If it isn't, the dealer would be in violation of the law.


LETTER: It's just too easy for criminals to buy guns
by Steve Rabson
September 25, 2013

I moved to Virginia shortly before the December 2012 massacre in a Newtown, Conn., elementary school that killed 20 children and six adults.

A few days later, I went to a gun show for the first time, at the Fredericksburg Expo Center. I visited one of the many stands selling the AR–15 assault rifle and 30-round ammunition clip that was like the one used in the massacre.

I asked the salesman if I could purchase them, though I was not yet a Virginia resident. He told me he could not legally sell them to me at his stand, but could arrange for me to go out in the parking lot for a "private sale."

After the massacres in Newtown and the Washington Navy Yard, and recent murders of children in Chicago, the gun lobby and its supporters have claimed that their occurrence in jurisdictions with comparatively strict regulation of firearms proves that gun laws don't work. But the weapons used in these killings were purchased elsewhere, in Virginia and Mississippi.

Consistent, nationwide regulations on the purchase of firearms would not eliminate gun crimes, but would obviously reduce them by making it harder for criminals to buy guns.

12. Who needs a gun in a hotel?


Police: 62-year-old hotel clerk robbed at gunpoint early Friday
September 27, 2013

WASHINGTON -- An employee at a Best Western hotel in Fairfax was robbed and assaulted at gunpoint early Friday morning, police say.

The 62-year-old clerk was working at the hotel on the 6600 block of Arlington Boulevard shortly before 1 a.m. when police say two men armed with a rifle grabbed him, assaulted him and took money from the register before fleeing, according to the Fairfax County Police Department.

Both suspects are described as black, late-20s to mid-30s, around 5-feet-9 and weighing around 180 pounds. They wore black clothing, gloves and masks.

Anyone with information is asked to call 703-691-2131.

13. Should the blind be able to obtain a concealed weapons permit?

Simple answer: yes.

I am quoted and appear in the video.

From [VIDEO]

Should the Blind be Able to Obtain a Concealed Weapons Permit?
September 25, 2013

RICHMOND - You might think it's hard to shoot a gun if you're blind, but nonetheless it is legal in the commonwealth.

And just like almost every gun rights issue, it has both sides at odds.

Gena Reeder is a Richmond Chapter Lead for Moms Demand Action.

When it comes to a visually impaired person she says having a gun is one thing, but having a concealed carry permit is something totally different.

"If you are physically not competent to fire that weapon then you're posing a threat to public safety," she says. "It's one thing to have a firearm for your personal safety at home but when you get your concealed carry permit you are presumed to be carrying a loaded weapon out in public."

She says when the General Assembly meets early next year, her group plans to lobby for tougher gun laws.

Philip Van Cleave of the Virginia Citizens Defense League says he'll be there too - but fighting for a different agenda when it comes to gun rights.

He says visually impaired people have the same rights as someone who can see just fine.

"A blind person that might be under attack could push the gun towards the person, maybe even possibly touch them and then pull the trigger," he says. "That would be a more effective weapon then them trying to fight with a knife."

Several area shooting ranges say they have had visually impaired customers, they say with a little bit of help, they really aren't that bad.

And as far as State Police is concerned, they say if someone is blind, there is nothing illegal about someone helping them to fill out a concealed carry permit.

14. Cold Fusion - Gubernatorial debate edition


Cold Fusion – Gubernatorial Debate Edition
by Chris Saxman
September 26, 2013

Hey Goober.

Hey Andy.

The obvious question being posed by everyone to everyone after last night's Gubernatorial Debate between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli was – "Who do you think won?"

The unobvious answer was and is – it depends on who actually watched, to which parts they paid attention, and will it move them to vote or change their vote.

Trying to be as objective as possible here – Ken Cuccinelli won on every measure of debate performance. He was prepared, specific, countered well, landed more than one body blow, and came across as someone who could be Governor of the Commonwealth. Ken was gubernatorial.

Hey Goober.

Hey Andy.

Terry McAuliffe, however, did have a solid debate performance in that he was successful in maintaining the negative narrative about his opponent Ken Cuccinelli. Did he come across as gubernatorial? It's hard to tell because he was on message. McAuliffe was on the attack trying to keep his lead in the polls. Early and accurate press reports helped the Macker carry that narrative due to his effectiveness.

Yet Cuccinelli was also effective during the debate in his counters, but that doesn't matter if no one watched this highly entertaining debate. If they read the press accounts – which have all been fair and accurate portrayals – they will get both messages.

What is NOT being reported is the MASSIVE opening Terry McAuliffe gave to Cuccinelli last night on the previously dormant issue of gun control.

What is a gaffe? No. It was worse. It is an opening when it should have been a closing.

When asked what Virginia should do in the wake of the horrific shooting at the Navy Yard, Terry McAuliffe went all in on gun control advocating for an assault weapons ban, magazine limitation, one handgun a month restriction, and universal background checks.

Six weeks away from the election in which the best turnout estimates are 40%, McAuliffe gave Cuccinelli an Alabama offensive line blocking hole on the only hot button issue that blows up the polling crosstabs – guns.

Yes, he won forever the admiration of Piers Morgan, but he very well could have lost the election.

Here's why.

It changed the narrative.

Gun control votes are votes he already had. Even though his base is less enthusiastic than Cuccinelli's, McAuliffe had these votes. And they were already going to vote.

Having knocked thousands of doors, walked many miles along parade routes, and eaten hundreds of pounds of Rotarian green beans, let me assure you of one unbreakable rule in rural Virginia politics – don't take away gun rights. Don't touch it. Don't even breathe it.

Here's why.


While the narrative laid out by the media is that all NRA, gun rights activists are mouth breathing, tobacco chewing rednecks, the reality in the political world is that many women in this Commonwealth rely on guns for self defense.

The most ardent gun rights people in my Shenandoah Valley House of Delegates district were women. They would grab my arm during parades looking right at the back of my retina and say with grinding teeth "Don't take my gun."

Yes, Ma'am.

Just as Terry McAuliffe had the gun control votes, Ken Cuccinelli had the gun rights votes.

Now, Cuccinelli could well have their enthusiasm as well as some of the women who were polling in McAuliffe's direction.

Women were polling in McAuliffe's direction when the only social narrative was about abortion rights. Last night that might have shifted to gun rights and self defense.

No, not every woman in the Commonwealth is pro-choice and pro-gun control.

Will it make up for the deficit that Cuccinelli is currently running?

Time will tell.

But so will enthusiasm and the money to get that enthusiasm to the polls.

If the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce endorsement goes to Ken Cuccinelli later today, we're going to have a barn burner down the stretch.

15. McAuliffe 'hasn't changed his mind' on assault weapons ban

Member Mickey Mixon emailed me this:



Terry McAuliffe 'hasn't changed his mind' on assault weapons ban
by Charlie Spiering
September 26, 2013

Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic nominee for Virginia governor, said during Wednesday night's debate that he hasn't changed his mind about a proposed assault weapons ban.

Debate moderator Chuck Todd of MSNBC asked McAuliffe if he still supported the ban, as well as universal background checks and limiting the size of ammunition magazines

"I haven't changed my mind," McAuliffe said, acknowledging that the question was "pertinent" in the wake of the recent mass shootings.

McAuliffe added that as governor, he would push for universal background checks.

"I'm a strong supporter of the Second Amendment," he added. "I'm a hunter. I own guns. I've gone through background checks. They take just a couple minutes." [PVC: Just because McAuliffe just bought a shotgun does not mean he understands the Second Amendment. That gun and his hunting claim are nothing but props to fool gun owners about his real goal of pushing for onerous gun control.]

16. Where is the outrage?

Time for more meaningless blather from one of your local Delegates to the General Assembly. All the antis have on their side is emotion and this anti is emotional over everyone else not being emotional about hating guns. Delegate Plum is from Northern Virginia, of course.

"Aaron Alexis exercised his constitutional right to bear arms when he carried his shotgun to work with him at the Washington Navy Yard where he proceeded to shoot 12 other people" Sigh. The right to keep and bear arms doesn't exempt anyone from committing cold-blooded murder, Delegate Plum.


Where Is the Outrage?
by Kenneth R. "Ken" Plum
September 25, 2013

Aaron Alexis exercised his constitutional right to bear arms when he carried his shotgun to work with him at the Washington Navy Yard where he proceeded to shoot 12 other people before the police shot him in what the Washington Post termed a "rampage." The pattern is becoming all too familiar: You get ticked off at someone or something; you get yourself a really big gun that a lot of people are spending a lot of money and time to ensure you can purchase as easily as possible; you vent your anger by shooting a lot of people; and you get put out of your misery when the police shoot you. If it sounds like a familiar story line, it's because you've heard it many times--Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, Tucson, Aurora, Newtown, and now the Washington Navy Yard to name just a few of the sprees in recent years.

Sometimes people get outraged--particularly when those who are murdered are first graders. Other times people's lives are devastated when the sons and daughters they sent off to college are murdered. Apprehension grows when one of these mass murders takes place just 25 miles from their home or a few miles from the Nation's Capital. Sadly, sometimes the greatest outrage is because the baseball game you were supposed to see got cancelled since the stadium was too close to the murder scene.

It's amazing how these events produce so little outrage anymore. If it were not for the parents of the Virginia Tech students and Newtown children and Gabby Giffords who herself was a victim they might pass unnoticed. In fact, there are dozens of gun-related killings every week that barely get press attention because there were only one or two victims. It seems that the number needs to get up to a dozen or more at one massacre to make the news.

Politicians for the most part are really muted on the issue. The NRA just took out of office two legislators in Colorado who had voted for modest gun control measures. The message is clear--speak out on ending gun violence and we will get you at the ballot box.

The people who will be heard will be the fear mongers who will pass the word among their audiences that Obama is going to take their guns. After each of these events, gun and ammunition sales actually increase. There is always the Second Amendment about the well-regulated militia to stand behind.

For those of us who continue to be outraged, what can we do? We can put pressure on our elected officials to work to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill; to ban assault weapons and large magazines; to require universal background checks; and to expand mental health programs. Let the Second Amendment stand for all else. Freely allow hunters and sportsmen to do their thing. Let law-abiding citizens keep their guns for protection.

Our outrage over so many tragic deaths should lead to challenging anyone's--including the NRA's--unwillingness to have a dialogue about balancing the Second Amendment with sane gun laws. Refusal to even consider sensible measures is an outrage in itself.

17. McDonald's, Dunkin' Donuts to gun owners: Hey, we respect gun laws


McDonald's, Dunkin' Donuts to Gun Owners: Hey, We Respect Gun Laws
by Leah Barkoukis
September 22, 2013

Up until this week, Starbucks had been neutral when it came to its gun policy, which meant that the coffee giant respected local laws regarding firearms. This policy was widely respected among gun-rights advocates—a Starbucks Appreciation Day has even been organized at stores throughout the country for the past few years—but it also drew the ire of anti-gun groups and lawmakers who have been pressuring Starbucks to change its ways. Although the coffee chain didn't reverse its policy toward guns, on Wednesday the CEO issued a statement essentially saying firearms are unwelcome (but not banned). Even though this wasn't surprising, it was still a big disappointment for Second Amendment advocates who felt the coffee giant was moving closer to the anti-gun side of the contentious debate.

Enter: McDonald's and Dunkin' Donuts. After the Starbucks CEO caused quite the stir this week with his statement, Business Insider decided to ask some of Starbucks' competitors what their gun policies are. Turns out, McDonald's and Dunkin' Donuts are gun neutral.

Here's a statement from McDonald's spokeswoman Lisa McComb:

"We recognize that there is a lot of emotion and passion surrounding the issue of firearms and open carry weapons laws.

While we respect the differing views of all our customers, McDonald's company-owned restaurants follow local, state and federal laws as it relates to open carry weapons in our restaurants.

For franchisee-owned restaurants, operational decisions regarding open carry weapon laws are made by the independent franchisee.

That said, as with all aspects of operating a McDonald's restaurant, we expect our franchisees and their crew to follow local, state and federal laws."

And Dunkin' Donuts spokeswoman Michelle King:

"Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin-Robbins restaurants are owned and operated by individual franchisees who are required to follow all federal, state and local laws with regard to firearms."

Up until this week, gun owners celebrated Starbucks' neutral gun policy, and increasingly came to use the coffee shops as gathering places. Now it looks like they'll be frequenting Starbucks' competitors a bit more often.

18. Denny's

Member Bruce Furr emailed me this:


I called Denny's HQ. Their policy is no concealed carry in their restaurants but they generally don't post "no guns" signs. If a patron is discovered carrying, the policy is to call the police and let them handle it. I will just stay out of Denny's from now on.

[PVC: This is a "wink and a nod" arrangement. What they are really saying by not posting with such a policy is that they don't want open carry, only concealed carry. Even that is perplexing as both Board member Dennis O'Connor and I have open carried in Denny's without a word said, Dennis does so frequently.]

19. The new boogieman: military grade weapons

Member Walter Jackson emailed me this:



by MAC
September 25, 2013

I first heard Obama use the phrase "military grade weapons" back in August when announcing to the public that he would sign new Executive Actions (formerly known as Executive Orders) banning the future import of M1 Garands, M1 Carbines and other U.S. military surplus firearms and placing heavier restrictions on NFA trusts.

While at the Bullpup shoot this past weekend, I was chatting with Michael Kassnar of IWI about the emergence of this new buzz word on the political stage. He warned that gun grabbers in both politics and the media were adopting this new terminology to expand the scope of firearms it covered well past that of the popular phrase "assault weapons". When I returned home I did a quick Google search, and sure enough, I found several references in recent news stories.

The same weekend I had this discussion with Michael a shooting in Chicago claimed 13 victims, however no fatalities were reported. News reports from local media said that a "military-grade assault rifle" was the culprit. Chicago top cop Garry McCarthy said at a press conference that "a military-grade weapon on the streets of Chicago is simply unacceptable".

A September 6th news report out of New York talked about a group of police officers who were selling "military-grade" firearms to Filipino buyers. Included in the news report was an image of a suspect holding two semi-auto PS90 carbines. Another image showed a semi-automatic AR15 with a 16″ barrel lying in the back hatch of a SUV with the caption, "The arsenal included a semiautomatic rifle capable of firing bullets through airplanes, a body-armor piercing semiautomatic pistol and another rifle developed for special-ops forces."

Firing bullets through airplanes? Really? I wonder why the author of the article didn't mention it could shoot through hospitals, churches, schools and daycare centers too… There's nothing like a hearty dose of sensationalism to galvanize the lemmings into supporting your anti-gun agenda.

Obama didn't coin the phrase though, it seems to have been used by the media in the past. This report from October 28th, 2012 uses the phrase "military-grade" to describe everything from rifles to knives.

I expect to see more gun-grabbers in politics and in the media adopt this terminology to push their agendas forward. The phase "military-grade" expands the scope of the weapons it covers to include most any firearm, and even knives. A cap and ball revolver can be described as a "military-grade" weapon. A fixed blade knife can be described as a "military-grade weapon" too. Heck, militaries have used .22 rifles in training before thus making the ominous .22 caliber bolt action rifle a "military-grade weapon".

When Obama sold the ban on repatriating WWII surplus firearms such as the M1 Garand to the public, he did so by describing them as "military-grade weapons". This likely conjured-up images of the dreaded AK47 in the minds of the masses who would applaud the Presidents gun-grab thinking it would keep their streets safe. But the reality is, gangs don't use M1 Garands or M1 Carbines. As a matter of fact, back in 2000 the ATF released an unpublished report to Time Magazine that detailed the top 10 guns used in crimes.

1. Smith and Wesson .38 revolver
2. Ruger 9 mm semiautomatic
3. Lorcin Engineering .380 semiautomatic
4. Raven Arms .25 semiautomatic
5. Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun
6. Smith and Wesson 9mm semiautomatic
7. Smith and Wesson .357 revolver
8. Bryco Arms 9mm semiautomatic
9. Bryco Arms .380 semiautomatic
10. Davis Industries .380 semiautomatic

I don't see M1 Garands, M1 Carbines or even AR15′s or AK47′s listed. How could that be? According to the President "military-grade weapons" are the scourge of the nation and must be heavily regulated — yet they're almost never used in crime.

Over the years gun-grabbers have tried to demonize all firearms and their owners through the use of carefully chosen words and phrases. When new phrases such as "military-grade weapons" emerge, you can bet your next paycheck some gun-grabbing focus group came up with it and soon every anti-gun politician and media outlet will adopt its use. It's up to us to counter their efforts by educating the public by casting a light of truth on their shadowy plans to undermine our Constitutional rights.

20. Know thy enemy: AR-15

A funny look at the illogical hatred that surrounds the AR-15.


Know Thy Enemy: AR-15
by Frank J.
September 18, 2013

The Navy Yard shooter has put the AR-15 in the news. Yes, the shooter didn't use an AR-15 — he took Joe Biden's advice and used a shotgun — but that didn't stop newspapers from putting the AR-15 in its headlines because any time there is a shooting, you can't help but think of that evil evil AR-15. Thus I've had my crack research staff find out all they can about the world's most deadliest weapon.


* The inventor of the AR-15 was Satan, though his patent has since expired.

* Scientists have confirmed the deadly effects of an AR-15 by giving it to a chimpanzee who then murdered them.

* Scientists agree that each year the AR-15 will grow more deadly until it kills everyone in the entire world.

* Some believe that Hitler was in fact an AR-15 in a rubber mask.

* In the Garden of Eden, God gave Adam and Eve access to every firearm out there except for the AR-15 which he told them not to touch because it was too evil. But then the NRA, in the guise of a serpent, told Eve that the AR-15 is really fun to shoot. So then Eve took the AR-15 and started shooting all the animals in the garden because she is one awesome chick.

* The part that makes the AR-15 so extra deadly is the handle on top. The AR-15 would be used in less murders if it were more inconvenient to carry.

* It was an AR-15 that told Miley Cyrus to dance like that.

* Bullets that are normally harmless will kill instantly when fired out of the AR-15.

* The reason AR-15s have that prominent handle on them is because the most requested feature for an assault rifle was to be able to carry it like a Hello Kitty lunch box.

* If you find yourself surrounded by AR-15, know that they will fire automatically if they sense fear.

* The AR-15 is easily concealable and can fit inside a matchbox.

* The AR-15 is the leading cause of global warming from how its bullets shoot holes in the ozone.

* A very small percentage of gun deaths are attributed to the AR-15 because it is very good at disguising itself as other guns to frame them.

* What are the differences between an M16 and an AR-15? Scientists agree that it is something.

* The AR-15 can be rendered harmless by giving it only a 10 round magazine as people always miss with the first ten rounds and an AR-15 takes an hour and a half to reload.

* The AR-15 can shoot through schools.

* In a battle between Aquaman and an AR-15, Aquaman would break down and buy it so people might think he's more manly.

* There were no shooting deaths until the invention of an AR-15. No one even considered using a gun to shoot another human being until someone saw an AR-15 and said, "I bet I could use this to kill people."

* There was an assault musket similar to the AR-15 used by the world's most evil pirates, but it was pronounced "Arrr-15."

* The Assault Weapon ban was needed because it is well known that an AR-15 with both a pistol grip and a flash suppressor would be unstoppable by any modern military.

* In Europe there is no such thing as an AR-15 and thus also no such thing as murders. Instead of being violent, people there just drink wine and smoke cigarettes all day.

* If the AR-15 were banned, it's believed all gun deaths would end because even gun murders that didn't use the AR-15 were inspired by the evil sight of that gun.

* If you are shot by an AR-15, you become one.

* The AR-15 is responsible for 95% of all deaths each year. The rest of the deaths are from obesity and drone strikes.

21. Spinning your rights away: Part 2

Member Bill Wood emailed me this:



Spinning Your Rights Away: Part 2
by cdmichel
September 16, 2013

A lie effectively told becomes the truth. Perception is reality. You can fool all of the people all of the time – with the right marketing. That is the published strategy of the gun control non-movement.

Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging, a publication recently leaked on the Internet, is the new gun control play book. It details their strategy to reframe the gun control debates (step one, quit calling it gun control), their tactics (appeal to emotions, then insert false facts) and then say things they want people to believe (guns and the NRA's leadership are evil).

In Part 1 of my review, I covered to scope and intent of Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging (herein 'the book'). Part of what the book revealed was a tactical plan for altering the perception of key voter groups by first appealing to emotional triggers (moms, kids, scary looking rifles) and, upon establishing an emotional connection, present "back of the envelope" facts. Indeed, the book's author bluntly said "alarming facts [an emotional trigger] open the door to action" and "always focus on emotional and value-driven arguments … not … wonky statistics." It is an old ploy, one where you first create a personal connection, then take advantage of the victim. Used car salesmen always approach you saying "Nice day today, isn't it?" to get you to agree about something. This makes them seem more trustworthy and puts you in a state of agreement and personal connection. Television comedians like Jon Stewart make us laugh – which softens us up – then presents pure propaganda in order to get similar emotive buy-in.

In Part 3, I plan on providing you with tactics to invert the new gun control PR strategy. For now though, let's review some of the "facts" that the book provided to gun control statists and why those talking points are bunk.

"More than 120,000 people will be killed by guns during the next presidential term of office."

About 30,000 people are shot in America each year. But 60% of those are suicides. Another 4% are accidents, justifiable shootings, and a few deaths from unknown reasons. The gun control playbook inflates by 64% the level of "gun violence" as the public perceives that phrase.

Along this line of misinformation, the new gun control playbook also says "Between 1955 and 1975, the Vietnam War killed over 58,000 American soldiers – less than the number of civilians killed with guns in the U.S. in an average two-year period." Same statistical misdirection, but it raises an interesting point. Most homicides (and gun homicides) occur in gang-infested inner cities. Gangs treat street turf as war zones. In all battle fields the goal is to kill, so the problem to solve is ending the war, not the weapons used to fight wars.

"40% of Americans have themselves or personally know someone who has been a victim of gun violence."

Curious that this statistic has not been published. The playbook's footnotes say of this stat that it comes from a survey conducted by the book's authors. "Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research for the New Venture Fund (Aug. 2011). Note this is not publicly available data." In other words, a left-leaning political research firm allegedly conducts a survey, does not publish the results, and then claims it to be a fact. Should we take their word for it? Objection, no foundation! Almost as bad is when the new gun control playbook states "As numerous polls in recent years have shown, there is often a stunning gap between the extreme positions taken by NRA officials and the opinions of rank-and-file NRA members." Knowing a lot of rank-and-file members, and some NRA officials, this came as news to me. Only the NRA knows who its members are, and the NRA didn't poll them. The gun control playbook did not list these "numerous polls" – they only cited a survey conducted by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg's bought and paid for gun control group. Not only do the published survey results as cited by the gun control playbook not state this, we must be instantly suspicious of the source of any Mayors Against Illegal Guns survey, as Gun Facts author Guy Smith showed when he deconstructed one such MAIG survey.

Likewise when the new gun control playbook claims "86% of Americans and 82% of gun owners support requiring all gun buyers to pass a background check, no matter where they buy the gun and no matter who they buy it from" the Mayor's surveys are again the source. Not independent policy polling organizations, just suspect sources surveyed to populate a poll by America's foremost gun control organization.

"The United States has 5% of the world's population and 50% of the world's guns."

One of the most effective ways to lie to withhold perspective. Aside from the statistic being wrong (if one considers police and military firearms as well as civilian) it ignores violence, which the gun control playbook tells their minions is their new position, as advocates of violence prevention. Despite having a lot of freedom, including gun ownership freedom, Americans have a relatively low firearm homicide rate. In fact it is about 40% lower than the rest of the world.[i]

Likewise, the new gun control playbook states "The U.S. has the highest rate of firearm deaths among 25 high-income nations." This is a two-for-one special. First, American suicide rates are a little higher than world-wide averages, which skews the numbers a bit. More importantly though, the "fact" ignores that guns prevent violent crime, so much so that in a first of a kind study the Dutch Ministry of Justice noted that among industrialized nations, the United States ranked near the bottom in contact violence (rapes, assaults, homicides, etc.). Criminologist have estimated Americans prevent about 400,000 violent encounters each year using guns. It is odd then that an organization committed to reducing violence ignores that it is already being done by gun owners. Guns, in the right hands, deter violence.

"The overall firearm-related death rate among U.S. children under the age of 15 is nearly 12 times higher than that among children in 25 other industrialized nations combined."

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) tells us that only 274 children were killed with firearms in the last reporting year. Sad as this is, this accounts for less than a child a day for the entire nation and 0.0005% of the children in America. When numbers are small and statistically minute, you have to create irrational comparisons, as gun control propagandists have. Indeed, the numbers involved in child gun deaths are so tiny that cross-national comparisons are statistically void. Pools, fires, automobiles; all much more dangerous.

"There are virtually no restrictions on the type of weapons available for purchase in America …"

Wow, that's a whopper. They must not have visited California lately. Or New York, or Chicago, or Maryland or other jurisdictions around the country where abusive gun control laws stubbornly remain. Yet to an uninformed ear, this sounds troubling. Voters who don't know about our falling violent crime rates (which occurred in an era of falling gun ownership restrictions) might flinch in fear, which is the intent of this new gun control playbook.

"Police and law enforcement officers are more at risk, due to the availability and power of new weapons."

In various places of the gun control messaging manual, they openly tell supporters to play-up the alleged threat to police, knowing that most Americans trust police and rely on them for basic protection. Hence, any perceived threat to police is an indirect threat to the voter. The question that low-information voters won't know to ask is "Who is shooting at police, and what guns do they use?" Naturally, Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging isn't going to tell voters that the typical crime gun used by street thugs is either a common revolver or pistol, just like the one in your night stand. These are not new, and are no more powerful than what many grandmothers keep in their homes.

In the same style, the new gun control playbook says "[Assault] weapons are not your grandfather's hunting rifle." If your grandfather enjoys hog hunting, varmint hunting or other small game hunting, then it likely is his hunting rifle of choice. Being light weight, durable and accurate at small game ranges, these firearms are a common choice for ranchers and hunters (but not for street gang members since concealing one under a jacket is problematic). They also claim "there is no conceivable sporting or civilian purpose to these [assault] weapons." Somebody should take the staff of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research to a three-gun match someday, so they can see sporting purposes in action. Better still, grab news video of the Rodney King riots in L.A. when shop keepers showed "civilian purposes" by sitting on roof tops with AR-15s and AK-47s to successfully keep roaming mobs from burning their stores to the ground.

"Two out of every five guns sold in America change hands without a background check."

If you count criminal black market street dealers, sure. The Bureau of Justice Statistics told us in their recent Firearm Violence report that a full 40% of crime guns come from purely illegal street transactions. Two out of five (2/5 =4/10) is 40%. Now in all fairness, another 38% are acquired through friends and families, though the definition of "friend" or "family" may well include other criminals, people unlikely to perform background checks. A mere 1.4% of crime guns came from gun shows and flea markets.

It is odd then that the new gun control playbook tells fellow statists to "Focus on … Eliminating loopholes and requiring a background check for every gun sold in America." Someone should tell the Crips, the Bloods, MS-13, Gangster Disciples, Hells Angels, Latin Kings, Nortenos, Surenos and Vice Lords! They aren't playing by the rules. And they never will.

When they ran out of talking points, the new gun control playbook added old and obfuscated info by saying "All four guns used in the Columbine school massacre were bought at gun shows without background checks." What they didn't say is that all the guns (though not the bombs) used at Columbine were straw-purchased or that the owners knowing were selling guns to minors. Willing adult intermediaries who knew they were committing criminal acts gave/sold them to the Columbine assassins. The Columbine killers made a video where they laughed at gun control laws. Such folks are unlikely to obey background checks since they know the transaction is illegal.

"Corrupt licensed dealers are a huge threat to public safety … one percent of federally licensed firearms dealers are responsible for selling almost 60 percent of the guns that are found at crime scenes and traced to dealers."

Now this is another whopper! When I dug-up the ATF report in question[ii], two staggering real facts emerged. First, the cited numbers were prefaced with "Crime gun traces do not necessarily indicate illegal activity by licensed dealers or their employees. Guns purchased from FFLs may have been unknowingly sold by the FFL to straw purchasers, resold by an innocent purchaser or by an illegal unlicensed dealer, otherwise distributed by traffickers in firearms, bought or stolen from FFLs or residences, or simply stolen from its legal owner."

Stated differently, "just because we traced a gun doesn't mean the retailer is a 'corrupt licensed dealer.'" Interestingly the reported traces (that ugly 60% number) showed that a lot of time had passed from the original retailing of the gun to the ATF's investigation. Only 0.5% of the traces were for original purchase three years of less before the trace was conducted, which may or may not have been for a crime! And even all these traces accounted for less than 500 guns total in the 1998 report. In other words these dealers were not "corrupt" as 99.5% of their sales that were eventually traced had left their control for more than three years beforehand (the average "time-to-crime" for traced firearms is about six years).

"An ATF study of firearms investigations found that 46% of its investigations involved straw purchasers."

Actually the 46% number is for "Firearms trafficked by straw purchaser or straw purchasing ring." That last part is instructive because there are criminal organizations that orchestrate illegal activities including illegally acquiring guns. More to the point though, these ATF 'investigations' were launched by field reports. Specifically 27% came from state or federal agencies, another 23% from confidential informants, 19% occurred after trace analysis of recovered firearms showed something interesting, and 13% were when multiple sales forms (i.e., someone buying a lot of guns at once). Looked at from the correct end of the microscope, this means that law enforcement understood that straw purchases occur, had put in place means for identifying them, and took action. In other words, people working with cops to identify criminals (e.g., law enforcement) works.

But here is a tidbit that the new gun control playbook doesn't provide. Nearly 30% of these investigations were not recommended for prosecution. Either there was no crime or the evidence was weak. Combined, their 46% number is hyper inflated, completely misleading and ignores that this is successful police work, something the public endorses.

"Concealed carry permit holders have killed over 460 people – including 14 law enforcement officers – since 2007."

One gun control organization citing the research of another gun control organization would seem comical to anyone outside of KNP Communications, the messaging consultant for the new gun control playbook. For this oddball sound bite, they cite the Violence Policy Center (another Joyce Foundation beneficiary) and their silly "study" titled Concealed Carry Killers.

Let's do the basic math first. This six year period shows that there are 76 fatal shootings by CCW holders a year, compared to approximately 11,000 firearm homicides, or about .7% of all homicides. But the VPC report is a case study in obfuscation. They don't include justifiable (self-defense) shootings, putting in a tiny footnote "Lawful self-defense shootings are not included in the data." Similarly, the crime for which CCW holders are convicted is not listed (it might not be homicide or other crime of violence).

Now here is the silly part. According to a 2011 Government Accounting Office review, there were more than 11,000,000 concealed carry licensees in America, and this doesn't include people in states where licenses are not required (a.k.a. Constitutional Carry States). Even if the VPCs numbers reflected reality (which they don't), then only 0.004% of all CCW holders are trouble makers. You couldn't find numbers that low in Congress.

"In District of Columbia v. Heller, the Court ruled, for the first time, that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to possess a handgun in the home for self-defense."

Actually, The Supremes have said a lot about private gun ownership through the years. In the infamous Dred Scott case, they listed the right to own guns as fundamental. In the 1876 Cruikshank case, they concluded it was an individual right (though at the time they only held Congress in restraint). To make such a blanket and completely incorrect statement marks the authors as either rank amateurs or unholy propagandists … or both.

Yet they could not leave bad enough alone. "Since Heller, courts across the nation have found a wide range of firearms laws constitutional," and they substantiate this claim by citing research by another Joyce Foundation funded gun control group (see a pattern here?) called the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence (LCPGV). What isn't said is that after Heller, gun control laws are falling fast and the ones that have been upheld in lower courts are being challenged. Given their long losing streak in the courts, I doubt the LCPGV could convince the courts to keep you from owning a bazooka.

Random bunk

As important as bad facts are, bad concepts that uneducated voters might mistake for facts are as troublesome. "Current laws allow easy access to guns for criminals," stands alone without citation, statistics or even compelling argument. Given that a full 40% of crime guns are acquired from illegal street vendors, "current laws" or those currently proposed by gun control groups have no bearing on the matter.

"Shoot First [stand your ground] statutes that encourage gun-toting vigilantism," is a rather slimy way of painting CCW holders (you know, the folks with only 0.004% of problem members) as evil when they have demonstrated in 42 states and over 11,000,000 times that they are anything but.

They claim that NRA leadership opposes "common sense laws to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of dangerous people." Yet all the laws being proposed by the gun control movement have nothing to do with criminal access. The NRA is wise to oppose ineffective laws that burden you and your neighbor and do nothing to burden street gang members.

"Every American should have is the freedom to be safe in our homes and neighborhoods," shows that gun control propagandists have an odd definition of the word freedom, which they openly admit they intend to hijack as part of their remessaging. Freedom means a lack of control, which in the political context means a lack of control by the government. But in the context of being "free from violence" it also means having the choice to acquire means of self-defense to deter attacks, which the gun control play book apparently opposes.

However, one statement stands out from all the rest in this 70+ page remarketing manual. "We know how to protect people from gun violence." If that were the case then gun control would have worked in the 1970s and 1980s. But it didn't and voters rejected it.

In the final installment of this series, we'll disassemble the opposition's messaging and give you the tools to counter their strategy.

22. MD gun laws would not have stopped Navy Yard shooter


Maryland gun laws would not have stopped Navy Yard shooter
As in Virginia, Md. gun laws allow same-day purchase of shotguns
by Erin Cox, The Baltimore Sun
September 23, 2013

Maryland's gun laws are widely considered tougher than those of neighboring Virginia, but they would not have stopped the Navy Yard shooter from buying a shotgun and walking out of a store with it the same day.

Authorities said Aaron Alexis' Monday shooting spree that killed 12 in Washington began with a 12-gauge, 870 Remington pump-action shotgun. He had purchased it two days before from a Virginia gun shop.

If Alexis — who police said had brushes with the law and showed signs of mental illness — had visited a Maryland gun store instead, he would have been able to walk out with the same gun.

Most of Maryland's strict laws about background checks, waiting periods and purchase limits apply only to regulated firearms, which in most cases means handguns and assault rifles, Maryland State Police spokesman Greg Shipley said.

For traditional rifles and shotguns, buyers don't have to undergo any training or the more stringent 16-database background check that has caused months-long backups. The law limiting buyers to one gun per month does not apply.

To buy a traditional rifle — not an assault rifle — or a shotgun in Maryland, a buyer must undergo a federal instant background check, the same standard Alexis passed in Virginia.

A sweeping new gun control bill takes effect Oct. 1, but nothing in that legislation would have stopped the gun purchase by Alexis in Maryland either.

23. America misses the mark when it comes to guns

Member George Overstreet emailed me this:



America misses the mark when it comes to guns
September 23, 2013

Last week, the Washington Navy Yard incident was the latest mass shooting to plague our country. Other shootings on this list include Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary School and the Aurora movie theater massacre.

A few places that do not appear on this list include Pearl High School, San Antonio Theater and Parker Middle School. If you're not familiar with these names, they all were shootings that would have been much worse if not for a law-abiding citizen with a gun.

Before I continue, let me make something perfectly clear: I am neither advocating for everyone to have a gun on their waist, nor am I advocating for everyone to have the ability to purchase a firearm without a background check.

What I am trying to say is that a good guy with a gun actually checked a potential shooting. And afterward, there was not a discussion about more gun control measures, which typically don't work due to their arbitrary nature and general bureaucratic ineffectiveness. It is also important to make perfectly clear in our gun-control debate that all gun-control measures are not created equally. For example, ensuring those who are on the terrorist watch list are not permitted to purchase weapons — something that currently is not in place — is a sound and practical measure.

However, an arbitrary 15-round limit on ammunition magazines, which is in effect in Colorado, does not seem to be as credible an effort. Unfortunately, most of the proposed legislation that results after shootings is like the last example.

A Harvard study concluded that "nations with stringent gun controls tend to have much higher murder rates than nations that allow guns." Gun control predominantly only affects legal gun owners. Criminals — lawbreakers in nature — would not acquiesce to newly written gun laws.

In the background of our national dialogue, gun violence is actually decreasing even though states are reducing their gun laws.

After the Newtown massacre, the Obama administration sent Vice President Joe Biden to head the task force on gun violence.

In his new role, Biden attended a meeting of the National Rifle Association and other gun-owning groups. A representative of the NRA later relayed something the vice president said to him during that meeting: "We simply don't have the time or manpower to prosecute everybody" who breaks a gun law. And yet, Biden's task force ultimately concluded that the country needs, in fact, more gun laws.

Our huge national bureaucracy enforces our gun legislation. It recently failed us when it let the Navy Yard shooter slip through the cracks. Aaron Alexis was honorably discharged from the Navy, despite numerous disciplinary problems.

Before the shooting, Alexis shot someone's tires and ceiling, and claimed that a microwave made him unable to speak. Though the police told the Navy about some of these incidents, they were not entered into the system.

"The Navy decided it was too hard to give him a general discharge ... just because the bureaucracy couldn't function," Newt Gingrich said on CNN show "Crossfire."

A knee-jerk response to these shootings is to create gun-free zones. However, economists John Lott and William Landes conducted a study that found that mass shootings most often occur in places where guns are banned and where people are generally unarmed — schools and shopping centers, for example.

The other tragedy is the fact that the federal government fails to come up with a solution to the declining state of our mental health system. It seems the only time we bring this up is after a mass shooting.

We must invest our time and effort into trying to repair the national mental health system. Doing so on its own merits is worth it, even if another shooting is not involved. This investment would arguably prevent future tragic events from occurring.

In order for us to ensure a safer tomorrow, we need to make sure we know where our priorities lie.

We should realize that more gun control does not correlate to a safer society and that fixing the mental health system would make an immediate and positive difference.

24. Editorial: Chicago Police Superintendent McCarthy must be stupid

Member Bill Watkins emailed me this:



September 25, 2013—SnyderTalk Editorial: Chicago Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy Must Be Stupid
by admin
September 24, 2013

In the wake of yet another murder rampage in Chicago, a city with some of the most restrictive gun control legislation in the country, Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy called for a nationwide ban on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. I suppose that since he isn't doing his job of protecting the people of Chicago, he would like the rest of the country to follow Chicago's lead thus making him not look so terrible by comparison.

According to McCarthy, "Illegal guns drive violence. Military-type weapons, like the one we believe to have been used in this shooting, belong on a battlefield, not on a street or in a corner or in a park."

The superintendent's logic is preposterous. Here's why: guns are inanimate objects. They do nothing on their own. Guns respond to pressure applied by someone or something or they simply lie there and cause no harm.

So, in what sense can a gun of any sort drive violence? The answer: it can't. Guns can't drive violence any more than scissors or butcher knives or ice picks. All of those objects can be used in violent situations by criminals and deranged people and can cause death or serious injury, but none of them can do anything by themselves. They require an act on someone's part, and that someone is the driver of violence.

Violent people use better logic than Superintendent McCarthy. They are attracted to places where they feel safe, and they feel safe in places where they are the only people on the streets carrying weapons. That's why they like Chicago and that's why the FBI calls Chicago the "murder capital of the United States".

The superintendent's feeble, politically correct suggestion ignores overwhelming evidence that there is no correlation between gun control and violent crime. In fact, the evidence tells us that gun control is counterproductive. As a law enforcement officer, he should know that.

Evidence should influence the superintendent's thinking, but obviously it doesn't. Therefore, the people of Chicago need to boot Superintendent McCarthy out and replace him with someone who isn't committed to a fatally flawed and life threatening ideology despite the facts because he is endangering their lives. Will they do it? Probably not, so I guess you can say that they have what they deserve.

Based on the quality of his thinking, a logical person can easily conclude that Superintendent McCarthy isn't very smart. Some people might even say that he is stupid. Judging by the facts of this case, I am one of those people. Since McCarthy is still in his job, a similar question is raised about the people of Chicago.

25. Gov mulls sending military into bloodsoaked 'gun-control' capital Chicago

Gun control fails, as it always does, and rather than let people protect themselves, the Illinois Governor considers sending in the National Guard. Really?

Member Member Walter Jackson emailed me this:



Gov Quinn mulls sending military into blood-soaked 'gun control' capital Chicago
by Kurt Hofmann St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner
September 25, 2013

Chicago, with the most draconian gun laws in the state, and nearly the most oppressive in the nation, is once again so rocked with violence (murder capital of the U.S., according to the FBI) that Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is publicly musing about the possibility of sending in National Guard "peace keepers." From

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn says he's open to sending National Guard troops or state police to assist Chicago police with curbing violence if city officials want the help.

Quinn, readers may remember, is an enthusiastic advocate of banning so-called "assault weapons," being one of those who considers them to be "weapons of war that belong on a battlefield, not on our streets." He has been, in fact, willing to violate both the U.S. Constitution and the Illinois state constitution to write his own AWB bill, because, he claims, "the proliferation of military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines undermines public safety and the right of personal security of every citizen."

One cannot help but wonder what Quinn thinks National Guard troops use for weapons. The photo accompanying this article, showing the Illinois National Guard's 123rd Field Artillery Regiment firing its M777 155mm howitzers, might help him figure that out. At least, Quinn could argue, the Illinois Guard does not use "assault weapons." Instead, they use assault rifles, capable of fully-automatic fire.

This, by the way, is not the first time during the Quinn administration that the state has proposed sending the military into Chicago. Two state representatives (both Chicago area Democrats, of course) floated the idea in 2010, in a desperate bid to control the carnage in "gun free" Chicago then.

Prior to that, it was another rabidly anti-gun Chicago-area Democrat, former Governor Rod Blagojevich (now disgraced and imprisoned), considering the military occupation of Chicago in 2008.

Why is it that those who rail against so-called "weapons of war in our communities" are so quick to send the military into those same communities?

26. Congressman to introduce bill allowing military personnel to carry on bases

We will be watching this bill and having you contact your Congressman when this important bill gets closer to being heard in committee.

Member Sean Kennedy sent me this:



'These are the guys that we entrust to protect our families,' Rep. Steve Stockman says
by Lisa Fine
September 23, 2013

Rep. Steve Stockman said he plans to introduce a bill to allow military personnel to carry concealed guns while on military bases in the aftermath of the mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard that left 13 dead including the shooter.

Stockman, R-Texas, said his bill would allow military personnel to not only carry, but also fire back in the event that an armed combatant opens fire on a military base, reports Red Alert Politics.

"These are the guys that we entrust to protect our families " Stockman said. "These are the guys that we entrust to protect our country. These are the guys who, by the way, we have trained. And what do we do? We say, 'excuse me, you can protect our nation but you better not protect yourselves.'"

Concealed carry is currently prohibited on military bases. The only people on base allowed to carry guns are the military police.

27. One armed good guy at a recent mall massacre saves 100 lives!

Nothing surprising about this. But the General Assembly continues to put our children right in the middle of a "gun-free-zone" while they are at school every day. Do they really expect that evil will stop at the school boundaries and not proceed into that artificially-created area which is rich with defenseless children and adults? The answer has been proven time and time again. Funny thing about Utah - they don't have defenseless-victim zones in their schools. Ever heard of a mass shooting in a Utah K-12 school (or university)?

Member Chet Szymecki emailed me this:



British hero of the mall massacre: Ex Royal Marine with a handgun saved 100 lives as terrorists ran amok
by Paul Bentley and David Williams
September 23, 2013

A former marine emerged as a hero of the Nairobi siege yesterday after he was credited with saving up to 100 lives.

The ex soldier was having coffee at the Westgate mall when it was attacked by Islamists on Saturday.

With a gun tucked into his waistband, he was pictured helping two women from the complex.

His story emerged as sporadic gunfire continued to ring out from inside the mall early today as Kenyan security forces battled Al Qaeda-linked terrorists into a fourth day.

Despite Kenyan police assurances that they had taken control of the building, a security expert with contacts inside the mall said at least 10 hostages were still being held by a band of attackers, possibly as many as 13.

The former soldier is said to have returned to the building on a dozen occasions, despite intense gunfire.

A friend in Nairobi said: 'What he did was so heroic. He was having coffee with friends when it happened.

'He went back in 12 times and saved 100 people. Imagine going back in when you knew what was going on inside.'

Sources said the soldier was in the Royal Marine and now lives in Kenyan. He cannot be named for security reasons.

The British military regularly train and operate out of Kenya, and have been involved in tracking UK citizens involved with hardline Islamists in Somalia and Yemen.

Former members work with both the UK and Kenyan governments and security firms across East Africa.

Early today, sporadic gunfire rang out from inside the mall as Kenyan security forces battled Al Qaeda-linked terrorists into a fourth day in what they said was a final push to rescue the last few hostages in a siege that has left more than 60 people dead.

'Taken control of all the floors. We're not here to feed the attackers with pastries but to finish and punish them,' Kenyan police Inspector General David Kimaiyo said on Twitter.

Despite Kenyan government assurances of success, an explosion and gunfire could be heard coming from the mall at around 6.30am, followed by the sustained chatter of automatic weapons for about a minute almost three hours later, according to Associated Press reporters at the scene.

Security forces carried a body out of the mall, which remained on fire, with flames and smoke visible.

A Kenyan soldier wearing bomb disposal protective gear also exited the building.

While the government announced Sunday that 'most' hostages had been released, a security expert with contacts inside the mall said at least 10 were still being held by a band of attackers, described as 'a multinational collection from all over the world.'

Somalia's rebel group Al-Shabaab, which claimed responsibility for the attack, posted an audio message on a pro-militant website late Monday that they were still in control of the building.

'Despite botched attempts by the Jews and Christians to recapture the mall today, the mujahideen are still in control of the Westgate,' al-Shabab spokesman Sheik Ali Mohamud Rage said in the message.

'The upper hand still remains theirs,' he said.

Kenya's foreign minister Amina Mohamed said up to three Americans and one British person were among those who attacked the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi.

Britain's foreign office said it was aware of the foreign minister's remarks, but would not confirm if a British woman was involved.

British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond said there had been six British deaths and the number could rise.

The attacker from Britain was a woman who has 'done this many times before,' Mohamed said which lends weight to speculation that the so-called 'White Widow', Samantha Lewhwaite may have taken part in the raid.

U.S. officials said they were looking into whether any Americans were involved. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Monday that the department had 'no definitive evidence of the nationalities or the identities' of the attackers.

The security expert, who insisted on anonymity to talk freely about the situation, said many hostages had been freed or escaped in the previous 24-36 hours, including some who were in hiding.

However, there were at least 30 hostages when the assault by al-Shabab militants began Saturday, he said, and 'it's clear' that Kenyan security officials 'haven't cleared the building fully.'

Kenyan government spokesman Manoah Esipisu said the country's president would make an address to the nation later in the day but said he could give no immediate details on the operation.

Flames and dark plumes of smoke rose Monday above the Westgate shopping complex for more than an hour after four large explosions rocked the surrounding neighborhood.

The smoke was pouring through a large skylight inside the mall's main department and grocery store, where mattresses and other flammable goods appeared to have been set on fire, a person with knowledge of the rescue operation told The Associated Press.

The explosions were followed by volleys of gunfire as police helicopters and a military jet circled overhead, giving the neighborhood the feel of a war zone. An armored personnel carrier sat in front of the building.

By Monday evening, Kenyan security officials said they had claimed the upper hand.

Kenya's Interior Minister Joseph Ole Lenku said the evacuation of hostages had gone 'very, very well' and that Kenyan officials were 'very certain' that few if any hostages were left in the building.

But with the mall cordoned off and under heavy security it was not possible to independently verify the assertions.

Similar claims of a quick resolution were made by Kenyan officials on Sunday and the siege continued.

Authorities have also not provided any details on how many hostages were freed or how many still remain captive.

Three attackers were killed in the fighting Monday, Kenyan authorities said, and more than 10 suspects arrested. Eleven Kenyan soldiers were wounded in the running gun battles.

An Al Shabaab spokesman, Rage, said in the audio file that the attackers had been ordered to 'take punitive action against the hostages' if force was used to try to rescue them.

A Western security official in Nairobi who insisted on not being named to share information about the rescue operation said the only reason the siege hadn't yet ended would be because hostages were still inside.

Westgate mall, a vast complex with multiple banks that have secure vaults and bulletproof glass partitions, as well as a casino, is difficult to take, the official said.

'They are not made for storming,' he said of the labyrinth of shops, restaurants and offices. 'They're made to be unstormable.'

The massacre began on Saturday shortly before midday local time.

Witnesses told how terrorists with faces hidden by Islamic scarves stormed the building, tossing grenades and spraying shoppers with AK-47s.

Yesterday pictures emerged online that appeared to show the moment gunmen entered the shopping centre, pointing their weapons at terrified civilians.

The killers, who were dressed in Western clothes, ordered all Muslims to leave, before carrying out rudimentary tests to see if hostages could recite the Koran and name the mother of the Prophet Mohammed.

One security officer said the mall had been turned into 'an abattoir' within half an hour, as gunmen went on the rampage.

Militants have reportedly burned their victims' faces and removed their hands in an attempt to conceal their identities; the bodies were piled against the main door to slow the progress of rescue teams.

Yesterday reports emerged online that an injured woman trapped inside had been sexually abused at gunpoint in front of young hostages.

It is believed that she has been shot in the shoulder, while her child has been killed.

Details of the incident were posted hundreds of times on Facebook.

The woman is said to have been able to speak several times with her husband, who is outside the shopping centre – but last night he had heard nothing from her for several hours.

Another witness, Kamille Kaur, was with several dozen children for a cookery competition on the mall's second floor when the attack began.

Her son, 12, and daughter, 8, were injured as gunmen opened fire. She said adults 'were like animals, climbing over the children to get out'.

A Twitter account representing Al Shabaab, the group claiming responsibility for the attack, said it was carried out by terrorists from seven nations, including Britain, the US and Canada.

The group has recently split into two factions following bloody infighting.

Those not involved in the Nairobi attack are said to be spreading false information, raising questions over the veracity of initial reports that Londoners Ahmed Nasir Shirdoon, 24, and Liban Adam, 23, are among the gunmen.

Kenya's Chief of Defence Forces, General Julius Karangi, said fighters from several countries had participated in the attack, but would not specify which ones.

'We have an idea who they are, their nationality and even the number,' he said, adding that the militants were 'clearly a multinational collection from all over the world'.

'We have also have an idea that this is not a local event,' he said. 'We are fighting global terrorism here and we have sufficient [intelligence] to suggest that.'

At least three of the terrorists were killed, he added, after Kenyan forces moved into the five-storey complex, which was filled with some 1,200 people when it was stormed by three heavily armed groups on Saturday.

Kenyans were last night bracing themselves for further terror attacks after it was claimed dozens more militants from the organisation had bribed their way into the country.

A spokesman for Al Shabaab said all Britons in Kenya are 'legitimate' targets because the UK has supported the African country's military intervention in neighbouring Somalia.

Yesterday David Cameron returned early from Balmoral, where he had been staying with the Queen, to chair an emergency Cobra meeting with Cabinet colleagues including Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Chancellor George Osborne and Defence Secretary Philip Hammond.

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