Friday, August 3, 2012

A Letter

            As never before, the American people sense a feeling of unease. It is a concern about lost moral and national traditions and an unrelenting movement to "A Brave New World". We find ourselves faced with unarticulated physical and moral threats from both abroad and within our shores. The economy is faltering. Those elected to lead seem unable to identify the problems and offer solutions. We are no longer a nation governed "by the people" but are being ruled by an elite Oligarchy of major corporations, institutions, and political parties. Both political parties are participating conspirators.   

            It is upon this stage that this presidential election is being played.

            The incumbent is waging a campaign of personal destruction, the "big Lie", vote buying and a strong "ground game" to get out the vote. This is a very crude but effective campaign strategy. Nowhere is there any thought of breaking up the Oligarchy. 

            The challenger is also holding on to the interests of his establishment political party while speaking in terms of a greater America and referencing a personal capacity to improve the economy and thereby improve the lives of citizens. His greatest attribute is; he is the only other choice. However, if elected his task would be singular; fix the economy.

            It is if we fail to elect members of the Senate who understand that their sole purpose is to represent their state and not a political party, we will return quickly to our current elite ruled station.

 People are beginning to understand the words of Patrick Henry whose clarion call in Saint John's Church awoke a nation. Today, across the land, "We the people" have again begun to join in chorus.


Bob Dewey



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