Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Meeting tonight at 6:30 pm at Vancostas

Meeting @ 6:30pm

Vancostas Restaurant

14745 Warwick Boulevard  Newport News, VA 23608

Gary Johnson’s campaign is still looking for more people to join his team. Virginia Libertarian party is looking to turn in all Petitions in the next week or two.  POC Glenn McGuire (GlennMcGuire@Gmail.com) or Juanita Billings (JuanitaBillings@garyjohnson2012.com).  While there are many reasons to run an LP candidate for President, like “The lesser of 2 evils is still Evil”; perhaps the #1 reason is that it gives national attention to the LP and it’s principles. Running an LP presidential candidate increases membership.

Gary Johnson Super PAC   LasPac.Org; I have door handers and Bumper-stickers on order; no yard signs yet.

Last year, we filed a lawsuit challenging the state requirement that petition circulators must be residents of Virginia.  This week, a judge agreed with us.  Our partner in the lawsuit, the ACLU of Virginia, released a statement about the decision today, and included links to the plaintiff's briefs as well as the judge's decision.

We have another lawsuit we hope to file shortly as well, also dealing with ballot access issues.  This one will seek to overturn HB 1151, which invalidated thousands of signatures on LP presidential nominating petitions due to the Virginia legislature's failure to reapportion its congressional districts until March, 2012.
This lawsuit has unfortunately been delayed because our lawyer, Gary Sinawski, has been unable to secure local counsel in Virginia, and local counsel is required when the principal attorney is not licensed to practice in the state.  If you are familiar with any attorneys who would be willing to act as our local counsel, please let us know by sending a message to Chair@LPVA.com  Subject=Local_Counsel

The PLP has a total of $251.25 in cash.

Do we wish to run a Daily Press advertisement in the Thursday local sections?

Marc Montoni can get postcards delivered in bulk (200+) at ~$ 0.16 each.

What more can we offer to attract people to our meetings? Can you arrange it?

I have a few Rugs that I thought about raffling off. Raising money may have silly rules and laws, but I think I do it in exchange for contact information.

HR 459 (S.202) , Audit the Fed passed the House with over 2/3 Yes; “Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011”.

                I do not expect the Senate to do anything this year, so we will be starting over again next year.


Upcoming Event:

            Aug 11th – 12th Hampton Cup Regatta (just show up to be part of it).

            Aug 18th – Hampton Roads - Out In the Park, we have a booth.

            Sept 7th – 9th , Hampton Bay Days, we have a booth. (Can someone setup and do Friday?)

            Sept 15th – Denbigh Days, we have a booth and probably in the parade.



Please join both the State & National LP’s. You can now sign up for monthly deductions if you wish.

Next meeting September 4th Tuesday.

More info @:

VPLP.Org                             Peninsula LP

TidewaterLP.Com            Southside LP (and may be splitting off a Norfolk/Portsmouth affiliate)

LPVA.Com                           State LP

LP.Org                                   National LP


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